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No Swedish adventure is complete until you have wandered through the beautiful streets of Stockholm’s Old Town (‘Gamla Stan’). The Old Town is as famous for its cobbled streets and narrow alleyways as it is for its excellent food culture.

Last updated: June 19, 2023

Whether you want to compliment your Old Town experience with traditional Swedish cuisine, or you want to branch out to delight your inner international foodie, Old Town has something for you. Here are the top restaurants in Stockholm’s Old Town!




Skeppsbron 10

Skeppsbron 10, Gamla stan
Fine dining mixed with a great vibe, that’s Skeppsbron 10

Fine dining in Old Town, anyone? Then you should book a table at Skeppsbron 10. The restaurant is located in the historical and magnificent Sjöfartshuset with a top location on Skeppsbron. Here you can enjoy innovative and playful smaller dishes focusing on taste, exciting cooking techniques, and seasoning. Always with the best ingredients in season, preferably Swedish but also international gems. You’ll enjoy dinner in the beautiful dining room, where you will receive first-class service.

In the kitchen at Skeppsbron 10, some of Stockholm’s top chefs shine with their gourmet cuisine and offer an incredibly delicious menu that’s constantly changing. The chef’s table is especially recommended with its 6-course menu and matching beverage packages. The bar is also staffed with true masters, and if you’re in the mood for drinks, you can order award-winning cocktails. The drink and spirits list has many exciting elements – an after-work here will be a success. You can’t book a table in the bar so just stop by whenever you’re up for a good time.

As you can see, this is top-notch straight through, so Skeppsbron 10 is definitely one of Gamla stan’s best restaurants. If you want to have a larger dinner, meeting, or party, privately or with the company, you can also book Sjöfartshuset’s beautiful salons and dining rooms for 15–146 guests.

Skeppsbron 10


Libanese restaurant Oummi in Old Town, Stockholm

Enjoy first-class Lebanese food at Oummi

If you like traditional Lebanese food with a modern touch – or you’re just hungry for a super good meal with a taste of the Orient – you should visit Oummi. It’s one of Stockholm’s absolute best Lebanese restaurants and a favorite among connoisseurs, foodies, and pretty much everyone who likes excellent food. Here you can try an exciting tasting menu full of goodies, high-class main courses, tasty side dishes, and delicious desserts. Or why not order a load of small dishes in Lebanese mezze style and share them with your party? And don’t miss their delicious cocktails – little works of art made from fresh ingredients.

At Oummi, you not only get a world-class food and service experience but an at least equally unforgettable environment. As you step through the doors, you are greeted by a unique Lebanese world with beautiful textiles, velvet sofas, brass lanterns, and atmospheric lighting. It doesn’t get any cozier than that. And when you’re done with dinner, a pleasant walk among beautiful buildings on Lilla Nygatan awaits you. Oummi is simply a place made for a spectacular evening.

Lilla Nygatan 11

Ardbeg Embassy

Ardbeg Embassy, Gamla stan
Ardbeg Embassy – Stockholm’s number 1 whiskey pub and restaurant

Are you a true whiskey connoisseur with a pro knowledge of Scottish malt distilleries, smoking, and storage times? Or do you just think it’s nice to have a glass (or two) of this noble drink in the company of good friends? In that case, you’ll like it at Ardbeg Embassy on Västerlånggatan in the middle of Old Town. At this unique restaurant, pub, and bar, you can enjoy around 400 different single malts from all corners of the world. Here’s a whiskey for all tastes and budgets – from exclusive luxury variants to tasty budget choices. In addition, Ardbeg Embassy serves a large selection of beers, more specifically, 24 Swedish microbreweries on tap. In other words, it’s a paradise for the drink fan – and don’t miss the chance to be served a “Dram straight from the Cask,” a world-unique experience.

The food is as good as the drinks. The kitchen is inspired by the forest and constantly receives praise from guests. They serve well-cooked food made from first-class ingredients, and both small and large groups can enjoy forest classics such as elk meat, reindeer meat, and deer. In addition, there’s Swedish home cooking and traditional dishes such as Biff Rydberg, Toast Skagen, and Wallenbergare (the menu also has fish and vegetarian options). The premises obviously breathes Scotland and whiskey and offers a timeless and relaxed environment with a cozy living room feeling. The restaurant also organizes popular whiskey and beer tastings if you’re in the mood for an exciting taste experience. It’s no surprise that Ardbeg Embassy has been named Sweden’s best whiskey restaurant several times.

Västerlånggatan 68




Movitz Gamla stan
Get that classic Old Town feeling at Movitz

Are you looking for the genuine Old Town feeling? Then the basement restaurant Movitz on Tyska Brinken is a hot tip. At this classic and cozy restaurant, located in a vault from the 17th century, you can enjoy everything from Swedish home cooking to French and Italian dishes (and don’t miss their Christmas buffet). If you’re more into relaxing with a beer, you can hang out in Movitz’s popular pub with a wide range of beers, a great atmosphere, and generous opening hours (closes at 3 AM on Fridays and Saturdays). Everyone is welcome; here you’ll find everything from regulars to tourists (dogs are also welcome). They have been named one of Stockholm’s best after-work places – sure proof that people like it here.

There is always something going on at Movitz. Every Wednesday, there are swinging jazz nights at the pub, and why not try an Aquavit and snaps tasting? Learn more about the noble drinks while having a pleasant evening with family, friends, or colleagues. And if you want to organize an event, you can book the basement for groups of up to 120 people. The name Movitz then? Well, it comes from Fredrik Movitz, who lived in the 18th century and was a famous figure in several songs by Carl Michael Bellman.

Tyska brinken 34


Movitz Gamla stan
Rustic and genuinely Italian at Agaton

Do you want to eat at one of Stockholm’s most cozy and homey Italian restaurants? Then you should aim for Old Town’s most famous street, Västerlånggatan, and Agaton. You’ll find the restaurant in a beautiful historic building that dates back over 500 years. When you enter, you’ll get a big dose of Italy with checkered tablecloths, candles, and everything else that maximizes the cozy feeling. Perfect for an intimate date, a lovely family dinner, or a nice evening with friends.

Agaton serves both lunch and dinner, and its menu is a lovely mix of Italian and Swedish cuisine with gastronomic delights for everyone. Choose from well-prepared meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes, fresh pasta, or freshly baked pizzas. And the icing on the cake – an Italian dessert classic topped with Swedish berries. All are prepared with love and excellent ingredients. Add a solid wine list plus first-class service, and you have a complete restaurant experience. What about the name, then? Well, it comes from a former tenant, the menswear store Agaton.

Västerlånggatan 72

Barrels Burgers and Beers

Hamburgers at Barrels in Old Town, Stockholm

Enjoy delicious hamburgers at Barrels

If there is one thing Stockholm loves, it’s burgers! Swedes really enjoy burgers, and there are so many great options throughout Stockholm to have one. If you are in Old Town, it is highly recommended that you enjoy your burger at Barrels Burgers and Beers!

BB&B does burgers right, and it’s always fun to try their burger of the month. This could be an inspired creation from a famous Swedish chef and perfectly mastered for bold flavor. Recently one of the burgers of the month options was actually a New York City Chicken sandwich with French fries on it.

Speaking of various types of burgers, Vegetarians you are in luck as they offer one of the best Veggie Burgers in Stockholm. There are other vegetarian options as well making this a truly enjoyable restaurant for everyone. Spicy chicken wings are amongst the other food types offered off the menu and as the name implies the restaurant has a lot of beer options! The setting is very much in the pub category and a great place for you to enjoy with a group of friends.

Stora Nygatan 20


Michelangelo Gamla stan

Enjoy delicious Italian food at Michelangelo

In the mood for Old Town’s best pizzas? Or a delicious meat, fish, or pasta dish? Then you should head to Michelangelo on Västerlånggatan, a genuine trattoria with an Italian theme in everything from the menu to interior design. Here you can enjoy your food in the recently renovated 16th-century rooms and sit down at beautifully set tables with candles and classic checkered tablecloths. And the service is top-notch.

All food is prepared from scratch on only the best ingredients, and there is something for everyone on the menu. From antipasti such as bruschetta, burrata, and charcuterie to pastas such as the guests’ favorite ‘Fettuccine Piemontese Al Tartufo’ – truffle pasta with finely chopped veal fillet. And the meat lover shouldn’t miss the restaurant’s giant 1.2 kilos of T-bone. Of course, there are also fish and vegetarian dishes. And as mentioned, the popular pizzas – stone oven-baked and Neapolitan with fresh Fior Di Latte and San Marzano tomato sauce. In addition, the restaurant has a solid wine list filled with hand-picked Italian wines. No wonder Michelangelo has become a favorite among those who love excellent Italian food. Bring your family, date, or friends, and have a great evening!

Västerlånggatan 62



Tre Valv

Restaurang Tre Valv i Gamla stan

Tre Valv’s unique historic 15th-century premises

Few restaurants in Stockholm beat Tre Valv when it comes to the setting. You’ll find the restaurant at the cozy cobbled Järntorget, and here you can sit down in a unique historic 15th-century room with preserved brick walls, deep vaults, and beautiful decorations. The wonderful atmosphere is enhanced by Candlelight, atmospheric music, and red and white checkered tablecloths. Almost like being in Italy – but in the heart of Stockholm.

And the food is just as good. You’ll find both Swedish and international dishes on the menu – well-cooked and for all tastes. Do you like Italian? Then you can enjoy pasta, risotto, charcuterie, burrata, and much more. And, of course, pizza. Tre Valv serves high-quality Neapolitan pizzas made in a special oven with all your favorite toppings. If you don’t want Italian, there’s also meat, fish, and vegetarian. In the summer, you shouldn’t miss the fantastic outdoor terrace with perhaps the city’s best location and sun all day.

Järntorget 83

Bistro & Grill Ruby

Restaurants Bistro & Grill Ruby in Old Town

Grill Ruby

Would you like to dine in a French bistro style or enjoy some barbecue like they do in the states? Well in Old Town you can do both at Bistro & Grill Ruby. Bistro & Grill Ruby is defined as one of the best spots for meats. Described as sister restaurants, they are side by side and guest can select from the ‘Texas-Paris’ menu options depending on preference.

On the Texas side, guest can order grilled options including tenderloin or burgers. On the Paris bistro side, diners can choose all their French favorites, including chicken cooked in a red wine sauce and a nicely reviewed lobster soup.

Bistro & Grill Ruby offers a very casual vibe suitable for everyone. A stand out feature besides the menu is the location in the Old Town, as it is in the middle of the shopping district, perfect for diners to sit back and watch everything going on around them.

Österlånggatan 14

Bistro Pastis

Bistro Pastis in Old Town, Stockholm

Get a French feeling at Bistro Pastis

Bistro Pastis offers travelers the perfect French experience right in the middle of Stockholm. The menu includes all of the staples of French cuisine including Escargot, steak tartare, and duck confit. The first-time guest is urged to try the Bistro’s Moules Frites as Bistro Pastis does everything the classic and right way. The taste of all of their food is simply that, classic. Bistro Pastis reputation in cuisine is renown because of the traditional and careful way they prepare their food.

The atmosphere complements the location of being in the Old Town as the restaurant feels classic, yet in a French light. The service, decor, and food all around complement one another offering an authentic French feel for guest.

Bistro Pastis is a perfect place for an intimate dinner with the romantic ambiance enhanced by candlelight. The bistro is also great for larger parties, and a group menu is offered as well. The restaurant has a small location making it imperative for guest to book a table ahead of time. During the summer it might be nice to enjoy the dining experience with the outside seating area.

Baggensgatan 12


Ristorante Paganini, Old Town, Stockholm

Eat Italian food at Ristorante Paganini

If you’re in the mood for Italian, head to Paganini on Västerlånggatan. This Italian restaurant in Old Town is one of Stockholm’s true veterans when it comes to Italians. Since 1995, their guests have enjoyed great food in a rustic and classy setting. It can be described as a true “ristorante” where you’re offered Italian dishes prepared with love and high-quality ingredients. Stockholm meets Tuscany in short, and classic Italian cooking is mixed with innovation. The result is excellent.

Paganini serves both lunch and dinner. At lunchtime, the restaurant serves a mix of Swedish and Italian home cooking, but it’s in the evenings that the restaurant really shines. The à la carte menu features delicious dishes made from seasonal ingredients, with a particular focus on the Emiliga-Romagna region. Feast on small dishes, antipasti, burrata, cold cuts, pasta, pizza, meat, and fish dishes. There’s something for everyone, so you’re sure to find something to suit you. Pair your meal with a fine wine from the extensive wine list, which includes fine wines from every region in Italy.

Västerlånggatan 75

Le Rouge

Restaurant Le Rouge in Stockholm

Le Rouge – Photo: © Erik Nissen Johansen

A table for two, please! At first glance, Le Rouge’s almost circus top decor may leave you with the wrong impression. However, once you walk into the red velvet setting, the intimate ambiance will quickly come over your senses as this is a perfect date spot.

The food options are organic and very tasteful. From salmon to the delicious steaks, one can’t go wrong with the meat options here. The food options are complemented with an extensive wine list, and the prices are affordable. There is also a nice bar area if you are accompanied by friends who would like to go to a sweet spot to wind down.

The restaurant is also well known for having impeccable service. With the red French decor and candlelit tables everywhere, this is a spot in the Old Town you will want to treat your significant other to for a romantic night.

Brunnsgränd 2-4

Den Gyldene Freden

Den Gyldene Freden

Den Gyldene Freden – Photo: © Benreis / Wikimedia

If you are looking for the most Old Town experience one can have in Stockholm, then Den Gyldene Freden is where you want to be. Around since 1722, this restaurant is the definition of historical and classic Sweden. The atmosphere reflects that of the Old Town as the environment is mostly the same that has surrounded the restaurant over the centuries. Inside you will find dim lighting and the tavern style for guest to enjoy the retro and historical vibes.

The food certainly matches the Old Town theme as the menu includes all of the Swedish staples. Herring, meatballs, potatoes, and lingonberry can all be ordered here along with smoked reindeer if in season. The desserts also keep the Swedish cuisine and could include a black currant cake if in season.

It is worth noting that the house that the restaurant is located in is owned by the Swedish Academy who nominates the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. The Swedish Academy members eat at the restaurant every Thursday. Another fun fact is that the restaurant has served many of Sweden’s most famous writers and musicians over the centuries.

Österlånggatan 51

Corvina Enoteca

The restaurant Corvina Enoteca in Old Town, Stockholm

Corvina Enoteca

Corvina Enoteca offers an atmosphere described as cozy, warm, and stylish. The small restaurant makes for a nice date spot and provides a fabulous view. During the summer guest can enjoy the view even more when the restaurant offers outside seating on the terrace.

Classic Italian food is on hand at Corvina as they prefer to keep it simple while offering the highest quality of ingredients.

Though the food is superb, the wine may be the star at this Old Town location. Serving the best and many options of Italian wine, one could enjoy this bar and restaurant hit both alone or with a companion. If all that is not enough, Corvina has an excellent reputation for having very nice customer service along with affordable prices.

Kornhamnstorg 47


Slingerbulten Gamla stan
Fancy a traditional Swedish home-cooked meal? Slingerbulten’s got you covered

Old Town plus traditional Swedish home cooking, how does that sound? Good? Then you should head to the historic Slingerbulten on Stora Nygatan, housed in a beautiful building dating back to the 18th century. Fine original details, such as the lamps and the original sign, remain in the interior and witness bygone times. The food is prepared with fresh ingredients, well-cooked, tasty, and with generous portions. No wonder the restaurant has many regulars and constantly attracts new guests – both tourists and Stockholmers who love a home-cooked meal.

At Slingerbulten you can eat both lunch and dinner. The menu is dominated by traditional home-cooked food but also offers some modern elements. If you want to begin with a starter, there are snails bourguignon, fried squid, pickled herring, classic Toast Skagen, and boiled beetroot with goat cheese. If you want a traditional main course, you can enjoy Swedish dishes such as meatballs, Baltic herring, and cold cured salmon. You can also choose something from the à la carte menu with both meat, fish, vegetarian, and salad. On the beverage side, there are wine, beer, snaps, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Slingerbulten complements the excellent food and lovely environment with a friendly staff who delivers good service. So, take a nice break on your Old Town stroll among alleys and cobblestones, settle down in the cozy environment, feel the atmosphere, and enjoy.

Stora Nygatan 24


Restaurant Djuret in Old Town, Stockholm
Restaurant Djuret in Old Town

If you want to have a delicious dinner at one of the best restaurants in Old Town, you should visit Djuret (‘The Animal’) on Lilla Nygatan. Here you are offered excellent food, made in traditional and modern ways, where the very best of the season’s animals from land and sea are served on the plate. The menu, often updated according to the season, includes meat dishes like reindeer saddle and charcoal-grilled Rubia Gallega beef as well as seafood like dive caught scallop and pan-fried pikeperch fillets. And even though the name indicates a focus on the animal, the restaurant is just as careful in its selection of vegetables. They serve a completely vegetarian three-course menu for those who like things green.

With the meal, you can either enjoy one of Djuret’s matching wine menus or ask the restaurant’s knowledgeable sommelier to pick up something from the wine cellar where the focus is on storable wines from classic districts in Europe. And since Djuret today has one of Sweden’s most extensive wine cellars with about 20,000 bottles, there are plenty of resources for the wine lover. You can also visit the cellar to view the selection if you want.

At Djuret, it’s not only the food that gives you a feeling of the wild but also the stylish room that is dark and cozy with hunting trophies on the walls. And if you and your party want to eat your meal in privacy, the restaurant offers several different rooms for private dinners, Chambre separée. The rooms can accommodate two to 60 guests and booking these costs nothing extra. In addition, there is a nice bar if you want to stop by for a glass.

Lilla Nygatan 5
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Enjoy the best restaurants in Stockholm’s Old Town

We wish you a wonderful food and drink experience at the best restaurants in Stockholm’s Old Town!

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