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Green food is becoming more and more popular, so obviously, there are plenty of excellent vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Stockholm. Nowadays, plant-based cooking is a natural part of the city’s restaurant scene – the time when the vegetarians had to settle for a salad or a boring wok is definitely over. In the extensive and exciting range of vegetarian and vegan food, you can enjoy everything from lunch with green burgers to an evening of fine dining.
Last updated: December 12, 2023

Your guide to vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm

Today, almost every restaurant in Stockholm has vegetarian options on the menu. So whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian – or why not a Stockholm vegetarian – you can find something for you. The city also has plenty of excellent restaurants that are exclusively vegetarian and vegan. Here are some of our favorites, well worth a visit if you are looking for a culinary green dining experience. Many of them also have takeaway if you want to take the food home or on a picnic.

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Falafel, hummus, and other tasty vegetarian delights at Maxos

Juicy and fresh homemade falafel that makes your taste buds dance. Creamy hummus that waters your mouth. That’s just two highlights of the family-owned falafel bar Maxos in Kungsholmen. Located near the City Hall, it has been a key player in Stockholm’s falafel scene for many years. The inspiration comes from the thousand-year-old city of Akka with its proud food traditions – the gastronomic heart of Palestine, according to the restaurant’s owners.

In addition to falafel and hummus, the menu includes tasty vegetarian (and vegan) delicacies such as halloumi, tabouli, sweet potatoes, fried cauliflower, and a wide range of delicious mixes. And if someone in the group isn’t vegetarian, there is also lamb, chicken, and merguez. All are made from scratch using fresh ingredients. Wash down the food with their homemade juices, and remember to finish your meal with a good cup of Palestinian coffee. The place is small and cozy with a relaxed atmosphere, and the queue is often long at this popular falafel place, especially around lunchtime. If you don’t want to eat on-site, you can order takeaway. Maxos also offers catering in the form of a buffet.

Scheelegatan 13, Kungsholmen


Enjoy great Lebanese vegetarian food at Oummi in Old Town

A delicious tasting menu full of green delights. Or first-class main courses and meza? Sound like your cup of tea? Then you should visit the luxurious Lebanese restaurant Oummi in Old Town (Gamla stan). Here, you’ll get the ultimate Lebanese experience with fantastic food, a great atmosphere, and impeccable service in the middle of Stockholm.

The menu at Oummi offers Lebanese food with a modern touch. The vegetarian tasting menu includes treats like sweet halloumi, fatte, moussaka batinjan, fatayer, and cheese rolls. There are also several green main dishes that you can complement with the restaurant’s famous fries and sauces. And don’t miss the bar’s masterful cocktails—real works of art.

Sit down and enjoy a magical world of beautiful textiles, velvet sofas, brass lanterns, and atmospheric lighting. It’s no wonder that connoisseurs, foodies, and anyone who likes good green dishes love Oummi.

Lilla Nygatan 11, Old Town


This is one of Stockholm’s oldest vegetarian restaurants and opened way back in 1987. With inspirations from the Middle East and Asia, the exotic interior reflects the menu, loaded with dishes from India, Thailand, and Persia. Both vegetarian and vegan options are available, and in the summer months, the outdoor seating is a true oasis.

Katarina Bangata 19, Södermalm




If you fancy some good vegetarian food in Old Town, Hermitage is a safe bet
Located in the heart of Old Town on Stora Nygatan, the restaurant and café Hermitage is a favorite among those looking for fresh and delicious vegetarian food (primarily organic) in Stockholm’s historic district. It serves a tasty vegetarian buffet, including vegetarian stew, lasagna, soup, raw rice, fresh baked potatoes, and a salad buffet. In addition, the menu offers several other green dishes ranging from veggie steaks and falafel to moussaka and pasta gratin.

Bring your family, friends, or colleagues and sit down at one of the tables in this pleasant venue. And in the summer, don’t miss the outdoor terrace with great sun exposure – perfect for watching the crowds of Old Town while enjoying food and drink. And if you’re not in the mood for food, Hermitage also has a tasty selection of coffee, tea, homemade pies, and other sweets.

Stora Nygatan 11, Old Town


Hermans - vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm
Hermans is one of Stockholm’s classic vegetarian restaurants
Nearly every vegetarian in the city has, at some point, paid a visit to Hermans – and not just because of the stellar buffet – there’s also the unbeatable view of Djurgården from the terrace of this completely plant-based (no animal products are used) restaurant. But what about that buffet? It’s all you can eat, with both hot and cold dishes that are not your normal Swedish fare. Also, there are salads and homemade bread, along with organic beer, organic soda, kombucha, and freshly-made smoothies. The vegan and raw food desserts also deserve mention, and the outdoor grill during summer is not to be missed.
Fjällgatan 23B, Södermalm


If you’re hungry for top-class plant-based food and are near Skanstull in Södermalm, you should head to Växthuset. The restaurant creates its food with a focus on quality and seasonal ingredients – therefore, the menu is constantly changing. But no matter what is served for the day, the goal is to give you the best possible taste experience and be as friendly to nature as possible.

The drinks are also handcrafted, and Växthuset offers primarily biodynamic wine and non-alcoholic alternatives. If you want to combine the dining experience with an inspiring activity, you can try the restaurant’s inspiring workshop. You get to learn how to build a self-sufficient ecosystem while enjoying good food and drink.

Entré B, Hammarby Slussväg 2, Södermalm

Lao Wai

This cozy little outpost tucked away on an unassuming Stockholm side street serves up vegan Chinese homestyle cuisine. The restaurant is small, but the flavors are big. And only the freshest of ingredients are used, so the lunch menu is usually limited to one option, while there is more variety in the evening. Reservations are highly recommended (by phone only).
Luntmakargatan 74, Vasastan
Vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm


At luxurious Farang in Vasastan, you can enjoy a fantastic, carefully composed vegetarian tasting menu with Asian flavors (and if someone in the party wants to go outside the green kitchen, there is also a tasting menu with meat and fish). The dishes arrive at the table one by one, and this culinary journey begins with snacks, continues with cold fresh dishes, hot dishes, and finally dessert. Shiso leaves with tempeh, Vietnamese mint salad, and Choi sum wok are just a few examples of the green delicacies you’ll enjoy. There’s also an à la carte menu if you prefer to pick the dishes yourself.

All food is handcrafted from quality ingredients, and you can expect a wide range of exciting flavors from the Southeast Asian food culture. The restaurant’s spacious and historical premises are also something out of the ordinary. Here was once the Stockholm Electric Company, and you can still feel the industrial atmosphere in the dining room with room for 175 guests. Adjacent to the dining room is also a cocktail bar and drink lounge. So don’t forget to have a glass of champagne or a drink before you hit the streets and continue your Stockholm evening!

Tulegatan 7, Vasastan



Fern & Fika

No gluten, no dairy, no sugar… Fern & Fika takes clean eating seriously but does so with a lightheartedness that is very welcome. They have reinvented ‘fika‘ and focus on wholesome, vegan, and naturally gluten-free food without white sugar. The organic vegan menu at the café offers a high-quality plant-based experience with a menu full of goodies no matter if you’re in the mood for breakfast, brunch, or a meal. And don’t miss the large selection of vegan pastries. Good for your body, the animals, and the planet – what more could you ask for?

Långholmsgatan 11, Södermalm
Vegetarian restaurant Stockholm


The food at Légumes takes its inspiration from the Mediterranean, with a comprehensive and affordable buffet that serves up, among other things, hot soup, moussaka, and vegetarian lasagne. This restaurant in Södermalm also offers great veggie sandwiches, and there are several vegan options as well. Beer and wine are also served. While you can grab a table, we suggest you take your food to go and grab a spot at Skinnarviksberget, where you’ll find one of Stockholm’s best views.

Hornsgatan 80, Södermalm
Swedenborgsgatan 25, Södermalm


Are you looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm that serves food from the green Lebanese cuisine? Then Tabbouli is an excellent choice. Since it started in 2002, this Lebanese restaurant has opened four restaurants around Stockholm: Kungsholmen, Södermalm, city, and a summer terrace in Djurgården.

Whichever place you choose, you’ll experience a friendly atmosphere and authentic oriental dishes with exciting oriental flavors. The menu has about 40 small dishes and grilled dishes with generous portions, so you’ll definitely not leave hungry. The wine list is also high-class. And if you’re planning a party or larger event where you want to serve vegetarian food, you can order catering for up to 300 people.

4 addresses (click to see)
Regeringsgatan 70, Norrmalm/City
Tavastgatan 22, Södermalm
Norra Agnegatan 39, Kungsholmen
Sirishovsvägen 3, Djurgården

Find your favorite among vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm

So there you have them, the gems among all the vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Stockholm. We hope you’ll find your favorite in the guide and that you’ll have delicious food. Enjoy your green meal!

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