The best cafés when you want to have coffee in Stockholm

Breakfast, a cup of espresso or fluffy Danish pastries – you can have coffee (or ‘fika’ as we say in Swedish) in Stockholm in many different ways.

Last updated: January 11, 2018

We have listed the city’s best cafes, a mix of traditional Swedish ‘fika‘, French delicacies and Hawaiian smoothie bowls. Yum!


Café Pascal

Café Pascal Stockholm

Café Pascal – Photo credit: © Bex Walton/Flickr

Café Pascal was founded by three siblings who loved great coffee, fine ingredients and true craft. And they have shown that they practice what they preach – they won the prestigious award ‘Gulddraken’ as Stockholm’s best café in 2015 and were nominated the following years. At Café Pascal you can have salads made from scratch, soup of the day, grilled Pain au Levain toast, and delicious cardamom rolls in a stylish setting with gold lamps, photo art and brick walls.


Norrtullsgatan 4, Vasastan




Café Ritorno Stockholm

Ritorno – Photo credit: © Erik Stattin/Flickr

Entering the classic café Ritorno is like traveling back in time. The decor is pleasant with dark wood, yellow walls and red velvet, and on the counter you can find traditional coffee breads and pastries. During the winter, this is where you eat the Stockholm’s most delicious cream buns (‘semlor’ in Swedish). Ritorno also serves a daily lunch.


Odengatan 80, Vasastan



Petite France

Macarons café Stockholm

French macarons

If you’re in Kungsholmen, visiting Petite France is a must. The bakery has won three ‘Gulddraken’ (the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter’s yearly award) as Stockholm’s best café and is famous for its macarons. But here you can also have a croissant filled breakfast, today’s lunch, éclairs, fruit tartlets, and buy bread and buns home with you.


John Ericssonsgatan 6, Kungsholmen

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Açaí bowl at Mahalo café in Stockholm

Açaí bowl at Mahalo – Photo credit: © Helen Alfvegren/Flickr

The health café Mahalo on Hornsgatan is the perfect place for those who want a healthier alternative and a little Hawaiian feel at the same time. On the vegan and mostly organic and RAW friendly menu you will find fresh smoothie bowls with pitaya, açaí, spirulina and cacao nibs, but also gingerbread shots, milkshakes made of cashew, date plum, oats and banana milk, crispy salads, and wraps. An extra plus for the sunny outdoor seating under parasols that you can find in the inner courtyard.


Hornsgatan 61, Södermalm




Wienercaféet Stockholm

Wienercaféet – Photo credit: © Marco Verch/Flickr

Travel back to past times of luxury and classiness at Wienercaféet. Here you’ll sit down under crystal chandeliers, a stone’s throw from Stockholm’s tony district Östermalm, and enjoy delicacies from Vienna and Paris. Try the ‘smørrebrød’ (Danish sandwiches), buy baguettes, or have afternoon tea accompanied by puff pastries with duck liver mousse, meringue-filled tartlets, and warm Viennese bread.


Biblioteksgatan 6, Norrmalm



Café Saturnus

Have coffee and cinnamon rolls in Stockholm

Coffee and cinnamon rolls

In this cozy patisserie and bakery you can have, if not the biggest, at least the best buns in Stockholm. The counter is filled with fluffy coffee breads and delicious pastries. A brunch is served during the weekends, and for the rest of the time you can vary the pastries with salads and hot and cold sandwiches.


Eriksbergsgatan 6, Östermalm




Vete-katten Stockholm

Vete-Katten – Photo credit: © Holger Ellgaard/Wikimedia Commons

Since 1928, Vete-Katten has baked buns and bread in the old building. In the cozy coffee room, both famous and less well-known Stockholmers have been talking about life over a cup of coffee and a sandwich or pastry. Vete-Katten calls themselves a ‘Schweizeri’, because they also serve light food such as salads, open-face sandwiches, and prawn sandwiches. Nowadays you can also try afternoon tea here.


Kungsgatan 55, Norrmalm

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Coffee cups

Checkered tile, a turquoise wooden counter, sheepskins, and brass tables make Kaffeverket the most Instagram friendly café in Stockholm. But it’s not just for its interior that Kaffeverket is well worth a visit. According to White Guide it’s one of Sweden’s best cafés. In addition to great coffee, the menu offers chia puddings, avocado sandwiches, small pancakes, salads, and soups. And you should definitely try an early breakfast here.


Sankt Eriksgatan 88, Vasastan



Mellqvist Caffè Bar

Sandwich at cafe

The best breakfast. The best coffee. The best café in 2017 according to Dagens Nyheter’s award Gulddraken. These are just a few reasons to visit Mellqvist Caffè Bar. The small venue and the tables on the outdoor seating add to the Italian espresso bar feeling. In addition to breakfast Mellqvist also serves lunch sandwiches with eggs, turkey, salami or chevre, and grilled sandwiches right from the bakery.


Rörstrandsgatan 4, Vasastan

We hope you get to enjoy a nice ‘fika’ with really good Swedish coffee during your stay in Stockholm!

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