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Oummi – one of Stockholm’s absolute best Lebanese restaurants

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Oummi, located on Lilla Nygatan in Stockholm’s Old Town, offers traditional Lebanese food with elements of modern fusion and a European feeling. This is a restaurant for connoisseurs as well as foodies, couples on dates, and groups of friends.

Here you can enjoy exciting flavors from the Orient. A tip is to order small dishes in the Lebanese mezze style and share them with your company. Also, don’t miss Oummi’s delicious cocktails with exciting ingredients and artistic touches.

The coziness factor is high with flamboyant textiles, velvet sofas, brass lanterns, and atmospheric lighting. After food and drink, the cozy Lilla Nygatan awaits outside the door with a romantic walk around Old Town.

Welcome to Oummi!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Authentic, traditional Lebanese food

Delicious cocktails with a personal touch

Cozy atmosphere

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Oummi – fantastic Lebanese food in Stockholm’s Old Town

Lebanon fusion, cocktails, mood lighting, and mezze. Welcome to the Orient 2.0.

On Lilla Nygatan in Stockholm’s Old Town, you’ll find Oummi, a modern Lebanese restaurant with a European feeling. ‘Oummi’ means ‘My mother’ in Arabic and is a tribute to the traditional Lebanese cuisine. But the restaurant places at least as much emphasis on modern influences and fine cuisine.

Behind the restaurant concept are the cousins Jean and Kris Gergi.

“We want to create the ultimate experience of Lebanon,” says Jean Gergi, restaurant manager at Oummi.

Oummi’s head chef, Kris, has 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry and a unique approach to gastronomic art. Here the food is prepared for both your eyes, mouth, and mind. Besides being full, you’ll get a genuine dining experience that’ll definitely satisfy your taste buds.

“We always want to exceed the guests’ expectations and take them on a taste experience beyond the ordinary,” says Jean.

The menu consists of an exciting tasting menu filled with delicacies such as Baba Ganouj (eggplant puree), spicy prawns, sambosek, and hummus. You can also choose from main courses, such as entrecote skewers, lamb racks, and falafel. The menu’s highlight is the side dishes, like Oummi’s ‘Lebanese style flank beef tartar’ – a tasty hybrid of allspice, chili, parsley, and cinnamon. Or why not share with your company and have some cold and hot mezze. Order tabbouleh, raw beef, halloumi, and lots of other goodies. Complete with creamy mixtures, share, mix and enjoy.

Oummi works with first-class raw ingredients, finesse, and passion. This is the place for connoisseurs as well as food-loving foodies.

“We’re constantly developing our menus with the guests in focus. We want to be in the lead and develop continuously. We look forward to an exciting future,” says Jean.

Oummi is also proud and happy to say that they receive 5-star reviews from their guests on Tripadvisor and won the Traveler’s Choice Award 2020.

Another resume highlight is their famous cocktails. Bar manager Jimmy has a long international career and creates innovative cocktails with exciting ingredients and visual beauty. If you’re curious, he’s also happy to tell you about the content and background of the drinks.

“Most of our cocktails have a history, says Jean and recommends ‘Gamla stan’ (‘Old Town’) – a drink made from Pernod Absinthe, Chambord, Oummi sugar, lemon, and grenadine. As the name says, it’s a tribute to Stockholm’s Old Town and its history.

Oummi is the perfect place for a casual date or dinner with a group of friends. Head to the idyllic Lilla Nygatan, order a fresh drink, and settle down in a stylish, colorful environment with plenty of coziness. The ‘cave,’ as it’s called, is decorated with beautifully patterned wallpaper, colorful textiles, and cozy brass lanterns with fringes dangling from the ceiling. Best of all, you can sit on soft velvet sofas and comfortable armchairs made for relaxed hedonism amongst friends. Toast, laugh, eat and enjoy!



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