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Tre Valv – great food in a unique historic setting

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The restaurant Tre Valv can be found at the lively square Järntorget in Old Town in Stockholm. Sit down in a unique historic 15th-century setting with preserved brick walls, deep vaults, beautiful decorations, and a nice atmosphere. Among the red-and-white checkered tablecloths and candles, there is room for 150 seated guests in a large dining room, two smaller vaults, and a basement vault.

On the menu, you’ll find good simple food prepared with lots of love. You’ll find many good options from the International cuisine, both meat, fish, and vegetarian. For those who like Italian cuisine, there’s pasta, risotto, charcuterie, burrata, and much more. And, of course, top-class pizza. Tre Valv is known for its Neapolitan pizzas made in a special oven with delicious ingredients. Fluffy, crispy, and with all your favorite toppings. 

In the summer, the outdoor terrace is popular. Sun all day, views of beautiful Järntorget, and one of Stockholm’s best locations if you like watching people. And at Christmas time, don’t miss the restaurant’s traditional Christmas buffet. Here you’ll find all the classic dishes together with new exciting taste experiences — the perfect way to get in the right Christmas spirit. The restaurant can also be booked for parties, conferences, or events.

Welcome to Tre Valv!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Great Neapolitan pizzas

Unique 15th century environment with preserved brick walls and deep vaults

Nice outdoor seating with Old Town's best location

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Tre Valv – well-cooked food in a unique 15th century setting in Old Town

Neapolitan pizza that makes your mouth water, good Swedish and international food prepared with love, and a unique 15th-century setting with cozy vaults. Not to mention outdoor seating with one of Stockholm’s best locations and sun all day. This is what you’re offered when you visit the restaurant Tre Valv at Järntorget in Old Town.

When you enter Tre Valv from the cozy cobbled Järntorget in the heart of Old Town (Gamla stan), you almost get the feeling of being near the Mediterranean – even though you’re in Stockholm. Inside, you are greeted by red-and-white checkered tablecloths, candles, and a cozy atmosphere that’s accompanied by nice music from the speakers.

Sit down in comfortable velvet sofas in red and gold and admire the preserved brick walls and deep vaults. Crystal chandeliers hang from the ceilings, and on the walls, there are gold mirrors and other beautiful decorations that remind you of times gone by.

In short, Tre Valv is a unique environment where history is deeply rooted. The venue dates back to the 15th century, i.e., the younger years of Stockholm. At that time, Järntorget was a lively spot full of trade and people, and the house where the restaurant is located was a chandlery. The square, where the streets Västerlånggatan and Österlånggatan meet, is one of Stockholm’s truly historic places and still an area full of life. And it’s also one of the city’s best restaurant squares.

“We have the best location in Old Town,” says one of the owners.

The name Tre Valv (Three Vaults) couldn’t be better because the restaurant, in addition to the large dining room, consists of three vaults – two smaller vaults on the entrance level and a basement vault. There’s plenty of space for both large and small groups, a total of 150 seated guests. The guests are a mix of tourists and Stockholmers – at the tables, you’ll find both middle-aged couples, families with children, couples on dates, and groups of friends.

Tre Valv serves both lunch and dinner, and the menu includes well-cooked, good, and uncomplicated food made from quality ingredients and plenty of love. If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, you’ll find everything you could wish for – pasta, risotto, charcuterie, burrata, and much more.

And above all, there is pizza. The restaurant is known for its great Neapolitan pizzas baked in a special oven – airy, crispy, and with delicious toppings of high quality. Get ready for a top-class culinary pizza experience. There’s a reason the Neapolitan pizza is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

From the International cuisine, there are several excellent options. How about a plate with classic Swedish flavors: three kinds of herring, salmon, Skagen mixture, Västerbotten cheese, potatoes, and crispbread. It doesn’t get any more Swedish than that. There are also several meat and fish dishes, including the meat lovers’ favorites plank steak and grilled tomahawk ribeye, where two people share about 1.5 kg of beef. That’s really something to bite in!

In short, there’s something for everyone, whether you prefer meat, fish, or vegetarian. And after lunch or dinner at Tre Valv, you’ll definitely not leave hungry.

At Christmas, the restaurant’s atmosphere becomes extra cozy when the traditional Christmas buffet is set up. The Christmas buffet of 2020 is something extra to look forward to as it’ll include recipes from Roy Nader, known for his participation in the TV show Sweden’s Master Chef, where he impressed everyone with his cooking skills. Especially Roy’s meatballs are something extraordinary that you don’t want to miss. Feast on classic Christmas food and new exciting taste experiences – a perfect way to get in the right mood for the Christmas holidays.

In the summer, Tre Valv’s outdoor seating with room for 50 people is a big favorite with sun all day and an unbeatable location. Sit down at one of the tables, order a pizza or a glass of wine and watch the bustling crowd of people, the statue of the Swedish artist Evert Taube, the old Järntorget pump, and all the square’s beautiful buildings.

If you need to rent premises, there are many possibilities. The smaller vaults, the basement vault, or the entire restaurant can be booked for parties, conferences, events, or other activities. A projector, big screen, and other equipment are available. The smaller vaults can accommodate 30 people each, and in the basement vault, there’s room for groups of up to 60 people. In the basement vault, you can also sit in private, completely undisturbed from other guests, with your own wardrobe, bathroom, bar, and music system.

Whether you have a romantic date on Valentine’s Day, a business lunch, want to celebrate your dad’s 60th birthday, or have a glass of wine with your best friend, Tre Valv delivers an experience beyond the ordinary. Welcome!



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