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Skeppsbron 10 – Modern, conscious high-level gastronomy in historic Sjöfartshuset

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If someone asks a Stockholmer about nice places to go out to eat, there is a risk that Old Town is not even mentioned. It’s easy to consider all of Old Town a tourist trap. But in this touristy neighborhood, there are also some real gems when it comes to restaurants and bars. Places with high culinary ambition, qualified chefs, and award-winning bartenders. Skeppsbron 10 is precisely such an establishment.

Since April of 2022, you’ll find a brand new restaurant, Skeppsbron 10 at the street level of Sjöfartshuset. However, the property is old, it was built as early as 1667-70, and has long been the home of three floors of banquet rooms and meeting facilities. The beautiful listed house has now been complemented by a modern restaurant and adjacent cocktail bar as well as a small outdoor seating area.

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Lowe Karlsson and Magnus Jonasson are the well-qualified restaurateurs who own Skeppsbron 10 and the assembly rooms at Sjöfartshuset. They have long dreamed of starting a restaurant with a focus on the combination of high-quality food and drink, in a relaxed environment. The goal is to be one of the city’s best restaurants, where you come for both the culinary experience and the welcoming homely atmosphere. When the premises on the ground floor of the building became vacant, they got their chance and built a new restaurant from scratch.

Although the kitchen is new and highly technologically equipped, it is located in an old historical building and that history Lowe and Magnus aim to preserve. A marine theme has been chosen for the interior, with figureheads and diving helmets on loan from the Maritime museum, Sjöfartsmuseet, old maps from the National Museum, and many other things that contribute to both eye-catching and conversation topics. The marine theme is, of course, linked to the location. Skeppsbron was Stockholm’s most important port up until the end of the 19th century. Ships from all over the world docked here, loaded with exciting produce and exotic spices.

Exotic spices are also an important part of the cuisine at Skeppsbron 10, although the exciting produce nowadays comes from local producers. In order to lift the food to the heights they are aiming for, chefs Christian Siberg and Jon Hollström have joined the team. Both chefs have impressive résumés from restaurants like Punk Royale, Omaka, and Lilla Ego. Christian Siberg has been in the final of Cook the year’s three years running, guaranteeing a culinary experience and quality beyond the ordinary.

The high gastronomic ambition also applies to the drinks. Naturally, there is a well-stocked wine cellar with quality wines selected to match the dishes. In addition, there is a really good cocktail bar with awesome bartenders led by award-winning Erik Nilsson, who is happy to ferment himself and prefers to work with rarer, exclusive spirits. Of course, the bar welcomes also those “just” wanting something to drink. The tables at the bar can’t be booked, so here you can drop in on impulse.

In the dining room, there are tables (which can be booked) for parties from 2-8 people. Here you enjoy snacks and medium-sized dishes from the dynamic à la carte menu, which changes frequently according to the season and the chefs’ experimental desires. Also available is a “Chef’s Menu” the tasting menu of the season. In the restaurant’s Chambre separée there is a Chef’s Table where 8-12 people can eat a fixed six-course menu, specially selected for the purpose and freshly composed every evening. Matching beverage packages are of course also available.

So, if you, like us, love culinary experiences, interesting snacks, and good drinks in an environment where you are welcome even in jeans and a t-shirt, we suggest booking a table or going to Skeppsbron 10 for a spontaneous visit! During the summer months, there will also be outdoor seating overlooking both Skeppsbrokajen, Blasieholmen, and Skeppsholmen.

Welcome to Skeppsbron 10!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Damn good food cooked by some of Stockholm's best chefs

Fantastic cocktails and a well-chosen selection of beer and wine

Welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and really good music



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