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Escape room in Stockholm is an activity that’s becoming more and more popular. The concept is simple: you and your party are locked inside a room. Your mission is to solve all the mysteries, riddles, and puzzles to escape the room within a limited time, usually an hour. Exciting, fun, tricky, challenging – escape rooms are a group activity that suits all ages. And in Stockholm, the trend is hot – there are many good places to choose from.
Last updated: February 6, 2024

What is an escape room?

Escape rooms (which can also be called room escape games, escape games, live escape games, exit games, etc.) conquered the world, including Sweden, during the 2010s, and their popularity is growing every day. It’s a group activity – a kind of intellectual adventure involving you and a group of friends (usually 2-7 people) being locked in a room with a specific theme. Within a limited time, usually 60 minutes, you should then escape the room by solving riddles, looking for clues, and using the objects in the rooms as help.

Put your thinking cap on, and collaborate with your teammates. Teamwork is the key to succeeding in your mission and escaping from your room before time runs out. If you get stuck, you have a game master who, throughout the challenge, keeps an eye on you and comes to your rescue with tips and clues. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be geniuses to take on the challenge – anyone can play escape room!

Exit Games in Old Town, Stockholm

Challenge yourself in Stockholm’s best escape rooms

You don’t have to look far if you want to play a room escape game in Stockholm. The city has many good facilities, and whether you want to play escape room in Södermalm, Vasastan or the middle of the city, there’s something for you and your party.

The rooms are open to both adults and children and are a perfect activity for both Stockholmers and tourists of all ages. Children and adults can have fun together, so escape games are an ideal family activity for weekends, the winter break, the Easter holiday, or just an ordinary Tuesday night. Playing escape room in Stockholm is also a great group activity for, for example, birthdays, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, student celebrations, or why not to spice up your dating life?

In addition, it’s unbeatable as a business activity or team-building activity at, for example, a kickoff or a conference. Escape room games are a fun and exciting form of team-building with coworkers that both build relationships and strengthen your ability to collaborate, communicate, and solve problems. And a lot of laughs are guaranteed!

Here is our guide to great escape rooms in Stockholm.







Questrooms Escape Room Stockholm
Have a thrilling and fun experience at Questrooms
Questrooms started in 2014 as Sweden’s first escape room. You can find them on Kocksgatan near Medborgarplatsen in Södermalm. The facility has several exciting rooms that offer varying room escape games. Bring friends or family and solve tricky riddles and puzzles – while you have a fun time together. You can escape from the Russian mafia, travel in time, go on a jungle adventure, or experience a scary hunt in a thrilling horror escape. It’s a perfect activity for birthdays, events, bachelor parties, or bachelorette parties.

Questrooms also offers escape rooms for children (8-12 years). Several of their rooms can be adapted for children with extra clues – everyone should be able to participate in the exciting fun (kids also receive a discount on the price). So here you have a perfect place for your child’s next birthday party. They have also launched Stockholm’s first VR escape rooms. They let you experience an action-filled adventure where you solve mysteries in the virtual world. There are several virtual reality games with everything from Indiana Jones to Halloween themes. Questrooms simply offers everything you need for a super fun experience, and it’s definitely one of Stockholm’s best escape rooms.

Kocksgatan 21A, Södermalm

Fox in a Box Stockholm

Room Escape Live by Fox in a Box, Stockholm

Room Escape Live by Fox in a Box

”We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” A very true George Bernard Shaw quote that Fox in a Box uses on their website. And if you want to have fun and play, this is the place to be. It’s one of the most popular venues in Stockholm and offers fun, creative, and wildly interactive games at Sveavägen in Norrmalm.

There are plenty of rooms with different difficulty levels to choose from; you’ll find The Bunker, Zombie Lab, Zodiac Killer, Life Sentence, Tesla’s Mystery, Life Sentence: Head-to-Head, and Mastermind: A Heist story. And more is coming. In other words, you’ll definitely find a challenging room that suits you. Perfect for both friends, families, and corporate events, so go ahead and book an unforgettable experience. In addition, Fox in a Box offers virtual escape rooms, and they can also bring the escape room to your location.

Sveavägen 14, Norrmalm/City

Historical Escapes

Enjoy escape rooms with themes from Stockholm’s exciting history at Historical Escapes
Stockholm has a long and eventful history and a lot of exciting things have happened over the centuries. Now, you can travel back in time to the center of several of the most famous dramatic events through Historical Escapes, an escape room in Södermalm with themes from Stockholm’s history. Here, you and your party can experience the Stockholm bloodbath in 1520, where your task is to free Bishop Brask, who is in danger of being executed. Can you free him within 60 minutes so he’s saved from a certain death? Your most powerful assets to solve your mission are good cooperation, communication, and a bit of cleverness.

In 2024, in addition to the Stockholm Bloodbath, four new unique rooms based on the capital’s historical events and set in its present-day will open. These rooms will have themes from Nobel’s dynamite factory, the Vasa warship, the witch trials, and the murder of King Gustav III. It’s clear that Historical Escapes has a strong passion for both escape rooms and local history. They’ve created an equally tricky and thrilling experience where you can take a breathtaking journey into the past and become the heroes of yesterday. Whether you’re a dedicated history nerd or just like exciting challenges, you’re sure to have fun.

Lundagatan 51, Södermalm



History Mystery

Escape room, city walk, and history lesson in one – doesn’t that sound like the ultimate experience? This exciting mix is what HistoryMystery offers everyone looking for fun detective work in the Swedish capital. Bring a group of friends and go on an adventure where you get to solve a historical mystery in a beautiful Stockholm setting. The journey will take you to historical and beautiful places in and around Old Town and Södermalm. Along the way, you’ll find clues, answer questions, and solve other puzzles to find the answer to the mystery.

The mysteries are based on true events, and you can choose from three different adventures. In “Time Travel,” you use a time map to travel through the centuries and experience important events. “Murder of a King” is about the conspiracy behind the assassination of King Gustav III. And if you pick “Witch Accusation,” you’ll go back to 1676 when there was a witch fever in Södermalm. All mysteries start in Old Town.

HistoryMystery is a perfect activity for the whole family (teenagers will definitely look up from their cell phones), group of friends, colleagues, or tourists visiting Stockholm. And it’s guaranteed to be a popular activity at a bachelorette party, birthday party, children’s party, or corporate event. You have fun together – and the fact that you get to learn a lot about Stockholm’s history, get fresh air, and exercise makes it even better.

Trångsund 4, Old Town

Exit Games

Do a thrilling escape room challenge at Exit Games
Exit Games is one of Stockholm’s most popular escape rooms and offers adrenaline-filled and tricky adventures at three locations in the city – two in Old Town and one in Södermalm. Here you can have fun regardless of age, and it’s a perfect activity for families with children, tourists visiting Stockholm, team building, birthdays, and bachelor and bachelorette parties. Just sharpen your creativity, bring out your logical thinking, and collaborate with your teammates to solve the puzzles, find the clues, and escape the rooms in time.

In total, Exit Games’ three facilities have ten rooms with different themes, and each game lasts 60 minutes and can have 2-6 participants. The exciting missions include rescuing Dracula’s mother, preventing a third world war, stopping the curse on a glamorous music club that used to be in the Old Town, and trying to get out of the deepest catacombs below Södermalm before a notorious murderer gets his hands on you. Thrilling, challenging, and guaranteed to entertain. Your game master will meet you on arrival, and then you just get started.

3 addresses (click to see)
Västerlånggatan 42, Old Town
Österlånggatan 41, Old Town
Östgötagatan 66, Södermalm

Amazing Escape

Put your thinking cap on to solve Amazing Escape’s ingenious and fun adventure games
Amazing Escape is a popular escape room with two locations in Vasastan. Here, under the guidance of friendly staff, you and your party can solve riddles, do puzzles, and find objects to solve a mystery or get out of a room in a limited time. It’s a fun activity for everyone and is perfect for family and friends or team building with colleagues. All you need is cooperation and logical thinking. Excitement and laughter are guaranteed.

Amazing Escape offers six well-thought-out and interactive adventure games, indoors and outdoors, with varying degrees of difficulty and in both Swedish and English. Find the cartel king’s money in Pablo’s Millions, help the Security Service neutralize a computer virus in Agent 21, figure out what actually happened at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 in Chernobyl Diaries, find Lupin’s hidden treasures, help a cheated friend get her money back in Revenge of the Dating Cheat, or save the world from a notorious terrorist network in The Pink Flamingo. Whichever game you choose, you’ll have a blast.

Markvadsgatan 10, Vasastan
Hagagatan 12, Vasastan

Escape Stories

Escape Stories, located conveniently in Norrmalm, boasts four games to put your wits to the test: The Last Manuscript, a mystery of intrigue and murder; The Cover-Up, a thriller involving the Swedish Prime Minister’s assassination; The Break-In, where you and your friends are little better than criminals on the run; and The Da Vinci Quest, an outdoor game where you have to protect a treasure and have central Stockholm as your playing field.

Vasagatan 27, Norrmalm/City

Room Escape Games Stockholm




Are you looking for an escape room in Vasastan? Then Quezzle is an excellent choice. Here you’re offered three exciting and challenging rooms – Sherlock vs. Moriarty, Heist, and Post Apocalypse – where you and your party can use the entire team’s collective creativity to get you out within 60 minutes. To succeed in this intellectual adventure, you need to use the room’s objects, search for clues and solve puzzles. There are friendly staff on-site, including a supervising game master that offers help if you get stuck (and lets you out if you don’t get out on time).

It’s also possible for a company to have an escape room on-site at your place, such as at a conference center. In addition, Quezzle offers an online escape room as a virtual activity that you perform via Teams or Zoom on either your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This online team building works as a group activity where you’re 2-6 people in each team, and for two hours, you challenge the other teams for victory.

Döbelnsgatan 12, Vasastan


Another option if you’re looking for great escape rooms in Vasastan is Laserfortet. It’s an entertainment center for team building, school trips, and children’s parties – or for those who just want to have fun with friends and family. Here you’ll find one of Stockholm’s best escape rooms – Prison Island – if you want both an intellectual and physical challenge. In other words, as made for fans of the game show Fort Boyard on TV. Prison Island, which is the world’s second-largest escape room, is set up as a pentathlon with 28 games where you spend five minutes in each adventure cell. The goal is that you and your team should take as many points as possible by climbing, crawling, solving puzzles, ducking laser beams, and much more.

On the same premises is also Laserforce, Stockholm’s most modern laser arena. On the 400 m², two level arena is, among other things, a medieval castle, a cave, and a full-scale tank. A guaranteed adrenaline booster. After the activities, you can relax and unwind in Laserfortet’s nice café. In connection to the activities, there are also conference rooms, and through the neighboring restaurant, you can have a the after talk over a seven-course Ethiopian buffet.

Saltmätargatan 19A, Vasastan
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Have fun in an escape room in Stockholm

There you have our guide to escape rooms in Stockholm for you who want to try an exciting challenge, solve problems, and at the same time have super fun with friends, family, or colleagues. Have fun and good luck – the winner takes it all!

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