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Väddö Gårdsmejeri – a rural idyll with great food and fun activities

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A unique experience from meadow to stomach where you can closely see how food is really made. That’s what you get if you visit Väddö Gårdsmejeri, a rural idyll located on an island about 100 km north of Stockholm. On the farm, you can meet cows, pigs, and other animals, see how the farm’s delicious products are produced in the dairy, enjoy high-quality burgers, munch away on tasty ice cream, and much more. In short, a perfect day trip for both children and adults.

Väddö Gårdsmejeri is located on the island of Väddö in Roslagen, not far from Grisslehamn, and is one of the few remaining local farm dairies in Sweden. The traditional farm has been owned and operated since 1912 by the Edlund family – Hasse and Yvonne together with their three daughters. In other words, you get a familiar farm feeling at its best. Their modern agriculture has been organic and KRAV labeled since the 1990s, and in 2005 they started the farm dairy. Today, the farm has 60 cows that supply milk for the production of cheese (including a fantastic organic burger cheddar) and ice cream inspired by Italian gelato.

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From the arrival of the first spring flowers until the autumn leaves begin to fall, the farm is the perfect choice for a cozy day trip. From Stockholm, it only takes an hour to get to the authentic Swedish countryside. Once you arrive, there’s a lot to do for both children and adults, which is noticeable in the mix of visitors. You can spot everything from families with children and grandparents with grandchildren to local holiday house owners and food-loving groups of friends here. The younger guests commonly say hello to all the animals on the mini-farm. In addition to cows, you can also look at pigs, goats, and rabbits. The children can also ride the pedal tractors, usually a big hit.

If you’re hungry, you’ll definitely not be disappointed, and many people come to Väddö Gårdsmejeri for the food. During the summer, the natural choice is the restaurant Bonden & Burgaren. It serves burgers made of meat from the farm and vegetables, bread, and bacon from the neighboring villages. Locally produced and first-class ingredients straight through. The icing on the cake is the farm’s own organic burger cheddar, which has drawn countless foodies to Väddö. Try it, and you’ll understand why Bonden & Burgaren has a top position on lists of Sweden’s best burgers. And if for some unimaginable reason you don’t want to eat burgers, there’s also a farm café with today’s special, sandwiches, pies, salads, cheesecake, and other goodies.

Want to end your meal with something sweet? Then Bondens Glasskalas, with a nice view of the Väddö canal, is the next stop. Here you’ll find ice cream made of organic milk from the farm’s cows. Enjoy fantastic creations and many delicious flavors where especially the cake dough ice cream is a favorite. There’s also an ice cream shop/showroom in Norrtälje, Bondens Glassbod.

When you’ve tried the goodies that the farm offers, you’ll most likely want to buy the products and take them home. Then visit the farm shop where you can buy both ice cream, the famous burger cheddar, and other good cheeses, for example, Väddö Grillost, a halloumi-like cheese with a low environmental footprint.

And speaking of environmental footprints – to closely see how good food is actually made is a sign of the times when good locally produced food, climate, and health are becoming more and more important. Today we want to know where the food comes from – a counterweight to the factory-produced semi-finished products that we mostly see on store shelves. At Väddö Gårdsmejeri, you get ‘back to basic,’ full transparency, and quality over quantity. They offer a unique concept where you can closely follow the food production at all levels – from the cows grazing in the meadows to the cheddar cheese on your hamburger.

In addition to animal meetings and food experiences, there are several other fun activities. How about the cow release, a lively event at the beginning of the summer when the happy cows can finally use pasture land. Another highlight is the exciting ghost party in November every year when the ghosts take over the farm. To get fully updated on what’s happening on the farm, you can watch the event calendar on the website or follow them on social media.

Welcome to Väddö Gårdsmejeri!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Experience a rural idyll with a 100% farm feeling

Fun activities for all ages

The burgers with home-made cheddar cheese at Bonden & Burgaren



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