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Ale, lager, and stout. Sourness, bitterness, and sweetness. Beer is a whole science, and the interest in this noble drink is growing like crazy. If you want to become an expert, the perfect kickoff is a beer tasting in Stockholm. Trying beer in the company of happy friends is both a pleasant and educational activity that you can do with your friends, family, and colleagues. The city is full of restaurants, pubs, and breweries that offer beer tastings, and here’s the guide to Stockholm’s best hops and malt experiences. Cheers!
Last updated: June 27, 2023
What’s the difference between IPA and APA? How do you ferment a lambic? And which types go best with a particular kind of food? A beer tasting gives you plenty of useful knowledge to impress the people around you. Under the guidance of a knowledgeable beer master, you’ll learn everything about the extremely popular thirst quencher – from history to brewing techniques. Having a beer takes on completely different dimensions after such a lesson.

Above all, you’ll get to try many exciting beers that will put your taste buds in a very good mood. Isn’t it amazing that thousands of flavors can come from just four simple ingredients – hops, malt, yeast, and water?

Ölprovningar Stockholm
Stockholm’s beer tastings turn you into a true beer master

Find the right beer tasting in Stockholm

Stockholm is a city that likes beer. Pubs, bars, breweries, beerhouses, and restaurants are full of Stockholmers and tourists who like to talk about life over a glass (or a pint). And several of these places also have nice beer tastings. Here, both the seasoned beer connoisseur who wants to continue exploring the tasty world of malt beverages and the novice who wants to broaden their horizons beyond Norrlands Guld, Falcon, and Mariestads can have an unforgettable experience.

Whether you want to book an intimate beer tasting for two or bring the whole company, there’s something for you. To help you find the right one, we’ve created a guide to Stockholm’s best beer tastings. Hop on the trend and look forward to an evening of knowledge, wonderful taste experiences, new favorites, and fun socializing. Goodbye, cheap beer – hello, small-scale craft beer and local microbreweries.


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Stockholm Brewing Co.

Stockholm Brewing Co beer tour
Go on an excellent craft beer tasting and brewery tour at Stockholm Brewing Co.

In Magasin 3 in Frihamnen, you’ll find perhaps Stockholm’s nicest brewery Stockholm Brewing Co. It has been run for many years by a group of childhood friends who got the urge to start brewing fresh, local, and organic beer. The ambitions became a reality in the form of a small organic microbrewery, and today a whopping 250,000 liters of premium beer are brewed yearly. The wide selection includes lager, IPA, sour beer, wheat beer, and much more, and the products are sold both in Sweden at Systembolaget and internationally.

Obviously, a brewery of this caliber also has world-class beer tastings. Take an educational tour of the brewery, hear its history and gain insight into the production process of their excellent craft beer. You can inspect the equipment and study ingredients such as malt and hops. In addition, you get to go down into the beer cellar and see how Stockholm Brewing Co’s most exclusive cellar beer is made. The experience is, of course, topped with you trying several of the brewery’s current beers. It’s also possible to book a private exclusive beer tasting for, for example, company events, after-work, or birthday celebrations.

The best way to end your beer tasting is Stockholm Brewing Co’s taproom. In this pleasant brewery pub, you can drink fresh beer straight from the tank – why not have another glass of the favorites from the tasting? You combine the drink with super good soul food inspired by the Caribbean and Venezuela at the Latin American restaurant Santa Salsa, which is housed on the same premises. Fantastic beer, new skills, good food, and a great atmosphere – it doesn’t get any better than that.

Frihamnsgatan 28, Frihamnen


Taysta is one of Sweden’s largest organizers of different types of tastings, and of course, they offer great beer tastings in Stockholm. You can either visit their beer cellar in Old Town (Gamla stan) or participate in their events at other nice Stockholm pubs. Bring a group of friends, your partner, or colleagues for a pleasant, tasty, and educational evening to remember.

Accompanied by a professional and personal beer master, you and your party will spend about two hours exploring the world of beer and tasting a number of carefully selected beers. A perfect opportunity to try new flavors, broaden your horizons, and find new favorites. You’ll learn everything worth knowing about this famous thirst quencher – both facts and exciting stories – while socializing and having fun. Your cicerone has planned the tasting down to the smallest detail based on how our taste buds work to maximize the experience. In addition to beer, you also get to enjoy appropriate snacks and bites.

Taysta is run by over a hundred individuals passionate about food and drink who usually work in the industry, such as brewers, sommeliers, and chefs. In addition to high-quality beer tasting, they offer whisky tasting, wine tasting, champagne tasting, chocolate tasting, and cooking classes.

Österlånggatan 28, Old Town

Nya Carnegiebryggeriet

Nya Carnegiebryggeriet beer tasting
Nya Carnegiebryggeriet takes you on a great brewery tour with beer tasting

Nya Carnegiebryggeriet in Hammarby Sjöstad is a popular destination for both locals and beer fans in the entire Stockholm area who want an authentic craft beer experience. They moved the brewery into the fantastic premises of the old lamp factory Luma in 2014. Since then, they’ve both become a modern hub for beer culture and produced more than 150 different types of beer. Here you can find classics such as lager and IPA but also more experimental brews with fruit, flowers, old sourdough bread, and recycled sewage.

The popular beer tastings are organized five days a week (Tuesday to Saturday). Then you get to go on a guided behind-the-scenes tour of the brewery where, among other things, you can study the brewing equipment closely, smell the ingredients, and admire the yeast tanks. In short, you get a unique insight into the wonderful world of beer, and the brewery tour ends with you getting to try a few selected beers from the range. If you fancy a different beer tasting, they also offer exciting special beer tastings with different themes, for example, IPA and hoppy, Oktoberfest beer, and sour beer.

The natural next step of the experience is a good dinner in the gastropub, where they serve food that goes perfectly with craft beer. The taps have fresh beer from the brewery, plus a good selection of beer from other breweries (and wine too). If you plan to visit Nya Carnegiebryggeriet during beer feasts such as St. Patrick’s Day, Sweden’s national day, Fourth of July, The Beer Day (the third Wednesday in July), and Oktoberfest, it’s a good idea to book a table in advance as it’s often gets crowded.

Ljusslingan 15–17, Hammarby Sjöstad




Akkurat – one of Stockholm’s true paradises for beer lovers

Akkurat, located on Hornsgatan near Slussen in Södermalm, is an institution in Stockholm’s beer world. Since 1995, this charming pub-restaurant has offered Stockholmers and beer-loving visitors from near and far a high-class and innovative range of beer and whiskey where smaller craft breweries are close to their hearts.

In the taps, there are a total of 28 well-selected draft beers plus plenty of bottled beers, so you have to make quite a few visits before you’ve drunk your way through the entire range… In addition, there’s a well-stocked cuvée cellar where their vintage beers are stored. Here are around 500 types of vintage beer that only get better with age, many exciting rarities, and some as old as 20 years. You can find stout, porter, Trappist beer, lambic, Christmas beer, and more on the shelves.

Naturally, a beer mecca like Akkurat also arranges some of Stockholm’s best beer tastings. They offer six different tastings – beginner tasting, Swedish craft beer, Belgian beer, dark and strong beer, sour beer, and last but not least, cuvée, where you get to try the rarest beers in the world. All tastings (except cuvée) contain six different beers, and no matter which tasting you choose, you and your party are guaranteed a unique beer experience and an evening to remember. If you want to immerse yourself even more in the universe of noble drinks, there are also popular whiskey tastings.

The pub’s kitchen is also great and serves good and hearty pub food such as beef brisket, char, steak tartare, and many kinds of moules frites. Together with the exceptional drink selection and the lovely atmosphere, it forms a hard-to-beat combination – one of the best watering holes in the malt world, as Akkurat put it themselves. The guests at the constantly filled tables obviously agree. The fact that they also offer live music once a month makes it even better.

Hornsgatan 18, Södermalm

Ardbeg Embassy

Ardbeg Embassy beer tasting
Ardbeg Embassy mixes the beer tasting with dinner

Beer tasting in Old Town (Gamla Stan), anyone? Then Ardbeg Embassy on Västerlånggatan is an excellent choice. This unique restaurant, pub, and bar with a cozy living room feeling à la Scotland offers popular tastings of malt drinks for everyone from savvy connoisseurs to happy beer amateurs who want to learn more. Under the guidance of experienced beer experts, you’re treated to an excellent taste experience, and with 24 different microbrews on tap, you can look forward to many new impressions.

Come along on an exciting and educational deep dive into beer where experts lead the way to the best sips from many of the Swedish microbreweries, including Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri, Gotlands Bryggeri, PangPang, Oppigårds Bryggeri, and Värmdö Bryggeri. The arrangement is beer tasting with food. All tastings, which include five different types of beer, are held in the restaurant in conjunction with dinner, where you can enjoy well-prepared dishes. The menu has both meat, fish, and vegetarian food that perfectly accompany the beverages.

You can either attend one of Ardbeg Embassy’s open tastings, where anyone is welcome or book a unique tasting tailored to your wishes. Regardless, it’s a perfect activity to spend quality time with friends, family, clients, or colleagues. In addition to beer, they also specialize in whiskey. The pub has around 400 different single malts from all over the world, as well as nice whiskey tastings.

Västerlånggatan 68, Old Town


Belgobaren beer tasting
Curious about Belgian beer culture? Belgobaren teaches you everything you need to know

How about an educational and fun deep dive into Belgian beer culture? Then a beer tasting at Belgobaren is for you. This popular restaurant and pub have a fantastic location in central Stockholm, close to everything. And as the name reveals, it’s all about Belgium here – a genuine love they do their best to pass on to their guests. With a great atmosphere, tasteful decor, good food, and an extraordinary selection of beers, it’s easy to feel at home.

Belgium is one of the world’s top beer countries, and at Belgobaren, you’ll find 300 different kinds of beer from the promised land of hops and malt. There’s something for every taste – including lager, Trappist beer, wheat beer, spontaneously fermented beer, and fruit beer. From strong brews to lighter varieties. The big guest favorites are always on tap, but exciting guest taps visit regularly.

Belgobarens beer tastings take about 1.5 hours and are organized for groups of at least ten people. You’ll taste at least five types of beer and learn about the history, brewing, and flavors that distinguish the different beers. In short, a complete basic course in beer, suitable for everyone, no matter your level of knowledge. After the tasting, you can stay in the restaurant and enjoy top-quality Belgian food. Why not try the signature dish, Moules Frites?

Bryggargatan 12, Norrmalm/City

Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri

How about taking the boat to a cozy brewery pub on Stockholm’s closest archipelago island? If that sounds like your thing, you should immediately book a beer tasting at Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri. From the beginning of May to the middle of September, this pleasant brewpub offers tasty experiences in a beautiful and relaxing sea environment. There are tastings for both small and large groups.

The smaller group can order a beer flight with 4-5 types of beer at the bar. Perfect if you want a pleasant beer tasting for two with your partner or best friend and enjoy the drink at your own pace (the knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions). If you’re a larger group, there are also more formal tastings with a professional guide. When it comes to food, there are snacks as well as hearty pub food if you’re hungrier. The brewery is located in Bro, north of Stockholm, and since 2011 Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri has supplied a wide range of craft beers in cans, both pilsner, IPA, and ale, which are popular at both Systembolaget and in bars around Sweden.

Stora Fjäderholmen, Fjäderholmarna




Ölbaronerna organizes open beer tastings in Stockholm for everyone – whether you’re experienced or a beginner, alone or in a group, prefer bottled beer or beer cans. In a beer cellar in the beautiful Old Town quarters, the inspiring and knowledgeable beer master Anders Bergström teaches you everything you can possibly wonder about beer. Why does it taste the way it does? Why are beers light and dark? What’s the deal with foam crowns? And why is beer sometimes cloudy? You get history, an overview of the production process, and advice on everything from storage to consumption. Of course, you also get to taste some of the very best beers.

A beer tasting organized by Ölbaronerna is as far from a regular pint as you can get. You’ll learn that there’s a big difference between a beer and a beer, and you’re served a diversity of colors, aromas, tastes, and treats. The so-called beer school is the most popular, but once you’ve gotten past the beginner stage, there’s a long series of in-depth themed tastings: IPA, Christmas beer, organic beer, Swedish beer, wheat beer, Bavarian beer, extra strong beer, Stockholm beer, lawnmower beer(!), and much more. Ölbaronerna also arranges whiskey tastings in the cozy cellar vaults.

Österlånggatan 28, Old Town


If you want to do a beer tasting in Vasastan, the beer hall Bierhaus is a great candidate. And at this beer and sausage house, it’s German theme all the way: German beer and German food, more specifically, German European quality beer and German rustic homemade food. Bierhaus is located on traditional bira land in Stockholm, and with inspiration from the 1930s Bauhaus, they’ve created a genuine and classic beer hall environment with an urban pub feeling. A great option if you want something different from the typical pub.

In the taps, there are tasty brews from the world’s leading beer countries – pils, kölsch, weissbier, and schwarzbier. And the range of bottles is of the same high standards with many interesting types. So, of course, they also arrange beer tastings for both companies and individuals. In a customized experience, you can explore the wide range of beers from their taps and bottle crates. You get to taste beverages from exciting breweries worldwide – from well-established breweries to local small microbreweries. If you want a less formal tasting, the bar serves a beer sampler tray with four different beers on tap – the ultimate German beer experience.

Every autumn, Bierhaus livens up a little (or rather quite a lot) extra. Then it’s time for Oktoberfest; the traditional German beer festival called the world’s largest folk festival. From mid-September to mid-October, you can dust off your lederhosen or rub up your dirndl dress and take part in a grand celebration of malt and hops’ premier festival. You get a hard-to-beat combination of food, beer, live music, and community, so if there’s somewhere you should celebrate Oktoberfest in Stockholm, this is it.

Tegnérgatan 10, Vasastan
Beer tasting in Stockholm
Stockholm’s taps are full of tasty beer for you to try – Photo: Adam Wilson/Unsplash

Tritonia Ölverkstad

Tritonia Ölverkstad is located on cozy Stora Nygatan in Old Town. It’s a real gem on Stockholm’s beer scene that has dedicated its whole soul to craft beer from micro- and nano-breweries. And it’s a rich historical heritage they manage – people brewed beer in the neighborhoods several hundred years ago. A time-honored tradition that this small, cozy beer bar is doing its best to keep alive.

The recipe for success is delicious and interesting beers with a constantly changing and developing selection of craft beer in both draft and bottle. Here, modern and crazy hybrids come together with classic brews that you’ll never get tired of. All are served by highly knowledgeable and friendly staff who are happy to discuss beer and brewing processes with anyone who wants to. And if you get hungry, you can grab a tasty hamburger from the burger restaurant Barrels, located next door.

For those who want to gather a group of friends and take a deep dive into the world of beer, Tritonia Ölverkstad organizes popular beer tastings. The activity is led by tap operator Johan Thor, a knowledgeable and engaged beer expert who will take you on a wild bonanza among hops and malt. There are three different variants depending on how deep you want to dig, and you can also book a beer tasting at your place if you prefer.

Stora Nygatan 20, Old Town
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Enjoy fantastic beer at Stockholm’s best beer tastings

There you have our guide to beer tastings in Stockholm. We hope you find an enjoyable and educational experience that suits you, whether you’re a seasoned expert or a curious beginner. The city is full of wonderful tastings for those who love malt beverages, so go on a guided tour in the wonderful world of beer and find your new favorites. Have a great time!

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