Health & Beauty in Stockholm

Your guide to how to best pamper yourself in the city

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Relax and pamper yourself at Stockholm’s best spas

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    Your guide to health and beauty in Stockholm

    Are you looking for a healthy lifestyle in Stockholm? Take the opportunity to pamper yourself while visiting; this city knows how to treat itself. You can’t go very far without stumbling over a gym, spa, hairdresser, organic beauty shop, or massage therapist. Get a great workout at a gym. Pamper your skin with aesthetic treatments. Try a different look with a new hairstyle or high-quality extensions. Or why not look out for those annual beauty exposés to sample some free products.

    Stockholm’s luxury hotels offer some of the best spa facilities, and there are also some spas with inspiration from Japan or Asian thematic rooms. In the city center, you can also find some old-world baths that are worth a visit. If gyms are more of your thing, you’ll definitely find your favorite when it comes to exercising. Whether it’s fitness classes, lifting weights, spinning, running on the treadmill, or some other form of workout, Stockholm delivers.