The best cafés when you want to have coffee in Stockholm

Swedes are among the world’s biggest coffee drinkers and they love a ‘fika’, so it’s no surprise they’ve not only turned the coffee break into an art form, but they’ve also got this very special word for it. And of course, Stockholms is full of great cafés and coffee places.
Last updated: March 8, 2021
To fika, the famous Swedish concept, is all about taking a break with a cup of coffee and a pastry or a slice of cake. Fika also acts as both a verb and a noun: you can fika with someone or you can take a fika.

While you figure out the best way to work this new word into your vocabulary we’re going give you View Stockholm’s favorite cafés to fika. You’ll find a great mix of traditional Swedish ‘fika’, French delicacies, and Hawaiian smoothie bowls. Yum!


Café Pascal

Café Pascal Stockholm

Café Pascal – Photo credit: © Bex Walton/Flickr

Café Pascal was founded by three siblings who loved great coffee, fine ingredients and true craft. And they have shown that they practice what they preach – they won the prestigious award ‘Gulddraken’ as Stockholm’s best café in 2015 and were nominated the following years. At Café Pascal you can have salads made from scratch, soup of the day, grilled Pain au Levain toast, and delicious cardamom rolls in a stylish setting with gold lamps, photo art and brick walls.


Norrtullsgatan 4, Vasastan




Café Ritorno Stockholm
Ritorno is a classic café in Stockholm

Located across from Vasaparken, Ritorno has been around since the 1930s, and it almost seems like the original furniture is still there. Worn, comfy chairs and sofas are overlooked and abutted by badly hung paintings, jukeboxes, odd curiosities, and even a cuckoo clock – it’s like sitting in your eccentric aunt’s living room. There is a great selection of pastries, cakes, and sandwiches, and a great tea menu. And the coffee? It’s among the best in the city.


Odengatan 80-82, Vasastan
Dalagatan 41, Vasastan



Petite France

Macarons café Stockholm

French macarons

If you’re in Kungsholmen, visiting Petite France is a must. The bakery has won three ‘Gulddraken’ (the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter’s yearly award) as Stockholm’s best café and is famous for its macarons. But here you can also have a croissant filled breakfast, today’s lunch, éclairs, fruit tartlets, and buy bread and buns home with you.


John Ericssonsgatan 6, Kungsholmen




Açaí bowl at Mahalo café in Stockholm

Açaí bowl at Mahalo – Photo credit: © Helen Alfvegren/Flickr

The health café Mahalo, located on Hornsgatan in Södermalm and Odengatan in Vasastan, is the perfect place for those who want a healthier alternative and a little Hawaiian feel at the same time. On the vegan and mostly organic and RAW friendly menu you will find fresh smoothie bowls with pitaya, açaí, spirulina and cacao nibs, but also gingerbread shots, milkshakes made of cashew, date plum, oats and banana milk, crispy salads, and wraps. An extra plus for the sunny outdoor seating under parasols that you can find in the inner courtyard.


Hornsgatan 61, Södermalm
Odengatan 26, Vasastan



Café Saturnus

Have coffee and cinnamon rolls in Stockholm

Coffee and cinnamon rolls

It might bill itself as a French café but Saturnus has established itself as one of Stockholm’s favorite places to not just fika but to grab a delicious bite at any time of the day. It’s also rumored to have the biggest pastries and cake slices in the city, such as the massive cinnamon buns (kanelbulle), which are slightly smaller than your average hubcap. Brunch is served during the weekends Tucked away on a side street but still centrally located, this place is always busy and they don’t take reservations, so plan your trip here well.

Eriksbergsgatan 6, Östermalm




Vete-katten Stockholm

Vete-Katten – Photo: © Holger Ellgaard/Wikimedia Commons

A cozy maze of rooms awaits you on your visit to this very traditional Stockholm café, which has the kind of dusty elegance one doesn’t see much anymore. Since 1928, Vete-Katten has baked buns and bread here, and everything is made from scratch – from the dizzying array of pastries and cakes to the excellent daily set lunch. In the cozy coffee room, both famous and less well-known Stockholmers have been talking about life over a cup of coffee.

Vete-Katten calls themselves a ‘Schweizeri’ because they also serve light food such as salads, open-face sandwiches, and prawn sandwiches. And don’t miss the excellent afternoon tea here. The staff is passionately invested in their wonderful café, something that’s reflected in the warm, welcoming atmosphere and truly spectacular service.


Kungsgatan 55, Norrmalm/City




Coffee cups

Checkered tile, a turquoise wooden counter, sheepskins, and brass tables make Kaffeverket the most Instagram friendly café in Stockholm. But it’s not just for its interior that Kaffeverket is well worth a visit. According to White Guide it’s one of Sweden’s best cafés. In addition to great coffee, the menu offers chia puddings, avocado sandwiches, small pancakes, salads, and soups. And you should definitely try an early breakfast here.

Sankt Eriksgatan 88, Vasastan


Mellqvist Caffè Bar

Sandwich at cafe

The best breakfast. The best coffee. The best café in 2017 according to Dagens Nyheter’s award Gulddraken. These are just a few reasons to visit Mellqvist Caffè Bar. The small venue and the tables on the outdoor seating add to the Italian espresso bar feeling. In addition to breakfast Mellqvist also serves lunch sandwiches with eggs, turkey, salami or chevre, and grilled sandwiches right from the bakery.


Rörstrandsgatan 4, Vasastan



Sturekatten is truly a Stockholm institution and one of the city’s oldest cafés. Located in the heart of Stockholm’s tony Östermalm district in a 1700 century building, this café/bakery isn’t easy to find but once you do you’ll delight in enjoying your fika in one of the many cosy rooms that are spread across two floors. Sturekatten serves up classic Swedish pastries and sandwiches, along with excellent warm and cold drinks. That there is outdoor seating in the courtyard during the summer months adds to the charm. Be warned, though, this place is popular, so set aside enough time to truly enjoy your experience.


 Riddargatan 4, Östermalm



Café String

Café String in Södermalm, Stockholm

Café String is a hip retro café located in the trendy Sofo in Södermalm in Stockholm. Here you will find authors and students sipping coffee side by side with tourists and locals. Every Saturday and Sunday between 11 AM and 1 PM one of Stockholm’s most popular breakfast buffets is served here for only SEK 80. It is a great place to take a break at before you continue discovering Södermalm.


Nytorgsgatan 38, Södermalm



Café Kladdkakan

Café Kladdkakan in Old Town

The name of this cozy coffee shop is actually the native name of the Swedish specialty ‘Chocolate Sticky Brownie’. Served with whipped cream or ice cream it will blow your mind. Not only do they make the best ‘kladdkaka’ in Stockholm, but Café Kladdkakan also serves great salads, healthy plates, and baguettes with a variety of fillings. Being located in the center of Old Town, a stop here should be on your to-do list.


Stora Nygatan 32, Gamla Stan


Blå Porten

Café Blå Porten Djurgården

Café Blå Porten in Djurgården – Photo: © Holger Ellgaard/Wikimedia

Blå Porten is located at a historical site from the 1600s in Djurgården. For 500 years, everyone from royals and parliament members to youths has come here to socialize, eat, and drink. You’ll find warm meals on today’s menu, including the very popular lamb patties and homemade baked goods that will satisfy most palates if you are in the mood for something sweet. At the moment, Blå Porten is currently closed for renovation and will reopen in the summer of 2021.
Djurgårdsvägen 64, Djurgården

We hope you get to enjoy a nice ‘fika’ with really good Swedish coffee during your stay in Stockholm!

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