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Are you looking for really good ice cream in Stockholm? Then you don’t have to look for long. The city is full of fantastic ice cream shops where you can revel in your favorite ice cream – whether you’re in the mood for delicious dairy ice cream, super good gelato, summery sorbet, or the Swedish classic soft ice cream. And there are few places to enjoy your favorite ice cream on a sunny summer day than Stockholm – the world’s most beautiful city.

Last updated: May 17, 2024

Few people eat more ice cream than Swedes. We consume as much as 8.1 liters per person on average, and Stockholmers are no exception. A lot of the consumption is, of course, that we bring the ice cream kiosk to our own freezer, i.e., buy big packs of ice cream lollies and cones and eat at home, but we also like to eat the more luxurious kind at the city’s ice cream shops.

So, if you’re one of those that want something more than the old standard ice creams you can get in every supermarket and instead want to enjoy Stockholm’s best ice cream, you have many good ice cream shops to choose from. In the Swedish capital, we’re true ice cream connoisseurs, which is reflected in the high-class range that has exploded in recent years. From Södermalm and the Old Town to Vasastan and Kungsholmen – you’re never far from a magical ice cream experience.

Find Stockholm’s best ice cream shops

To help you find your way in the hunt for Stockholm’s tastiest ice cream, we’ve selected the city’s best ice cream shops. You’ll find everything from luxurious ice cream and super good gelato to refreshing sorbet and yummy vegan ice cream. Pistachio and strawberry. Coconut and chocolate. Simply something for all tastes. Buy your favorite, sit down on an outdoor terrace or in one of the city’s parks, cliffs, squares, or other beautiful environments, and just enjoy. One of life’s true moments of joy.


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Stockholms Glasshus

StikkiNikki in Stockholm

48 flavours to choose from at Stockholms Glasshus

With 48 flavors to choose from, Stockholms Glasshus is a classic Stockholm favorite that has been around since 1986. Here, premium ice cream is made from scratch according to their own recipes, and the range includes Swedish and Italian ice cream, sorbet, and sugar-free alternatives. You can spend a whole day discussing which flavor is the best, but at the moment, it seems that Teheran (Italian pistachio with touches of saffron and rose water) has the number one spot in the ice cream battle.

There’s seating both indoors and outdoors, and during summer, the opening hours are extended. Stockholms Glasshus serves its fantastic ice cream in two places in the city. The café in Vasastan has a 100% ice cream focus. But at the restaurant Stockholms Glass- och Pastahus next to Tessinparken in Östermalm, you can also have great food (including pasta and pizza) before the ice cream party begins.

Birkagatan 8, Vasastan
Valhallavägen 155, Östermalm


Enjoy lovely homemade gelato at Glassverkstan

If Italian gelato is your thing, few can beat Glassverkstan. Here, handmade gelato and sorbet are made according to Italian traditions with a big dose of love. All ice cream contains natural ingredients such as fresh raspberries, real pistachio nut puree, and natural lemon juice, and the flavors vary with the seasons and the mood of the gelato master. In other words, you can expect new exciting taste experiences every time you come here. And make sure to try the great coffee, the homemade hot drinks, and the customer-favorite GV Sandwich – a waffle and gelato sandwich that’s perfect on the go.

Glassverkstan has three locations in Stockholm (Skeppsholmen, Åkersberga, and Nacka) plus their gelato truck which you can usually find at Skeppsholmen Bridge. In addition to the staff being super nice, there’s a solid knowledge behind the counter. Among other things, the gelato master is trained at the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna.

If you want to level up the vibe at your party or event with fantastic gelato, you can also rent the gelato truck. It’s guaranteed to be a mega-popular feature among the guests, whether you’re having a corporate event, children’s party, 50th birthday celebration, or wedding party. Everything is included – truck, gelato, and staff.

3 addresses (click to see)

Fältöversten, Karlaplan 13, Östermalm
Stora Säby gård, Åkersberga
Stadsparken, Granitvägen, Nacka

Le Pop

Le Pop - ice cream Stockholm
Design your own favorite ice lolly with dips and toppings at Le Pop on Sergelgatan – Photo: Le Pop

There is a new ice cream experience in Stockholm – Le Pop. Between June 26 and August 20, 2023, you’ll find their ice cream popup in the heart of the Swedish capital where you can eat delicious ice pops with different dips and toppings to choose from. In their Pop Lab, they’re constantly testing new exciting flavors for the ever-changing menu. Mango/vanilla, watermelon/black pepper, pineapple/mint, passion fruit/cream, vegan chocolate/coconut/vanilla, and elderflower/lemon are just a few examples. In addition, they serve coffee and drinks (plus chocolate-dipped strawberries!) for those who want that.

You start by choosing ice cream from a wide range of delicious flavors made from all-natural ingredients. Then you dip the ice cream in the finest Belgian chocolate (white, dark, or milk chocolate). And to top it off, add nuts, coconut, cookie crumbs, or even dried berries. Delicious, fun, and designed by you! Besides the ice cream place on Sergelgatan, Le Pop has a mobile ice cream bike that you can find on streets and squares around the city during sunny summer days (see Le Pop’s Instagram account to find out where the bike is located). You can also book their ice lollies for your event.

Sergelgatan 14, Norrmalm/City



Snö Gelateria

Snö Gelateria was born after the owner Kenneth Erlandsson visited Sardinia and had fantastic Italian gelato. And we’re very happy that he brought the Italian inspiration and taste experience home to Stockholm because he has won the title of Sweden’s ice cream master twice, in 2016 and 2018. The jury’s motivation was: “consistently high quality, clear and exciting flavor combinations, and seductive textures.” Anyone who has tasted the ice cream at Snö can only agree – it doesn’t get much better than this.

This Italian ice cream bar is apparently a hot candidate for Stockholm’s best ice cream, and nowadays, you can find Snö in two places: Kvarnholmen and Odengatan. Here you can enjoy the flavors of the day; among the favorites are Browned butter (‘Brynt smör’), a deliciously smooth and tasty ice cream experience. On sunny days, the line can be quite long outside the store, but hold on, the gelato from Snö is definitely worth the wait!

Odengatan 92, Vasastan
Mjölnarvägen 26, Kvarnholmen

Kennys Gelato

As you can tell by the name, Kennys Gelato is run by Kenny. And Kenny really loves ice cream. After an education at the ice cream university (!) in Bologna, he opened his first ice cream bar in Tollare in Nacka. Every day, the counter is filled with fresh Italian gelato and sorbet flavored with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

During the Swedish Ice Cream Championships in 2022, Kenny knocked out both his competitors and the jury with his fantastic strawberry sorbet and won the entire competition. In Tollare, you’ll find Kennys Gelato at the marina, and there’s berthage right outside. Those who don’t pass Nacka regularly will also find Kenny’s delicious ice cream in Sickla and between Spritmuseum and the Viking Museum in Djurgården.

Tollare Kaj 10, 132 49 Saltsjö-Boo
Marcusplatsen, Sickla
Djurgårdsstrand 15, Djurgården


Stockholms Glasshus

StikkiNikki in Old Town

With nine ice cream bars around Stockholm, StikkiNikki has come a long way since the small kiosk where the owner Nikki started building her ice cream empire back in 2008. In other words, this is a classic among Stockholm’s ice cream shops. Here you’re offered homemade organic gelato made with love that’s daily fresh. And with more than 650 recipes developed, you can be sure that the flavors are constantly changing. StikkiNikki always offers several yummy vegan ice cream flavors and also plenty of exciting and unexpected ingredients such as miso, popcorn, and lavender.

8 addresses (click to see)
Stora Nygatan 17, Old Town
Drottninggatan 90B, Norrmalm/City
Götgatan 46, Södermalm
Mariatorget 1C, Södermalm
Skånegatan 73, Södermalm
Nybrogatan 43, Östermalm
Karlbergsvägen 8, Vasastan
Lövängsgatan 6, Norra Djurgårdsstaden

Gelato Scarfò

Outside the summer-open Gelato Scarfò in Ålsten, the line can sometimes be long, but the vibe is always on top. People know what to expect – incredible Italian gelato. Every day, the delicious ice cream is made from genuine ingredients, without artificial color substances, additives, or preservatives. The flavors vary from day to day, but among the classics, you’ll find pistachios from Bronte, licorice from Calabria, roasted white chocolate with bergamot, and of course, the specialty Brioche con Gelato; two scoops of ice cream in a smooth brioche bun. Enjoy with a double Italian espresso, and you’re in heaven. Oh, we wish it could be summer all the time!

Ålstensgatan 12, Bromma



Gelato Caput Mundi

Craving really good ice cream in Södermalm? Then Gelato Caput Munid is a hot tip. It’s a small ice cream kiosk with lovely handmade gelato in the middle of one of Södermalm’s smallest parks, Axel Landquist’s park. Around the shop, they’ve set out sun loungers and small tables so you can just sit down in the sun and enjoy the delicacies. For families with children, there’s also a small playground at one end of the park.

The gelato at Caput Mundi contains only natural ingredients, fresh fruit, and organic dairy products. The owner family Centellini has its origins in Italy, which is noticeable among the flavors. Favorites include pistachio, hazelnut, and Cassata Siciliana. Recently, they’ve also opened an ice cream shop at Hornstull.

Axel Landquists Park, Södermalm
Il Lab, Hornsgatan 156, Södermalm

Kungsholmens Glassfabrik

It’s called an ice cream factory, but this small shop has all the old-fashioned charm combined with modern ice cream flavors that you could wish for. Here you’ll find fresh ice cream and sorbet made daily, and keep an eye out for their legendary vanilla ice cream and the all-time favorite mint and lime – which is just as refreshing as it sounds. Another wonderful flavor combination (for adults) is blood grape & Campari, yummy! During the summer months, they also open a shop on Bondegatan to the delight of all ice cream hungry Södermalm residents.

Pipersgatan 14, Kungsholmen
Bondegatan 75, Södermalm

La Gelateria SoFo

At La Gelateria SoFo, you can get both cones and cups to eat on-site or ice cream packs to bring home. The shop may be small, but it houses large ice cream art. Today’s 14 flavors (ish) can all qualify for the list of Stockholm’s best ice cream, and the friendly staff lets you have a taste if you have trouble choosing. The handcrafted gelato is freshly made every day, and the inspiration comes from northern Sweden. Here, Swedish cloudberries, blueberries, and rhubarb meet Italian chocolate and bergamot. A match made in heaven.

Götgatan 90, Södermalm

Taverna Brillo

Taverna Brillo – Photo: © Holger Ellgaard/Wikimedia

A sad thing with many ice cream shops is that they close pretty early in the evenings. And sometimes you’re in the mood for late-night ice cream, right? Then Taverna Brillo is your best friend. It’s an Italian brasserie that’s gone Swedish, located a stone’s throw from Stureplan, where you, among other things, can buy pizza, bread, and flowers. And, of course, ice cream!

Their open late ice cream shop is located at the entrance to Sturegatan, and here you can buy ice cream from morning to evening. The flavors vary from day to day, and a tip is Taverna Brillo’s popular vegan ice cream. The ice cream is made of natural ingredients, and tastes like ice cream should taste. Why not buy a scope or two of your favorite flavors and spend the evening in the nearby park Humlegården?

Sturegatan 6, Östermalm

Lundbergs konditori

Lundbergs konditori in Gröndal is a classic patisserie with well-preserved furnishings from the 1940s. Here they make bread, cakes, buns, and fantastic cakes. For those who want to enjoy the goodies on-site, there are also sandwiches, pie, and soup. Not only people from Gröndal but from large parts of Stockholm come here, and a big reason is the award-winning ice cream. Lundbergs konditori has received several awards in the Swedish Ice Cream Championship, and their stracciatella has been named Sweden’s most delicious. Opposite Lundberg’s patisserie is the lush park Sannadalsparken with park benches in the sun and a lovely playground for children when they’re done eating.

Sjöbjörnsvägen 2, Gröndal

Enjoy Stockholm’s best ice cream

There you have our guide to Stockholm’s most delicious ice cream. We hope you find an ice cream shop you like, whether you are looking for a park hangout with your friends on a sunny day in July, a cozy ice cream date with your partner, or a wonderful ice cream party with the kids. Stockholm has a fantastic range of luxury ice cream, so be sure to fill your waffle, cone, or cup with really good ice cream at one of Stockholm’s best ice cream bars.

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