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Delicious skewers. Tasty kebabs. Homemade stews. Fluffy saffron rice with the perfect texture. And, of course, all those wonderful spices. If you want to enjoy Iranian cuisine, there are many Persian restaurants in Stockholm to choose from. The city is full of great places that serve delicious Persian food in cozy settings that create the feeling of One Thousand and One Nights. Take a culinary journey with delightful flavors, beautiful colors, and wonderful aromas.
Last updated: November 14, 2023

Persian food culture is one of the oldest in the world, dating back thousands of years. Today, this historic and varied food, with its great richness of flavor, is popular all over the world. The main characteristic of the dishes is the rich spicing, with the dominant spices being saffron, cinnamon, turmeric, and fresh herbs such as dill, coriander, and parsley.

Barbecues and stews, both meat-based and vegetarian, are common on the table, vegetables and oven-baked bread are vital ingredients, and no Persian meal is complete without rice – the crown jewel of Iranian cooking.

Find the right Persian restaurant in Stockholm

Nowadays, Persian cuisine is common among restaurants in Stockholm, not least because of all the Swedes who have origins in Iran. All over the city, you’ll find lovely eateries where you can enjoy authentic dining experiences with both the traditional food from different parts of Iran and more innovative dishes. And, of course, experience the wonderful community and hospitality typical of the Persian meal.

To help you find the right place, we’ve put together a guide to Stockholm’s best Persian restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a festive meal or fast food on the go, you’re sure to find a suitable place to eat. Enjoy your meal!


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Coup d’Etat

The stylish Persian dinner club Coup d’Etat delivers an excellent dining experience

If you want a luxurious Persian restaurant experience, visit Coup d’Etat. This restaurant in Östermalm is an elegant Persian dinner club (a combination of restaurant, bar, and lounge) where they’ve taken the best of Persian cuisine and mixed it with influences mainly from France. The well-known Swedish restaurateur Erik Videgård is behind the food concept, which they describe as a food coup (hence the name). And this revolution in Persian gastronomy seems to be appreciated by the guests – this pleasant restaurant is often crowded.

The menu at Coup d’Etat has a sharing setup where you can try a little bit of everything, and there’s something for all tastes. Some of the guests’ favorites are Manticore Tartare (tartare of beef tenderloin with flowering herbs and quail egg yolk), herb omelet with trout roe or sturgeon caviar, and of course all the Persian grill dishes. And if you want to go a bit more fancy, go for the restaurant’s Caviar Bar, where you can enjoy delicious caviar and champagne. The drinks menu is of the same high standard with a solid wine list.

In addition, Coup d’Etat has one of the most stylish dining rooms in Stockholm. The decor mixes traditional Persian carpets, patterns, and colors with modern designer furniture, graffiti art, and neon. And make sure to stop by the friendly bar in the downstairs lounge, serving fabulous cocktails.

Engelbrektsgatan 37, Östermalm

Sima Deli

Sima Deli
Sima Deli is a Persian gem in Östermalm
Entering Sima Deli, which you find at the corner of Valhallavägen and Nybrogatan in Östermalm, is like going to dinner at a dear relative’s house. You get a genuine Persian food experience, and it’s all about traditional home cooking à la Iran. The pots are constantly boiling on the stove in the visible kitchen. A mother and daughter run the restaurant, and it’s clear that this duo has a strong passion for Persian cuisine. Persian Soul Food, as they call their cooking.

The menu includes main courses, salads, wraps, and smaller dishes that you can combine in a Mazeh plate. And no matter what time of day you’re in the mood for Persian food, you can drop by Sima Deli. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and also offers takeaway and delivery (plus catering if you want Persian food at your party or event). In addition, you can buy food boxes from Sima Deli at many grocery stores in the Stockholm area.

The atmosphere is also extraordinary. There’s a warm and familiar vibe, and it’s easy to feel comfortable in the homely environment. The staff is also super nice and delivers excellent service, making this a complete Persian dining experience.

Valhallavägen 120, Östermalm


Tajrish is a popular Persian restaurant in Stockholm located in Vasastan. It’s a combination of restaurant, café, and bar, and here you can have breakfast, lunch, or an early dinner. Sit down at one of the tables in the pleasant and stylishly decorated restaurant and let the friendly and service-oriented staff take care of you. If you prefer to eat at home or work, you can choose takeaway or order home delivery.

The menu features flavorful food made from fresh ingredients and focuses mainly on stews. And whether you’re craving meat or looking for a vegetarian restaurant, you can find something that suits you at Tajrish. Fesenjon (chicken stew with walnut and pomegranate), Khoresht Bademjan (meat stew with eggplant and zucchini), Khoresh Aloo Esfenaj (spinach and plum stew), and the creamy eggplant stir fry are some of the dishes that place high on the guest’s top list.

Torsgatan 31, Vasastan



Tehran Grill

Spicy and flavorful with the charcoal grill at the center, that’s the dining experience that awaits you at Tehran Grill. It’s a genuine Persian/Iranian restaurant with two locations in Stockholm, Södermalm and Vasastan. When they created their concept, the ancient story One Thousand and One Nights was the guiding star, and you’ll notice this when you enter the premises. Lit candles, Persian carpets, beautifully patterned cushions, and a lovely scent of saffron create a cozy and convivial environment made for evenings of socializing and long conversations.

The menu at Tehran Grill smells of history and love of food. Authentic Persian food, fresh and well prepared, that tastes like in Iran. Feast on grilled dishes like Sultani, Tehran, or Koobide Zafarani, served with saffron rice, yogurt sauces, and other tasty side dishes. Or enjoy hearty stews like Gheime Bademjan, Fesenjan, or vegetarian Ghormeh Sabzi. The drinks menu is extensive with wine, beer, cider, and non-alcoholic drinks. And don’t miss the restaurant’s unique drinks with Persian flavors. How about a golden saffron mojito before dinner?

Timmermansgatan 5, Södermalm
Rörstrandsgatan 15, Vasastan
Persiska restauranger Stockholm
Stockholm has a lot of fantastic Persian restaurants

Saaghi Grill

Located on a cozy corner of Råsundavägen, Saaghi Grill is one of the best Persian restaurants in Stockholm (even though it is located in Solna). It offers high-class Persian cooking with wonderful aromas and flavors. And a bonus is the neatly composition on beautiful plates, reminiscent of a Middle Eastern restaurant.

You can have both lunch and dinner at Saaghi Grill. The extensive menu offers delicious starters such as marinated olives, sour salads, creamy yogurt mixtures, and charcoal-grilled eggplant scramble. Hot dishes include charcoal-grilled dishes such as lamb, beef, and chicken skewers and traditional stews. You can also order several varieties of rice. In addition to the classic saffron rice, you can get rice seasoned with fresh herbs, pistachio, almonds, and orange peel. The food is accompanied by a good drinks menu including an excellent wine list.

The interior design also makes a significant contribution to the experience. The environment is warm and inviting, and there are many nice things to look at in the room, including beautiful rugs, vases, and paintings. So whether you want to have a birthday dinner with your family, a cozy date with your partner, or a culinary evening with your friends, you’ll enjoy Saaghi Grill.

Råsundavägen 113, Solna


If you’re craving good Persian food, you’ll love Diwan, located in Östermalm toward Gärdet. It’s a combination of a Persian and Indian restaurant, and when you step into the cozy room, you immediately feel at home. The oriental decor with beautiful Persian carpets, wooden furniture, comfortable lighting, and fine motifs on the walls feels familiar and welcoming.

At Diwan, you can have both lunch and dinner, and the menu is full of delights from Indo-Persian cuisine. Colorful, flavorful, and delicious. Start with meze like Mirza Ghasemi (eggplant scramble), Olivie (potato salad), and Zeyton (pomegranate marinated olives). Then continue with hot dishes like Kobideh (grilled lamb skewers) or Ghorme sabzi (lamb stew with herbs). And finish with a delicious Persian saffron ice cream. The generous portions are guaranteed to fill you up, and the staff are friendly and service-minded.

Valhallavägen 153, Östermalm
Persisk mat
Persian cuisine is a wonderful mix of flavors, colors and aromas – Photo: Maryam Emkani/Unsplash


Burgers, pizza, and falafel are all great, but why not try the Persian version of fast food the next time you need something quick and tasty on the go? At SUNdeVICH in Vasastan, you can indulge in juicy sandwiches with super tasty and generous fillings. Perfect to eat for lunch or buy for a picnic (the lovely parks Vasaparken, Vanadislunden, and Observatorielunden are all nearby).

The menu offers a wide range of delicious sandwiches for all tastes. Whether you want meat or vegetarian, you can find something at SUNdeVICH. Bandari (sausage stew with onions and potatoes in tomato sauce), Gosht (lamb), and Kotlett (minced meat and potato steak with onions) are just some of the customer favorites. And if you want to top your sandwich with dessert, there is saffron cream ice cream or frozen rice noodles with lime and rosewater flavor.

The venue is small and has limited seating, so buying a takeaway sandwich is a good idea. You can also have home or work delivery with services like Foodora, Uber Eats, and Wolt.

Sveavägen 103, Vasastan



Kabaré & Restaurang Paradis

The Persian food culture is not only about delicious food but also about community and joy. And you can experience this wonderful combination of Persian food plus music and dance if you visit Paradis. Every Friday and Saturday night, this restaurant and cabaret offers food, entertainment (including live music and a DJ), and a dance floor. So, if you want to have fun and feel an authentic Persian party atmosphere, this is a safe bet. The fact that the place is located in scenic surroundings with a fantastic view of Brunnsviken makes things even better.

On weekdays, the premises are quieter, and Paradis serves lunch (including business lunch). But no matter when you come here, you can count on good Persian food prepared from old family recipes. The service is good. And if you need a party room, you can rent Paradis for festivities such as weddings, birthday parties, student celebrations, and corporate kick-offs.

Pipers väg 2, Solna

Enjoy great food at the best Persian restaurants in Stockholm

There you have our guide to Stockholm’s best Persian restaurants. We hope you find a place that suits you, whether you want to take your partner on a cozy and flavorful date, have lunch with your colleagues, feast on skewers with your best friends on the weekend, or order Persian food home delivery on a regular Tuesday night. Enjoy!

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