Stockholm’s best parks

Stockholm is filled with things to do, from excellent shopping and fascinating museums to dancing the night away or eating some of the best food around.

Last updated: September 5, 2017

But we all know that being a tourist in an exciting city like Stockholm can require a some downtime. What better way to still experience the city while finding some peace and quiet than visiting one of Stockholm’s many amazing parks?

As always, View Stockholm has some favourites.


Haga park

Hagaparken Stockholm

Haga Park – Photo credit: © Peter Isotalo / Wikimedia

One of Stockholm’s most popular parks, Haga Park is more than just a park: it’s a series of parks, woods, lakes, open spaces, historical buildings, and museums and is perfect for a day of unwinding on the grass by the water, wandering through the cool woods, or taking a stroll down one of the many paths.



Humlegården Stockholm

Autumn in Humlegården – Photo credit: © Anders E. Skånberg

Smack dab in the middle of the city Humlegården is one of Stockholmers top spots for catching their breath during the day. There is a playground for kids at one end, the Royal Library at the other, and plenty of green space in between. That it’s located in Stockholm’s tony Östermalm district means it attracts one of the city’s more posh crowds.



Kungsträdgården Stockholm

The cherry trees bloom in Kungsträdgården – Photo credit: © Hans Christiansson /

This hub in the heart of the city is lined with plenty of restaurants and bars but the real treat is just grabbing an ice cream and then taking a seat while watching the people parade pass by. A lot of events take place here during the weekends but on a weekday there are few better spots to sit in the sun (during summer) or even try your hand at ice-skating (in the winter). And don’t miss watching the beautiful cherry trees bloom in April.



Vasaparken Stockholm

Ice skating in Vasaparken – Photo credit: © Hans Christiansson /

The lungs of Vasastan Vasaparken is where locals go to kick a ball around, watch while their kids clamber in the playground, or just lay on the grass while the city rushes by. If you feel up to more than just chilling out try the mini-golf in summer or ice-skating in the winter. It’s not a massively big park but it packs a punch.



Tantolunden Stockholm

Allotment garden in Tantolunden – Photo credit: © Holger Ellgaard / Wikimedia

This is a true oasis in the middle of the hip hustle and bustle of trendy Södermalm. The wide open spaces of Tantolunden offer plenty of greenery but you can also swim and picnic, or maybe try mini-golf, Frisbee golf, or volleyball. Or may just enjoy a peaceful stroll amongst the 100+ allotments that have been in place for more than a century.



Observatorielunden Stockholm

One of Stockholm’s most beautiful spots, Observatorielunden offers the chance to quickly escape the pulse of Drottninggatan. Climb up the hill and find your spot. Then sit, relax, and breathe in the clean air before perhaps heading up the hill further to visit the Observatory that dates back to the 1700s. You might even want to try the legendary waffles at Kafé Himlavalvet, which has outdoor seating April-October.



Djurgården Stockholm

The Djurgården canal – Photo credit: © Anders E. Skånberg

Located on an island all its own Djurgården is 27 square kilometres of wide open green spaces, culture to die for, and plenty of activities. While plenty of museums and other tourist attractions are located on the island the real treat for many is simply exploring the less busy parts of the park, where you will find wide open fields, woods to clamber through, and hidden spots where you can sit and catch your breath.



Rålambshovsparken Stockholm

Rålambshovsparken – Photo credit: © Jan Ainali / Wikimedia

Known locally as ‘Rålis’, this park is a playground for everyone. With a skatepark, a boule court, an outdoor gym, and space for volleyball the emphasis might seem like it’s on being active but if you look around you’ll notice that the majority of people are simply laying on a blanket reading, chatting, or just relaxing. The best bit is the incredible views across Lake Mälaren.



Vitabergsparken Stockholm

Vitabergsparken – Photo credit: © Kerstin /

Located in the heart of SoFo Vitabergsparken is set across several hills, where locals love to have a picnic while drinking in views across the city. The gorgeous church Sofia Kyrka sits atop one hill, while the open-air theatre makes its home on the other.


Ivar Lo’s Park

Ivar Los park Stockholm

Ivar Lo’s park – Photo credit: © Anders E. Skånberg

This is one of those hidden gems you’ll be very happy you sought out. It’s small, it’s cosy, and it has views over City Hall, Kungsholmen, Gamla Stan, and Lake Mälaren. Is it any surprise this is one of the best places in the city from which to snap the perfect photo? And in the winter you can’t find many better places for sledding.

We wish you a great day in Stockholm’s parks!

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