Restaurants in Stockholm

Your guide to the city’s thriving restaurant scene

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The latest about restaurants in Stockholm

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      Your guide to restaurants in Stockholm

      Stockholm is one of the most cosmopolitan cities you’ll encounter – and here you’ll find everything from Thai to Hawaiian to Ethiopian and, of course, traditional Nordic fare, sometimes with an innovative twist. Chefs are more and more concerned with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, high-quality and like to play with their dishes.

      But eating out in the city can be expensive – budget travelers should spring for lunch time, when most plates range around SEK 120, even served with free drinks and salad. A growing trend you might see are trendy, upper-class sushi joints or hip hamburger diners who do milkshakes. Whether you want to grab a kebab at midnight or sit down for a set menu of reindeer meatballs and lambfillet, Stockholm’s got you covered.

      Vegan or carnivore, traditional or adventurous, big wallet or small – no matter your preferences Stockholm is sure to have something that suits your palette. Or kick back at a bakery and take part in the favorite Swedish past-time, fika, the Swedish art of afternoon coffee. Here at View Stockholm we suggest taking advantage of all that the thriving food and restaurant scene has to offer. And we’re happy to help you find it. Smaklig måltid!