Travel to Stockholm by car

To get to Stockholm by car is easy since the good connections to the motorways. The city is at the junction of the European routes E4, E18 and E20. When driving in Stockholm city you may find the road system a little bit complicated and there are many tunnels and bridges due to the many islands and waterways. The traffic situation is relatively good most of the time, but you can expect traffic jams during rush hour.

Congestion taxes

Be aware that Stockholm (since 2007) has a congestion taxes, a system where vehicles registered in Sweden and outside Sweden entering and exiting central Stockholm (and Essingeleden) between 6 AM and 6.29 PM on weekdays (not on weekends, public holidays or the month of July) are paying a congestion tax.

The primary purpose of this is to reduce traffic congestion and improve the environmental situation in the city centre. Depending on the time of day, each trip costs between SEK 11 and 45 (rush hours are the most expensive). The maximum amount of tax per vehicle per day is SEK 135.

Parking in Stockholm

You may park in parking garages, designated street parking, or park-and-ride facilities when you arrive by car in Stockholm. Finding a parking spot on the street could be difficult, at least in the city center, so our recommendation is to primarily go for the parking garages.

Parking in the city center

There are many parking garages in the city center. You can find them in all the different disctrics, but especially in Norrmalm. In some of them, you pay in advance, and in others, you pay when you leave for the actual time you have parked in the garage.

If you prefer to park in the street and are able to find a spot, you will be charged by the hour, most of the parking meters take the common credit cards like VISA and MasterCard. You can also pay via an app on your smartphone, such as EasyPark or Parkster, or via SMS. And don’t forget to pay close attention to the street signs, so you can be sure that you are allowed to park your car.


You are probably aware of the common problem of finding a free parking spot when you visit big cities. As mentioned, Stockholm is no exception to that rule. In addition, it can be challenging to find your way around in an unknown city. But there is a great solution to this problem: park-and-ride. That means that you park your car outside the city and then take public transport to the city center. It is easy, comfortable, more environmentally friendly, and definitely cheaper.

There are plenty of park-and-ride facilities close to public transport connections. Some of them are even free to park on. You can either click here or here to find a list of park-and-ride facilities.

Rental car in Stockholm

To rent a car in Stockholm is simple. Most of the well-known international car rental companies have offices and rental locations all over the city, and of course also at all of Stockholm’s airports. You are able to book your rental car ahead of time or at the airport. Also keep in mind that you will need a national driving license and a valid passport to rent a car. And do not forget to ask if the congestion taxes (see above) in Stockholm is included in the price.

Car rental companies