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ViewStockholm.com is Stockholm’s new digital city guide. Our goal is to show the best of the capital of Sweden to all the 7,4 million tourists and Swedes who each year travel to Stockholm.

On our site ViewStockholm.com we make it easy and fun for tourists and Stockholmers to find the best of what the capital has to offer when it comes to things to do, shopping, accommodation, restaurants, bars, nightlife, events, attractions, and more.

Our website visitors should always be offered the very best of Stockholm. Therefore we follow closely what is happening in and around the city.

Enjoy our website and your visit in Stockholm!

Facts about Stockholm

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  • Stockholm is ranked number 3 among European capitals.
  • International visitors spend 26,3 billion SEK per year in Stockholm.
  • 7,4 million tourists from all over the world visit Stockholm every year.
  • There are 11,8 million guest nights in Stockholm every year.
  • Most of the international visitors come from Great Britain, USA, Germany, Norway, and Finland.
  • Visitors from India and China have increased by 505% respectively 227% from 2008 to 2018.

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