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Hungry for burgers? Then you’ve come to the right city. Hamburgers are very trendy in Sweden’s capital, and Stockholm is now full of places that serve the American fast food classic. But nowadays, it’s not the dull and greasy burger made on an assembly line being served anymore; instead, Stockholm’s best burger restaurants offer you fine burgers with top quality accessories. Meat from local producers, rib, homemade bread, self-made coleslaw, and pickles are just some of the delicious things you are offered.
Last updated: October 25, 2023
Here are our favorite restaurants where you can eat the best hamburgers in Stockholm. The guide is guaranteed to be free from the classic fast-food places so that we can promise you an excellent burger experience during your visit.


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Brödernas Östermalm By Stangen & Kvick

Brödernas is a hamburger chain that has taken Stockholm (and the rest of Sweden) by storm since they started in 2016. They are today Sweden’s fastest-growing restaurant chain, and today they have 30+ restaurants in the Swedish capital – from Östermalm to Åkersberga. Behind the restaurants is – as the name reveals – a brother duo with the ambition to deliver Stockholm’s best burgers. And given the pace of expansion, it seems like their efforts are a success among the city’s hamburger fans.

The standard at Brödernas is high in everything from burgers and side orders to the restaurants’ decor. The idea is to offer their guests casual dining of high quality. In other words, a relaxed atmosphere combined with really good burgers (or pizza) and drinks. Whether you just want to have a quick lunch, have a nice dinner with your best friend, a grand birthday celebration with your whole circle of friends, or a cozy meal at home with takeaway food, this is a safe bet. A popular concept is the burger of the month, where well-known profiles create their own burger, and part of the income goes to charity.

34 addresses (click to see)
Klarabergsgatan 50, Norrmalm/City
Norrlandsgatan 13, Norrmalm/City
Vasagatan 14, Norrmalm/City
Hornsgatan 180, Södermalm
Ölandsgatan 45, Södermalm
Östermalmstorg 5, Östermalm
Valhallavägen 113, Östermalm
Odengatan 60, Vasastan
Rörstrandsgatan 19, Vasastan
Scheelegatan 20, Kungsholmen
Arenavägen 59, Johanneshov
Hammarby allé 101, Hammarby Sjöstad
Siroccogatan 7, Sickla
Tor Boijes Gata 11, Nacka
Liljeholmstorget Galleria, Liljeholmen
Sjövikskajen 24, Liljeholmen
LM Ericssons Väg 26, Telefonplan
Brådstupsvägen 1, Hägersten
Bergslagsvägen 268, Bromma
Alviksvägen 47, Bromma
Kamomillagatan 4, Bromma
Kolonnvägen 39, Solna
Mall of Scandinavia, Råsta Strandväg 19, Solna
Råsundavägen 101A, Solna
Albygatan 119, Sundbyberg
Marieborgsgatan 4, Sundbyberg
Hanstavägen 55F, Kista
Tuna Torg 3A, Vallentuna
Viksjöplan 2, Järfälla
Klappbryggan 3, Åkersberga
Lejonstigen 12, Lidingö
Parkallén 34, Täby
Odelbergs väg 3, Gustavsberg
Öringevägen 2, Tyresö

Svenska Hamburgerköket

Go to Midsommarkransen and Svenska Hamburgerköket for some fabulous burgers
Svenska Hamburgerköket in Midsommarkransen, south of Stockholm city, has been a popular hamburger place for many years, attracting burger lovers from all over the city. Here, they make really good burgers with high ambitions and lots of love. Freshly baked hamburger bread from the pastry cook of the year, their own sauces, cheddar cheese from two cheese-loving brothers in Ockelbo, and only 100% Swedish beef are just a few examples of the restaurant’s quality approach. They were also the first in Stockholm to offer smash burgers.

You can either eat in the pleasant restaurant or order takeaway, and they serve both lunch and dinner. The menu ranges from spicy creations with chili or sriracha to classic and specialty burgers. Of course, there are also several burgers for vegetarians and vegans, plus a salmon burger for those who prefer fish. In terms of drinks, you’ll be spoiled for choice with a huge selection, including up to 200 different beers (and don’t miss their great after-work prices). Bring the whole gang to Svenska Hamburgerköket for a top-notch burger experience.

Tellusborgsvägen 78, Midsommarkransen

Franky’s Burger

Tasty burgers in a tasteful environment at Franky’s Burger.

Popular Franky’s Burger was born as a street grill on vibrant Sveavägen in central Stockholm. The owner had taken inspiration from the USA and wanted to offer Stockholm really good street food à la NYC. The concept was simple but ingenious – quality burgers made from fine ingredients with fresh bread where every order is given a lot of love. The rumor of the successful burgers spread quickly, and the line outside the grill was long. This success meant that the burger place could soon move into larger premises on Tegnérgatan in Vasastan. They are still there today, and they’ve also opened another restaurant in Södermalm.

Sit down in the stylish room and order your favorite. The menu at Franky’s Burger offers several tasty burgers (all of which can be made vegetarian) with US-sounding names like Miami Heat, Texas, and Lafayette. And no matter what you choose, you can look forward to a perfect burger experience with juicy meat, crispy bacon, fresh vegetables, delicious pickled onions, and flavorful cheese. And, of course, all the classic side dishes such as fries and dip. With your meal, you can either have a soft drink, try something from the restaurant’s carefully selected range of craft beer, or a glass of wine.

World-class burgers, good drinks, super friendly staff, fast service, and a lovely atmosphere – what more could you ask for?

Tegnérgatan 16, Vasastan
Blekingegatan 36, Södermalm




Barrels offers some of Stockholm’s best hamburgers in a pleasant environment

Barrels serves some of Stockholm’s best burgers, and the chain currently has three locations in Stockholm; Old Town, Norrmalm (city), and Södermalm. The concept is simple but genius: homemade burgers of the highest quality. Proof of the restaurants’ success is that they’ve won several awards for their food. The burgers are made from only the finest ingredients from carefully selected suppliers. The bread is freshly baked, the meat exclusively Swedish. The service is top-notch, and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. What more could you want from a hamburger restaurant in Stockholm?

There’s something for everyone on the menu. Streetburger, cheeseburger, Eiffel, Triple Smash, and Southern Fried Chicken are just some of the burgers that are well worth standing in line for. There are also great options for those who prefer vegetarian: Veggielicious, based on chickpeas, vegetables, and fresh spices, or Quin-Ovo Burger, which is made from quinoa, eggs, beetroot, and coconut flakes. And don’t miss the creation of the month – a temporarily visiting burger that is changed every month. You complement your hamburger with something from the extensive list of sides and a good beer from the wide range where you’ll find both lager, ale, IPA, stout, wheat beer, porter, and of course, non-alcoholic beer. The perfect end to your meal is then a sweet dessert.

3 addresses (click to see)
Smålandsgatan 22, Norrmalm/City
Stora Nygatan 20, Old Town
Bysistorget 4, Södermalm

Stigbergets Fot

Stigbergets Fot burger

Stigbergets Fot is a craft beer bar at Slussen in Södermalm – in the middle of Stockholm’s beer epicenter. At this modern and friendly beer bar, with a great atmosphere, the focus is on craft beer from Stigbergets Bryggeri, accompanied by local and international players. In other words, it’s as far from bland standard beer as you can get. Here you’re served unusual and exclusive beers (plus several wines) that you’ll not find in every other pub. The beer selection is complemented brilliantly by ambitious street food. Among other things, delicious burgers. In other words, it’s a perfect place for both dinner and an after work.

At Stigbergets Fot, you can enjoy a fantastic cheeseburger with Mojo-Rojo mayonnaise, pickles, cheddar cheese, and red onion. Or eat a fresh truffle burger with truffle mayonnaise, roasted onions, truffle cheese, and cheddar cheese. Both are available with either meat or as vegetarian. If you’re vegan, there’s a super tasty vegan burger with guacamole, pico de gallo, vegan mayo, and roasted onions. The side, then? Top class as well. Choose from french fries, sweet potato fries, halloumi fries, and fried jalapeño chips. Add a tasty dip – and your favorite beer, of course. It’s all that’s needed for a perfect meal guaranteed to make you full. And should anyone in the party not love burgers, there are also other options: Dirty Tots, buffalo wings, sandwiches, tacos, and nachos.

Götgatan 5, Södermalm

Bonden & Burgaren

Bonden & Burgaren at Väddö Gårdsmejeri

For one of Stockholm’s best burgers, an hour’s drive from the city is nothing, right? In addition, you get a wonderful day trip to the countryside with a real farm feeling as a part of the deal. An unbeatable combination. Väddö Gårdsmejeri, located on idyllic Väddö in Roslagen 100 km north of Stockholm, runs the burger restaurant Bonden & Burgaren from spring to autumn.

Here you’re served delicious burgers and sides made from locally produced and first-class ingredients – freshly minced meat from the farm and with vegetables, bread, and bacon from the neighboring villages. The absolute highlight of the burgers is the farm’s own organic burger cheddar, which has attracted several foodies to Väddö. If you’re hungry for something sweet after the meal, Bondens Glasskalas with a beautiful view of the Väddö canal is recommended. Enjoy fantastic gelato-inspired ice cream made from organic milk from the farm’s cows.

Grisslehamsvägen 47, Väddö

Hard Rock Cafe

Try Hard Rock Cafe’s legendary American-style burgers
The well-known international restaurant chain Hard Rock Cafe is now present in 50 countries worldwide. Of course, they also have a restaurant in Stockholm, and on the corner of Sveavägen/Odengatan, in the center of Vasastan, Stockholmers and tourists have been able to experience authentic American food culture since 1985. Everyone from families with children to groups of friends comes here to eat, drink, and have fun in a relaxed, music-inspired atmosphere that puts everyone in a good mood. The action starts at lunchtime and doesn’t stop until after midnight, weekdays and weekends.

The restaurant’s menu is full of American classics, where the legendary hamburgers with a rock’n’roll flavor play the leading role. The burgers are made with fresh, quality ingredients and, of course, come with all the usual accompaniments, such as fries, onion rings, and sauces. Go for the famous original burger, take a safe bet like the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, or try something hot like the Spicy Diablo Burger. Of course, there are also several vegetarian burgers if you prefer. Stop by Hard Rock Cafe next time it’s burger time – you won’t be disappointed.

Sveavägen 75, Vasastan

Bastard Burgers

Bastard Burgers is a fast-growing street food chain with roots in northern Sweden that has become one of the country’s largest in just a few years. In the Stockholm area, they have 26 restaurants. According to themselves, the key to success is that they do things their way and always “like a bastard.” The concept is a hit among the guests – people come here to eat good food, try new flavors, feel the atmosphere, relax, and enjoy life. Music, graffiti, streetwear, stickers on the tables, and Swenglish create a great environment and atmosphere – perfect for street food.

At Bastard Burgers, everyone is welcome, and whether you are a meat lover or a vegan, there’ll be something for you on the menu. The inspiration comes from New York, and the quality is high in everything from meat (100% beef from Sweden) and ingredients to the flavors. Sometimes they also have external collaborations where the guests create unique signature burgers, sauces, craft sodas, or beer. And the fact that they have an ambitious climate work makes things even better. So next time you’re craving street food from the North with love, look for a Bastard Burger restaurant near you.

26 addresses (click to see)
Gallerian, Norrmalm/City
Hötorget 2-4, Norrmalm/City
Norrlandsgatan 31, Norrmalm/City
Folkungagatan 54, Södermalm
Folkungagatan 122, Södermalm
St Paulsgatan 2, Södermalm
Birger Jarlsgatan 101, Vasastan
Karlbergsvägen 52, Vasastan
Rehnsgatan 22, Vasastan
Hantverkargatan 50, Kungsholmen
Fridhemsgatan 52-54, Kungsholmen
Norra Stationsgatan 58, Hagastaden
Lugnets Alle 75, Hammarby sjöstad
Liljeholmstorget 5, Liljeholmen
Gustavslundsvägen 26, Alvik
Gullmarsvägen 2, Johanneshov
Järnvägsgatan 26, Sickla
Farstaplan 20, Farsta
Bredholmsgatan 4, Skärholmen
Solna Torg 13, Solna
Sollentunavägen 163-165, Sollentuna
Göran Elgfelts gata 7, Täby
Fenix Väg 4-14, Värmdö
Drabantgatan 4, Upplands Väsby
Stationsvägen 23, Åkersberga
Arlanda Flygplats



Lily’s Burger

Lily's Burger Stockholm
Lily’s Burger is located on Kungsholmen and Södermalm (close to Nytorget) and is a popular fast food place in a true diner style. It was opened by the actors Joel Kinnaman and Mahmut Suvakci from the Swedish movie Snabba Cash, and here you can often run into several of their celebrity friends. There are both juicy standard burgers and great specials with sides like cheese, butter-fried chanterelles, and truffle mayonnaise. The kitchen also makes the burger of the week, where you can never be sure of what you will get.
Södermannagatan 27, Södermalm
Hornsbergs Strand 47, Kungsholmen

Rockin Grill

In the mood for super tasty burgers in an American diner setting? Then you should head to Rockin Grill that you’ll find in Norra Djurgårdsstaden and Hammarby Sjöstad. Here you get to experience a hamburger restaurant that reminds you of the USA in the 1950s with pastel-colored furniture and everything else you could expect (if you bring the kids, they’ll love the ball pit upstairs). The food is made exclusively from first-class ingredients from the industry’s best suppliers, and today the restaurant has become the number 1 choice of many burger fans. A proof of its popularity is that it has been named Stockholm’s best hamburger in 2021.

Whether you are a meat-lover or prefer vegetarian, you’ll love Rockin Grill. For all their burgers, you can choose between meat (made with the smashing method), halloumi or falafel, and several different sizes depending on how hungry you are. Their sides are also top class. The range includes crispy french fries, sweet potato fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, salad, dipping sauces, and much more. And why not top with a fantastic milkshake in your favorite flavor? There are also pizzas à la American pan pizza if you prefer that. You can easily order online and either eat on-site, pick up takeaway or have your food delivered with Wolt, Foodora or Uber Eats.

Lövängsgatan 14, Norra Djurgårdsstaden
Hammarby kaj 4, Hammarby Sjöstad

Phil’s Burger

Phil’s Burger has 10+ restaurants in central Stockholm, and here the focus is on the homemade, from the bread to the salad dressing and the French fries. The restaurant serves fast food cooked on-site with high ambitions, and, unlike many competitors, they have invested a little extra on the interior. The menu is simple; you can find the classic Phil’s Burger (160g), Double Phils (320 g), a junior burger with only meat, and a vegetarian burger with halloumi and avocado. And why not end your meal with a great milkshake?
11 addresses (click to see)
Malmskillnadsgatan 11, Norrmalm/City
Drottninggatan 79, Norrmalm/City
Birger Jarlsgatan 34, Östermalm
Fältöversten, Erik Dahlbergsallén 22, Östermalm
Götgatan 85, Södermalm
Magnus Ladulåsgatan 2, Södermalm
Fleminggatan 49, Kungsholmen
Warfvinges väg 16, Kungsholmen
Sandhamnsgatan 1, Gärdet
Sundbybergs torg 1, Sundbyberg
Golfvägen 2, Danderyd

Prime Burger

Prime Burger, hamburger in Stockholm
Prime Burger can be found close to Hötorget in Stockholm. At this place, it’s 100% focus on the food, and you can really gormandize in American food. The menu features a dozen different burgers, and it is said that this is where you find the city’s best fries. And if you are looking for a little more exciting burgers, you will not be disappointed at Prime Burger since the kitchen love to grill them in different flavors. As for beverages, there are a large number of American beers to choose from.
Holländargatan 8B, Norrmalm/City

Flippin’ Burgers

At Flippin’ Burgers, they provide simple and great burgers made from scratch with a flavor focus. The menu includes six different burgers where one is vegetarian, and the bread is made by one of the city’s best bakers. You can choose to add fries and a drink from the extensive list, including several good beers and unusual soda varieties. And don’t miss their famous milkshakes made with ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s.

The only bad thing with Flippin’ Burgers is that it can be challenging to get a table, and they don’t have table reservations. The line is often long, so make sure to be there on time. But the wait may be worthwhile since many think these burgers are the best in the city.

Norrlandsgatan 16, Norrmalm/City
Observatoriegatan 8, Vasastan


Babas Burgers & Bites is another great place if you don’t mind leaving downtown Stockholm. This popular place has six locations, and the line is often long – the reason being that they make amazingly good burgers. And the prices are reasonable too. Here you will find all the classic hamburgers, but also specials like Latino burger and Middle East burger. They also serve food like chili, burrito, quesadilla, fish n ‘chips, and salads. If you don’t eat meat, you can get everything vegetarian and, in many cases, even vegan.
6 addresses (click to see)
Högdalsgången 20, Högdalen
Fruängstorget 6, Fruängen
Nacka Forum, Forumvägen 14, Nacka
Heron City, Dialoggatan 2, Kungens Kurva
Hanstavägen 55F, Kista
Ekensbergsvägen 130C, Sundbyberg

Enjoy the best burger restaurants in Stockholm

Hope you can find a really good hamburger in Stockholm in this guide. Bon appetit!

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