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Meze, tabbouleh, kibbeh, hummus, and baba ghanoush. Lebanese food is heavenly good, and if you want to enjoy high-class cuisine at Lebanese restaurants in Stockholm, you have plenty of options. This thousand-year food culture has taken Stockholm’s restaurant scene by storm. Today the Swedish capital is full of gems that combine delicious food with cozy environments reminding you of Thousand and One Nights. Welcome on a culinary journey full of fresh ingredients, beautiful colors, and rich flavors.
Last updated: March 20, 2024

Lebanon may be a small country area-wise, but that’s greatly compensated by the incredible gastronomy. Lebanese cuisine has a thousand-year history and is today highly celebrated worldwide with its long traditions of delicious food and wine. East meets West and is combined with strong influences from Mediterranean food traditions. And the result is simply lovely.

Lebanese food is more flavorful than strong, and both fresh, tasty, and healthy. And offers plenty of delicacies. Vegetables and spices play important roles in the meal where the main dishes are often based on mutton, lamb, chicken, and seafood. But perhaps the most famous element is meza (also called meze) – small dishes that are served like tapas or a Swedish smorgasbord. A must-have for the ultimate Lebanese dining experience.

Lebanese restaurant Stockholm
Meza – when you want to try a little bit of everything in the fantastic Lebanese cuisine

Find the right Lebanese restaurant in Stockholm

Nowadays, Lebanese flavors are a common feature of the Stockholm restaurant scene. All over town, you’ll find wonderful eateries that offer both Stockholmers and tourists shortcuts to Lebanon’s best taste experiences. Whether you’re looking for fine dining restaurants, cozy neighborhood restaurants, or vegetarian restaurants where you can eat meze in Stockholm, there’s a great place for you.

To help you find the right place to eat, we’ve put together a guide to Stockholm’s best Lebanese restaurants. Just book a table and enjoy high-class oriental cuisine and wonderfully decorated environments. Have a nice meal!


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Oummi - Lebanese restaurant in Stockholm's Old Town
Enjoy some of Stockholm’s best Lebanese food at Oummi in Old Town

Exciting tasting menus full of Lebanese taste sensations? Perhaps high-class main dishes, tasty small dishes, and sweet desserts? Or fresh Meza, both cold and hot, that makes your mouth water? Does it sound good to you? Then you go for luxurious Oummi, a super cozy restaurant in Old Town (Gamla Stan), the next time you want to enjoy the taste of Lebanon in the middle of Stockholm. Here, traditional Lebanese food is served with a modern touch, including a lot of vegetarian food, which makes connoisseurs, foodies, and everyone who likes excellent food head towards Lilla Nygatan.

Oummi offers two tasting menus – one for meat eaters and one for vegetarians. Both are amazingly good and filled with delicacies such as hummus, spicy prawns, sweet halloumi, tabbouleh, fattoush, labneh, and fatayer. The main courses offer culinary highlights like grilled veal skewers, entrecôte skewers, falafel, and lamb racks. Complete it with the restaurant’s famous fries and sauces as the finishing touch. And you shouldn’t miss their superb cocktails before you head out into the Stockholm night. Real works of art made from fresh ingredients.

Oummi offers not only flavor explosions and a world-class service experience but also a lovely environment. Step into a unique Lebanese world where beautiful textiles, velvet sofas, brass lanterns, and atmospheric lighting create an unbeatable cozy feeling. After an evening at this Lebanese restaurant, you walk home on Old Town’s cobbled streets with a smile.

Lilla Nygatan 11, Old Town

Lebanon Meza Lounge

Lebanon Meza Lounge
Enjoy high-class Lebanese food in the heart of Stockholm

How about a delicious Lebanese lunch or dinner in the middle of town? Then you should visit Lebanon Meza Lounge, one of Stockholm’s best Lebanese restaurants. In their beautiful premises, with a prime location at Norrmalmstorg and Berzelii park, they serve high-class taste experiences à la the Orient – both tasting menus, hot dishes, cold dishes, and desserts.

The restaurant has aimed high – and achieved its ambitions. Everything’s elaborated down to the smallest detail, and Lebanon Meza Lounge is a place where food, drink, and environment create an overall experience with a warm Lebanese family feeling. The owner comes from a Lebanese restaurateur family with long experience and a great passion for food and wine. You feel that love when you enter the room.

The restaurant offers four well-composed and appetizing tasting menus with 15 different cold and hot meza dishes. There are options for both carnivores and vegetarians, and you can also combine the menus with a delicious barbecue plate. The hot dishes offer Dehej (bird), Lahme (meat), and Sahen Mashawi (grill mix) with delicacies such as chicken fillet, beef sirloin, lamb racks, and scampi. Round off your meal in the best way with a dessert plus coffee or tea.

The drinks menu is also top-notch. The excellent wine list includes well-chosen red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, and champagne, and there are also many fresh drinks to enjoy. Add a hand-picked staff that delivers world-class personal service, stylish interiors, and a lovely outdoor terrace during the summer. In short, a coherent success concept in true Lebanese style, so it’s not surprising that the tables fill up quickly on both weekdays and weekends. Lebanon Meza Lounge is perfect for both a lovely family dinner, an evening with friends, or an important business lunch. The restaurant also offers takeaway and catering.

Hamngatan 6, Norrmalm/City


Are you looking for a Lebanese restaurant in Stockholm city? In Södermalm? Maybe in Kungsholmen? Or Djurgården? Then Tabbouli has everything you’re looking for. This popular Stockholm gem, named after the classic parsley salad, has opened four restaurants around Stockholm since the start in 2002 (the restaurant in Djurgården is, however, a summer open terrace). No matter which of the places you choose, you’ll get an overall experience that combines genuine tasty Lebanese dishes with a high atmosphere and good service.

On the extensive menu, where everything is prepared from scratch, there are around 40 small dishes such as hummus, tabbouleh (obviously!), vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves, aubergine mash, halloumi, spinach pies, marinated chicken wings, and fried scampi. There are also plenty of cold and hot small dishes (Meza) with everything from the yogurt labneh and fried cauliflower to steak tartare and calamari. And if you like barbecue, you can feast on salmon, tiger prawns, burgers, lamb racks, beef tenderloin, and much more. The portions are generous, so you definitely won’t leave Tabbouli hungry.

The wine list – with wines from the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon to Margaux in France – is as excellent as the food, and there’s also a good selection of beer and cider. If you’re planning a party or larger event and want to serve Lebanese cuisine, you can also order catering for up to 300 people.

4 addresses (click to see)
Regeringsgatan 70, Norrmalm/City
Tavastgatan 22, Södermalm
Norra Agnegatan 39, Kungsholmen
Sirishovsvägen 3, Djurgården



Gigis Hörna

Enjoy super tasty, affordable Lebanese food at Gigis hörna

At Telefonplan in Hägersten, you’ll find the Lebanese gem Gigis Hörna. Since 2016, they’ve been serving fresh, super tasty, affordable Lebanese food that makes you both full and happy. You can eat lunch and dinner in a cozy and relaxed environment (or choose takeaway) where it’s easy to feel comfortable. The friendly and service-minded staff makes things even better, and Gigis Hörna has gained many regulars from both near and far over the years.

The extensive menu has something for everyone. And we mean everyone. Gigis Hörna has well-prepared and tasty dishes for the whole party – whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten, or lactose intolerant. You can choose from a wide range of hot and cold meze or their various plates, including rack of lamb, falafel, chicken, kofta skewers, and halloumi. Or why not try their famous Shawarma rolls or perhaps a tasting menu of 16 small dishes if you want to go big? And if you have a movie night or some other fun at home, Gigi’s 18- or 36-piece roll box is recommended. The restaurant also offers catering for all types of events and conferences.

Tellusgången 30, Hägersten


Elie's - Lebanese restaurant Södermalm
Fanastic food in a lovely atmosphere – that’s Elie’s in Södermalm

Are you looking for a Lebanese restaurant in Södermalm? Then Elie’s is an excellent option. This small intimate neighborhood restaurant with a homely feel has been serving tasty oriental food to Södermalm locals and everyone else since 1997. Here you can have lunch on a regular Tuesday, a nice dinner with friends on a Saturday night, or order takeaway to enjoy at home or, why not, in one of Södermalm’s fine parks.

The food at Elie’s is a gold mine for those who want to feast on authentic Lebanese meze with a twist. The menu at this meze restaurant has something tasty for everyone, including a large selection of vegetarian and vegan small dishes. Test the try-out menu (with or without grill mix), choose your favorites from cold and hot meze, dive into the main courses, and round off with a nice dessert. A high-class oriental food experience. And the pleasant atmosphere and excellent service give Elie’s extra points.

Katarina Bangata 71, Södermalm

Mazati Kök & Bar

Mazati Kök & Bar Stockholm
How about some authentic Lebanese food in Solna?

Be transported to Lebanon and the country’s outstanding food culture – by going to Solna. At the lovely Mazati Kök & Bar, you can dream away to warmer latitudes with authentic Lebanese food that tastes as it does in the Middle East. In the cozy and rustic environment, with brick walls and dark furniture, you immediately feel at home, and the friendly staff takes care of you in the best way. Here, local regulars from Solna flock together with people from all over Stockholm hungry for authentic Lebanese cuisine and generous portions.

Sit down and enjoy a super tasty Lebanese buffet for lunch. Or drop by Mazati Kök & Bar in the evening for an excellent Lebanese dinner. On the menu, you’ll find delicious main dishes from the grill, including chicken skewers, beef tenderloin, lamb racks, and vegetables. There’s also a lot of cold and hot meze, such as scampi, steak tartare, lamb sausages, artichokes, halloumi, and spinach pies. Super tasty small dishes that you complete with the restaurant’s famous dipping sauces. But for the ultimate taste experience, sit back and let the skilled chefs take over the control. They put several small dishes together for a fantastic tasting menu that you’ll remember for a long time.

Combine the food with a Lebanese wine – red or white – which enhances the flavors of the food. If you’re more of a beer person, there’s both lager and pale ale – and, of course, cider and non-alcoholic alternatives to quench your thirst. Plus, Lebanese coffee that matches a baklava or any other dessert perfectly. Mazati Kök & Bar also offers takeaway and catering for parties, graduations, christenings, company parties, and more.

Råsundavägen 11, Solna

Beirut Café

If you want to go to a fine Lebanese restaurant in Östermalm, you should visit Östermalmshallen. There you’ll find Beirut Café, which has offered Stockholm Lebanese gastronomy since 1999. In other words, it’s a veteran in Stockholm’s Lebanese restaurant world. After running a shop and deli in Östermalmshallen for a long time, they also have their restaurant in the city’s magnificent food market with a nice view towards Nybrogatan since 2021. You’ll find the shop and the deli that serves simpler dishes downstairs and the restaurant upstairs.

Beirut Café conducts its Lebanese heritage well but has also updated it excellently. The result is tasty and healthy food experiences with pure flavors and exciting well-seasoned combinations. The dishes are prepared according to family recipes, and there are three different tasting menus with the theme of grill, meze, or vegetarian. There are also cold and hot meze, salads, and hot dishes from the grill. Fresh vegetables play a central role, and everything is well prepared from high-quality ingredients. Last but not least, Beirut Café has a sinfully good dessert menu that’s guaranteed to make your taste buds dance. So leave some space in your stomach.

Also, don’t miss the nice bar where you can sip a drink inspired by Lebanese cuisine or a glass of wine from the well-composed wine list. In short, Beirut Café has everything you need – food, drinks, service, and atmosphere. Book a table and bring family, friends, your date, or work colleagues for a lovely evening at one of Stockholm’s best Lebanese restaurants.

Östermalmstorg 2, Östermalm



Café Corniche

At Café Corniche you can enjoy both tasty Lebanese food and belly dancers in a cozy dining room

Cozy Café Corniche is another excellent Lebanese restaurant in Kungsholmen. It is beautifully located at Norr Mälarstrand with a nice view of Riddarfjärden. Settle into an atmospheric oriental interior with warm colors and patterns where the calming environment makes it easy to relax and enjoy yourself. The inviting feeling is combined with an equally enjoyable experience for your taste buds, and the concept has prosperous. Today, many people rank Café Corniche as one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Stockholm.

Skilled chefs prepare the food with love, and only the best ingredients are used. The menu has everything you would expect in an excellent Lebanese restaurant – heavenly delicious tasting menus with cold and hot meze, starters, main courses, and desserts. In other words, you can design your culinary experience the way you want. The wine list includes red wines, white wines, rosé wines, and sparkling wines that complement the food perfectly.

Lebanon is a country known for its open culture. Café Corniche has embraced this and offers tasty food (menus or buffets) for Christmas dinners, weddings, office parties, or other events. Those who want a little extra Lebanese touch can also rent oriental rugs, lamps, and belly dancers. Furthermore, the restaurant organizes popular cooking courses and chef duels for those who like to learn how to cook Lebanese food from scratch.

Norr Mälarstrand 76, Kungsholmen

Food Heaven by Oummi

Food Heaven by Oummi
Enjoy the good life at this Lebanese food heaven

Oummi has long been one of Stockholm’s most popular Lebanese restaurants, and now the owners have opened a new place – Food Heaven by Oummi. You’ll find them right in the center of Stockholm, and here you’ll experience a different part of Beirut than at the sister restaurant. Step into an oriental bazaar full of spicy flavors and lovely colors where the atmosphere is high and it is easy to feel comfortable. And spontaneity is the name of the game here. You go to Food Heaven when you feel the urge to indulge in delicious Lebanese food. That’s why they don’t take reservations.

The menu includes cold and hot meze with tasty small dishes such as falafel, eggs awarma, fatayer, fatte, cheese rolls, hummus, labneh, and tabbouleh. If you’re looking for a little bit of everything, a tip is to choose one of the tasting menus available for omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans. There are also several main courses, grilled dishes, pizza, and burgers. But it’s not just the food that brings people to Food Heaven, but also the magical non-alcoholic drinks made with fresh ingredients and lots of love. Everything is top-notch, so head to Food Heaven the next time you’re in the mood for lunch, dinner, or mocktails.

Herkulesgatan 5, Norrmalm/City


Byblos - Lebanese restaurant Stockholm
Byblos offers a fantastic food experience in a lovely setting
When you step into Byblos, a Lebanese restaurant in Vasastan, it’s almost like traveling to Thousand and One Nights. The lovely interior with velvet chairs in warm colors, stone walls, heavy curtains, oriental carpets and patterns, mirrors, and many other beautiful interior details creates a warm and cozy oriental environment where you immediately feel comfortable. There are also several Chambre séparée so you can sit privately. The friendly staff gives a warm welcome and delivers top-class service.

The food, then? It matches the environment perfectly. They serve delicious Lebanese food where the flavors of the Mediterranean are in their essence. The menu includes many different types of hot and cold meze, but also grilled beef tenderloin, lamb racks, and classic baklawa. And if you want to maximize the dining experience with Byblos’ greatest hits, you should go for the tasting menu, which is available in three different variants. The traditional ones choose classic meze, the barbecue fan picks grilled meze, and the fish lover goes for Mediterranean meze. Choose your favorite and combine the culinary delights with an excellent Lebanese wine or something else from the drink menu.

Döbelnsgatan 79, Vasastan

Le Rustique

Lebanese cuisine with a delicious French twist at Le Rustique
At the rustic neighborhood restaurant Le Rustique, located by Hornsbergs strand in Kungsholmen, you can experience the best of Lebanon, but with a delicious French twist. With Lebanese cuisine as the foundation, the restaurant has also invited French flavors, and their fusion of these two gastronomic giants creates many great taste experiences on the plate.

The menu includes both mezes, main dishes, and tasting menus with influences from the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Among the most popular dishes are chèvre salad, tabbouleh, baba ganush, and falafel, but also French delicacies such as moules marinières, garlic gratin snails, and fried frog legs.

A successful culinary meeting between Lebanon and France, a warm and atmospheric interior, pleasant vibe, music, and culture in a delightful mix – Le Rustique is well worth a detour to northwestern Kungsholmen. Stop by for a nice lunch, a cozy dinner, or go French-Oriental at your party with catering.

Franzéngatan 74, Kungsholmen
Lebanese restaurants in Stockholm
A lot of the Lebanese food comes from the grill – Photo: Victoria Shes/Unsplash


In Kungsholmen, there are quite a few Lebanese pearls, and another excellent option is Almaza. In this stylish restaurant with fancy decor, you can discover the best of the tasty Lebanese world. Sit down and enjoy good food that focuses on fresh, seasonal ingredients and home-cooked food combined with great service and atmosphere.

The skilled chefs take you on a culinary journey to the exotic Middle East, where each dish tells its own story from traditional Lebanese cuisine. The à la carte menu offers hot and cold meze dishes, six tasting menus (three small and three large), as well as main courses such as a meze plate, vegetarian plate, shish kebab, lamb racks, lamb fillet, and beef tenderloin. Well-cooked, authentic, and generously sized portions. And the perfect ending is a tasty dessert.

Make a reservation for a romantic dinner with your date or partner, or gather the family or friends for a culinary highlight. And if you fancy a glass of wine and a few mezes, you should try the pleasant bar. In the summer, you can also enjoy Lebanese delicacies on the restaurant’s outdoor terrace.

Scheelegatan 3, Kungsholmen
Meze restaurant Stockholm

Adulis Restaurang

Adulis Restaurang is located in Kungsholmen and offers a fantastic trio of world-famous cuisines – Lebanon, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. Lebanese food plays the leading role during lunch when you can eat a Lebanese lunch buffet with 16 different hot and cold dishes – falafel, tabbouleh, hummus, and much more. Take a seat in the nice room and enjoy the excellent food and great atmosphere. The staff provide good service and ensure you and your party have a good time.

In the evening, Adulis serves dishes from Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine characterized by flavorful and spicy vegetable and meat dishes. In addition, they offer an Eritrean/Ethiopian traditional coffee ceremony, an experience you don’t want to miss. The restaurant also offers a banquet room for 200 people. With glittering crystal chandeliers, top-notch sound and lighting, a luxurious bar, and a large patio with food and music, you have everything you need for an unforgettable party. Adulis Restaurang can, of course, deliver food for the party and also arrange live bands, karaoke, and DJ if you wish.

Strandbergsgatan 51, Kungsholmen

Enjoy lovely food at the best Lebanese restaurants in Stockholm

There you have our guide to Stockholm’s best Lebanese restaurants. We hope you find a place that suits you, whether you want to spice up your Monday night with oriental food, invite your partner on a culinary taste journey through the Lebanese food culture, or feast on delicious meze dishes with a group of friends. Lebanon is the small country with the great cuisine, so have a tasty meal!

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