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Are you looking for pubs in Stockholm? If you like to have a beer (or two) and talk about life in the company of your friends in a cozy pub, you won’t have trouble finding one. The city is full of great places to drink everything from tasty craft beer from local microbreweries to a classic big stout. British, Irish, or a traditional neighborhood pub feeling? Lager, ale, or sour beer? Stockholm’s pub world has something for everyone. Cheers!
Last updated: October 24, 2023

Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” is a well-known quote. You have to agree. Beer is one of the good things in life. And whether you want to warm up with a pint during the winter months or sip on a glass of cold beer at a lovely outdoor terrace in the summer, Stockholm’s cozy pubs are never far away.

The capital of Sweden is widely known for its legendary café culture, but nowadays, the beer culture has also taken off. A lot – to the delight of all beer lovers. If you want to have a cold one at a good pub in Stockholm, there’s now an enormous range. The city is full of both classic pubs and more modern beer bars where you can drink everything from IPA and APA to porter and stout.

Pubs Stockholm
Stockholm offers plenty of excellent pubs – Photo: George Bakos/Unsplash

Find a cozy pub in Stockholm

As said, Stockholm is a city that loves beer, and our growing pub culture has been largely inspired by Great Britain but also has German, Irish, and Belgian influences. And in addition to pubs, there are also bars, breweries, beerhouses, and restaurants with taps full of tasty brews that satisfy both the picky beer connoisseur and those who want to quench their thirst with a cheap beer.

So to help you answer the question “Where are we going tonight?” – in other words, find the right pub for you – we’ve made a guide to Stockholm’s best pubs. From British and Irish pubs to neighborhood pubs and pub restaurants. Update your pub overview, find a new favorite spot or try something different for an evening. And if you really want to dive deep into the flavorful world of malt beverages, you should book a beer tasting.


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Belgobaren pub
Belgobaren is the place to be when you’re in the mood for Belgian beer and food

Do you love beer? And do you love Belgian beer even more? Then Belgobaren is the place to be. This popular restaurant and pub has a prime location in central Stockholm, a stone’s throw from the Central Station, shopping, and tourist attractions. As the name reveals, it’s Belgium all the way in here – a love they want to pass on to their guests. The vibe is high, and in the tastefully decorated premises with rustic wood, metal, and fancy crystal chandeliers in the ceiling, it’s easy to enjoy yourself. In the summer there’s also a nice outdoor terrace.

At Belgobaren, you can try around 300 types of beer from Belgium, one of the world’s leading beer countries. The range includes lager beer, Trappist beer, wheat beer, spontaneously fermented beer, fruit beer, and much more. From strong brews to lighter varieties – the taps have something for all preferences. The range varies, and temporary guest taps often come to visit. However, some guest favorites – such as Chimay Dorée Goud, Belgo Dubbel IPA, Leffe Blond, Westmalle Dubbel, and Belgo Pils – always have their place. The restaurant also organizes popular beer tastings.

In the kitchen, they cook Belgian food from high-quality ingredients, and Belgobaren serves both lunch and dinner. The specialty is, of course, the famous Belgian dish with the French name: Moules Frites. If you’re not in the mood for mussels, there are plenty of other goodies on the menu, both meat, fish, and vegetarian. So head to Bryggargatan for a pure Belgian experience with beer, food, and atmosphere.

Bryggargatan 12, Norrmalm/City

The Old Brewer

Try the assortment of high-quality craft beers at The Old Brewer

Vasastan has many great pubs, and one of the top tiers is The Old Brewer. Think cozy British gastropub in London, but with a taste of Sweden, and you’ll get a good idea of what it’s all about. Here you get the best of two worlds – fine dining à la luxury restaurant in a fantastic mix with the pub world’s greatest hits: good beer, fine wines, a homely environment, and a relaxed atmosphere. The owners have succeeded in their ambition to give Stockholm a new type of gastropub experience. The place premiers quality all the way.

Have a seat in the bar or at the tables and enjoy something good to drink – with or without food or snacks. The drinks menu includes a stellar range of Swedish and international beers, including an excellent range of high-quality craft beers. The Old Brewer is also one of the few places in Stockholm where you can drink English cask ales served from the hand pump. There are also selected wines and cocktails if you prefer something other than beer. The cuisine, which is European with a British and Swedish touch, is just as good, and they serve both lunch and dinner. At Christmas time, you can also try The Old Brewer’s traditional British Christmas meal, perfect if you want something other than a classic Swedish Christmas buffet.

Luntmakargatan 98, Vasastan


Kvarnen - pub in Stockholm
Kvarnen – a classic pub in Södermalm

Kvarnen in Södermalm is one of the true classics on Stockholm’s pub scene. For well over 100 years – since 1908 – they’ve delivered beer, food, joy, and coziness to Stockholmers and tourists. The entire Södermalm’s neighborhood pub, as they call themselves, has always been located in the same place, and they offer an irresistible combination of Czech beer hall, Swedish home cooking, and pleasant socializing. Nice and unpretentious. An extra plus is that the beautiful and charming interior still has many fine details from old times.

The beer selection is vast, with something for everyone. You can find everything from draft beer, such as Brooklyn Lager and Staropramen, to bottled beer, like Kellerbier from New Carnegiebryggeriet. And if you’re hungry, you can combine your beer (alternatively wine, schnapps, or a drink if that’s more your thing) with well-cooked home cooking. On weekends, they also serve brunch in smorgasbord style with classic home cooking. And in the summer, you shouldn’t miss Kvarnen’s lovely outdoor seating at Medborgarplatsen. Perfect for a cold beer with friends. Or why not an after work?

This popular pub and restaurant attract a wide audience. Here you meet everyone from Hammarby fans to artists and musicians – plus a lot of common people who love beer and a great vibe. There are many regulars. And nowadays, Kvarnen also has a solid place on Stockholm’s tourist map since the restaurant was featured in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium books as a meeting place for Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist.

Tjärhovsgatan 4, Södermalm



Tudor Arms

Tudor Arms - pub in Stockholm
Tudor Arms – the first British pub in Stockholm
The British pub has always ranked highly in the Swedish pub ideal, and one of the brightest stars within Stockholm’s British pub tradition is the Tudor Arms in Östermalm. It’s also the oldest British pub in town. It opened in 1969, and since day 1, it’s been a hit on the city’s pub scene. This is the place to drink an authentic British pint, feast on homemade British pub food, cheer on your favorite Premier League team, or brush up your English. The beer selection offers a broad mix of Swedish and international varieties.

Besides being a popular meeting point for Stockholm’s British community, this pub in Östermalm has been voted one of the best British pubs outside the UK. When you enter, you’ll understand why. It’s a delightfully eclectic mix of guests, and you’ll find both locals, expats, and tourists at the tables. The atmosphere is warm, inviting, and a bit quirky – in other words, it’s easy to enjoy yourself. If you can’t get a seat, someone is sure to let you share their table. And don’t miss the chance to excel in Tudor Arm’s famous quiz on Mondays.

Grevgatan 31, Östermalm

Wirströms Pub

Wirströms Pub, Gamla stan
Want that genuine Irish vibe? Then Wirströms Pub in Old Town is the place to be

Among historic buildings and cobblestones in the cozy Old Town (Gamla stan), you’ll find Wirströms Pub, a genuine Irish pub in Stockholm. And when you step through the doors, it’s almost like being in Dublin. The lovely Irish atmosphere is rooted in the walls, and it’s easy to feel at home. Sit down at the tables or the bar and revel in pub classics such as burgers, fish & chips, fries, club sandwiches, and meatballs. Combine the meal with a favorite from the outstanding range of drinks. The menu includes lager, pilsner, ale, IPA, wheat beer, stout, cider, Irish coffee, wine, bubbly, and non-alcoholic. Add a friendly and welcoming staff, and you understand why many rank the cozy Irish place as one of Stockholm’s best pubs.

Entertainment is one of this Old Town pub’s specialties, and several days a week, you can enjoy live music in the basement. Wirströms has been a valued live music scene for bands in many different musical genres for over 20 years. You can listen to blues, “Old Time Jam” (bluegrass and oldies), traditional Irish music, and troubadours with sing-along tunes. Great music and good vibes are guaranteed! The pub was also one of the quiz night pioneers in Stockholm, and every Thursday night, you can put your thinking cap on and join their popular quiz (in English).

If you’re looking for pubs that show football and other live sports, Wirströms Pub is also an excellent option. They may not be a pure sports bar, but they have big screens showing a wide range of sports from Irish GAA (obviously) to soccer, rugby, NFL, and cricket. Add a pint and your favorite snacks, and you have the ultimate sports experience.

Stora Nygatan 13, Old Town


Kungsbiljarden – 1,200 square meters of drinks, food and fun in Stockholm city

If you’re looking for a friendly pub in central Stockholm with a great vibe, good beer, solid food, sports bar, and lots of fun things to do, you’ll like Kungsbiljarden. Located in the middle of Stockholm city, on Blekholmsterrassen near the Central Station, it’s one of the city’s major entertainment centers. It offers 1,200 square meters with a restaurant, bars, and activities such as pool, shuffleboard, darts, basketball, boxing ball, arcade games, and board games. Perfect for gathering a group of friends for an after-work or all-night party, and with the generous opening hours, you can stay well into the late hours.

The bar offers a wide range of draft and bottled beers for all tastes, including classic favorites like Heineken, Krusovice, Mariestads, Duvel, and A Ship Full of IPA. And should anyone in the party want something other than beer, there are cider, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages. If you’re hungry for something good to eat, there’s an American-inspired menu with pub food such as burgers, pizza, nachos, quesadillas, salads, and grilled dishes. In summer, Kungsbiljarden also has a lovely outdoor terrace that’s spacious and sunny with a fantastic location by the water.

Blekholmsterrassen 15, Norrmalm/City

The Laughing Duck

The Laughing Duck is the bar and restaurant that never sleeps
Just a stone’s throw from the Central Station, in the very heart of Stockholm, you’ll find The Laughing Duck. Also known as the place that never sleeps, this pub and restaurant is busy from lunchtime until 3 am every day all year round. Everyone is welcome, and the atmosphere is pleasantly relaxed. DJs keep a steady stream of hits (mainly rock and pop) flowing from the speakers, the eight big screens show all the important sporting events, and there’s a casino corner for gamblers.

The bar has a good selection of beers, cocktails, and other drinks, and when it comes to food, it’s all about solid classics. You can munch on appetizers such as toast skagen, buffalo wings, and nachos or dig into main dishes such as homemade meatballs, cured salmon, fish’n’chips, pasta, burgers, or barbecue dishes. After work, pre-party, or chatting about life over a beer with your best friend – stop by The Laughing Duck whenever you feel like it and make yourself at home.

Vasagatan 7, Norrmalm/City



Man in the Moon

Are you looking for a good pub in Vasastan? Then Man in the Moon is a hot tip. This gastropub has been around since 1994 and offers a relaxed environment where you can enjoy the latest and best of the beer world in combination with delicious and well-cooked food, mainly Swedish classics. Have a seat in the dining room or sit privately in the cozy library with room for ten people.

The beer selection at Man in the Moon is exceptional. How about 650 different types of beer, 30 beer taps (with several of their own brews), and a cellar with aged beer from the 1980s onwards? A true Beer Mecca, to say the least. And as if that wasn’t enough – there’s also a wide range of whiskeys with over 110 single malt varieties.

If you like fun pubs, you’ll enjoy Man in the Moon. In addition to the generally cheerful atmosphere, this beer restaurant organizes several nice events throughout the year. An obvious highlight is their large and festive Oktoberfest, where you can experience the best of German beer and food culture. Tyrolean hats, Tyrolean orchestra, German cuisine, and one-liter beer mugs are promised. Other pleasant beer and food experiences include Asparagus Weeks, Massachusetts Beer Weeks, Illinois Beer Weeks, and Christmas buffet. If you want to know more about the fantastic world of malt drinks, they can also arrange exciting beer tastings with different themes.

Tegnérgatan 2C, Vasastan

Holly Bush

Holly Bush is a friendly and casual pub in Södermalm
Holly Bush is a good choice if you’re in the mood for a beer with your friends and are looking for a nice casual pub in Södermalm where you can feel at home. The pub is located on the lively Götgatan, midway between Medborgarplatsen and Skanstull, and during a visit here, you can count on good service, friendly guests, and affordable prices.

Sit at one of the tables or take a seat at the bar. The beer selection is extensive, so you’re sure to find something you like. And if you’re not in the mood for beer, there are plenty of other drinks. Should you be hungry, they serve classic pub food in generous portions. Beef steak on a plank, meatballs, burgers, and fish & chips are just a few examples. In summer, the best spot at Holly Bush is their outdoor terrace in a sunny location – perfect for watching the vivid crowds of Södermalm.

Götgatan 82, Södermalm


Pressklubben has Northern Europe’s largest selection of Belgian beer – Photo: © Pressklubben
If you want to have a beer at a cozy pub in Stockholm city, Pressklubben, located close to the central station, is an excellent choice. Despite the name, it’s not just a place for journalists; a motley crowd of beer fans gathers here. And you understand why the tables are filling up fast – this is a promised land for those who like beer, particularly Belgian beer. Today, Pressklubben’s beer bar boasts more than 800 different Belgian brews from as many as 150 Belgian breweries (plus a bunch of fine wines). An impressive range, to say the least, and the knowledgeable staff is happy to guide you in the rich selection.

Belgium also inspires the food at Pressklubben, but you can find German and British influences on the menu as well. Plus, Swedish classics. Here you can enjoy delicious food prepared from first-class ingredients that follow the season. Eat a good lunch influenced by French cuisine and Swedish home cooking. Or stop by in the evening and devour a delicious dinner; the restaurant serves both Swedish classics, Moules Frites, and modern dishes. And if you want to learn the ins and outs of hops and malt, they also organize beer tastings. So head to Vasagatan and one of Stockholm’s best pubs. This Belgian paradise guarantees a fabulous experience with first-class food and drink.

Vasagatan 50, Norrmalm/City


Akkurat, close to Slussen, is one of Stockholm’s most popular pubs for beer lovers

If you want to visit a pub in Södermalm, Akkurat is a safe bet. It’s one of the true institutions of Stockholm’s beer world, and they call themselves one of the best watering holes in the malt world. Since 1995, this charming pub-restaurant has offered Stockholmers and visiting beer drinkers a superb selection of both beer and whiskey. Especially high-quality craft beer from microbreweries is highly valued.

The taps offer as many as 28 different types of draught beer, complemented by an extensive range of bottles that bring joy to every beer lover. In addition, there’s a well-stocked cuvée cellar where their vintage beer is stored. Here are around 500 types of aged vintage beer, many of which are unique rarities. This treasury includes stout, porter, Trappist beer, lambic, and Christmas beer. Equally admirable is the massive selection of whiskey – in the pleasant whiskey bar, you can browse among 400 different sorts, including several hard-to-find high-end varieties.

The restaurant’s kitchen has the same high standard. They offer good and hearty pub food such as beef brisket, char, and steak tartare. And if you like mussels, this is the place to be. The menu includes several kinds of moules frites. So, food, drinks, and a pleasant atmosphere – what more could you ask for? Live music, perhaps? And yes, Akkurat also delivers to those looking for pubs with live music. Once a month, there are gigs, which are usually popular events. The place also has nice beer and whiskey tastings.

Hornsgatan 18, Södermalm

The Flying Horse

Drink beer, watch sports and have a good time at The Flying Horse in Vasastan
If you’re looking for a nice pub and sports bar in Vasastan, you’ll enjoy The Flying Horse. Since 2010, it has been a natural part of life in the neighborhood around Odenplan, and their way of serving the traditional British pub environment in a new and stylish packaging attracts guests from both near and far. Every weekday there is after-work with affordable prices, and if you like football, you’ll love it here. The venue is full of TV screens showing games from the Champions League, European Championship, World Cup, Premier League, and La Liga.

When it comes to drinks, The Flying Horse is better equipped than most. The bar has a whopping 80 beers, including 19 different draught beers and several exciting guest taps that are changed regularly. This is complemented by no fewer than 120 single malt whiskies, so there are plenty of both newcomers and seasoned whisky fans on the bar stools. The food, despite the British setting, is US-inspired. Take a seat in the spacious restaurant and feast on salads, burgers, sandwiches, and grill dishes.

Odengatan 44, Vasastan


Hirschenkeller offers good food and drinks in a casual pub environment
Hirschenkeller is one of the true pub veterans in Stockholm. They opened back in 1976, and today they have four pub restaurants at attractive addresses in the city – two in Södermalm, one in Vasastan, and one in Kungsholmen. Here, good food and drink at reasonable prices are the order of the day. We’re talking about a classic pub environment with no frills, and the premises are decorated with dark wall panels and wooden furniture. Simply cozy and convivial. The idea is to be meeting places for everyone where you can drop in for a cold beer (or two) and a bite to eat in the company of good friends.

The bar serves familiar draught and bottled beers, complemented by cider, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks. The food is pub style, and the menu includes meatballs, schnitzel, bratwurst, hamburgers, beef steak on a plank, fish’n’chips, Caesar salad, shrimp salad, and a couple of vegetarian dishes. If you fancy something smaller, there are toast Skagen, nachos, and fries with béarnaise sauce. So, there’s something for everyone. Hirschenkeller also has a nice after-work if you want to have a beer on your way home from work.

4 addresses (click to see)
Hornsgatan 136, Södermalm
Götgatan 46, Södermalm
Sveavägen 61, Vasastan
Sankt Eriksgatan 22, Kungsholmen

The Queen’s Head

London, baby? No, but a fine English pub in Stockholm. The Queen’s Head is a firm favorite among the Swedish capital’s beer lovers who prefer the British pub style, and it’s always crowded. With a good location in the city center on lively Drottninggatan, an excellent selection of beer and whiskey, classic pub food, a friendly atmosphere, and super nice staff, there’s not much else to wish for, right?

There are 25 different beers on tap, and the fridges are fully stocked with Swedish sour beer, heavy stout, and IPA with plenty of hops. For the upscale kid, there are also more exclusive bottles. In terms of whiskey, Scotland dominates, but you also have Swedish types. The bar also houses after dinner drinks, wines, cocktails, and cider – simply everything thirsty people could ever want. If you want to learn more about noble drinks, you can also book a tasting of whiskey, beer, or gin & tonic. For food lovers, The Queen’s Head has plenty to eat, both for those who want meat, fish, vegetarian, and vegan. So the next time the pub craving strikes, just come by and hang out!

Drottninggatan 108, Vasastan

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist Södermalm
Oliver Twist is a pub gem in Södermalm – Photo: © Tavallai/Flickr

The lovely sound of beer being tapped. The scent of freshly fried fish & chips. If this appeals to you, you should head to Oliver Twist. It’s an obvious stop during a pub crawl in Södermalm, and for a long time, it has been a well-visited establishment for beer consumers from near and far. And it’s no surprise. The warm and super lovely atmosphere, friendly staff, and great beer and food make anyone feel good. Your second living room, as they describe it.

Oliver Twist is best known for its fantastic range of craft beers (which are constantly changing). There are 24 beers on tap plus 200 in bottles and cans – lager, pale ale, brown ale, red ale, Belgian ale, IPA, SIPA, DIPA, NEIPA, bitter, porter, stout, wheat beer, sour beer, you name it. Plus wine, cider, whiskey, bourbon, other after dinner drinks, and non-alcoholic. What more could anyone who wants to have a glass (or two) ask for? Combine the drink with tasty food, including tapas, meat, fish, pasta, and vegan dishes. Both lunch and dinner are served.

Repslagargatan 6, Södermalm

Mackinlays Inn

Mackinlays Inn is a cozy and traditional Scottish pub in Kungsholmen that you’ll find at the intersection of Fleminggatan and Sankt Eriksgatan. They offer a wide range of both beer and whiskey, plus good pub food for those who are hungry. Perfect if you want to have a good time in the company of happy friends, and the friendly atmosphere and high feel-good factor have given the place many regulars.

The bar’s 25 taps have everything from classic best sellers to more unusual varieties from Swedish and international craft and microbreweries. Both the draft beer and the bottled selection on the beer cellar menu change continuously, so be prepared for new exciting varieties every time. The whiskey selection at Mackinlays Inn covers all Scottish whiskey regions, and the shelves also house American Rye whiskey, bourbons, Irish pot-still whiskey, and Swedish single malts. Something for all tastes, in short. If you want something to eat, there’s a wide range of hearty food, from hamburgers and fish & chips to herring plates and grill plates.

Fleminggatan 85, Kungsholmen

Enjoy a great beer at Stockholm’s best pubs

There you have our guide to pubs in Stockholm. We hope you’ll find a place that suits you, whether you fancy a British pub with your mates after work on a Tuesday or want to spend a Saturday night in the company of craft beer and your partner. Stockholm’s cozy beer places are waiting for you – have a great time!

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