Travel to Stockholm by boat

Stockholm is truly a city of water, so of course you can travel here by boat. And entering through the city’s archipelago with about 30,000 islands is for sure an extraordinary experience. Several ferry lines serve Stockholm and the harbors are centrally located.

Going from Finland, Poland, or the Baltic states? Then there are regular services with large passenger and car ferries that dock at their own terminals. And during your boat trip you can both enjoy good food, shopping, and entertainment.

Stockholm is also a popular cruise destination, and about 300 cruise-ships from around the world make a stop in Sweden’s beautiful capital each year, primarily at the harbors Stadsgårdskajen och Frihamnen that are close to the city attractions.

Ferry Lines

Tallink Silja Line

Ferry lines to Helsinki, Turku, Åland, Tallinn, and Riga

Viking Line

Ferry lines to Helsinki, Turku, Åland, Tallinn


Ferry lines to Åland (arrives at Grisslehamn)


Ferry lines to Gdańsk (arrives at Nynäshamn)



Frihamnen is one of Stockholm’s largest ports. Here are cruise ships and ferries arriving and departing every day, among others Tallink-Siljas ferries from Helsinki, Åbo, Tallinn and Riga.

It’s located about 3 kilometers away from downtown and it takes you about 10 minutes by taxi and 20 minutes by public transportation (underground station Gärdet or buses 1, 72 and 76) to get to the city center.


Stadsgårdskajen is another large port in Stockholm, and the most centrally located. Viking Line’s and Birka Cruises’ ferries from Åland and Finland arrive here daily.

You can easily walk to Old Town (takes about 10-20 minutes) or the city center (takes about 20-30 minutes). You can also go by taxi. And do not miss the Hop on hop off sightseeing by bus available from the port area.

Kapellskär Harbor

Kapellskär is located approximately 80 kilometers north of Stockholm city, and Viking Line’s ferries from Åland arrive here. There are buses taking you to Cityterminalen in Stockholm city.

Grisslehamn Harbor

Grisslehamn is located approximately 113 kilometers north of Stockholm city, and this is where Eckerölinjen’s ferries from Åland arrive. There are buses taking you to Cityterminalen in Stockholm city.

Nynäshamn harbor

Nynäshamn is a suburb of Stockholm and located approximately 57 kilometers south. There are both cruise ships and Polferries ferries from Gdansk in Poland arriving here. And not to mention Destination Gotland’s ferries from the Swedish island of Gotland. There are buses as well as commuter trains taking you from the ferry terminal to Stockholm city.