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Steaming hot curry, flavorful chicken tikka masala, creamy palak paneer, and naan bread. The list of fantastic dishes from Indian cuisine is endless. And if you’re looking for Indian restaurants in Stockholm, you don’t have to look far. This colorful and spicy food culture is full of taste experiences and has long been a natural part of the Swedish capital’s restaurant scene. Today, plenty of places serve top-notch Indian food, and here we guide you to the best ones.
Last updated: February 23, 2024

India is the world’s most populous country, and its food culture has spread like wildfire to the rest of the world. Indian food is characterized by colors, spices, and lots of flavor, and they often serve delicious stews, sauces, and mash.

The food is usually spicy and often flavored with curry, ginger, chili, turmeric, garlic, cardamom, or the spice mixture Garam masala. And for those who prefer vegetarian food, Indian cuisine is a highlight.

Find the right Indian restaurant in Stockholm

The first Indian restaurant in Stockholm opened in the 1970s, and today this spicy food culture is as much a part of Stockholm’s restaurant scene as pizza, pasta, Lebanese, and Thai. All over town, you’ll find plenty of eateries offering Stockholmers and tourists a culinary journey to the giant country in South Asia. Whether you want to visit a fine dining restaurant, a cozy neighborhood restaurant or want to grab a quick lunch on the go, there’s something for you.

To help you find the right place, we’ve put together a guide to Stockholm’s best Indian restaurants. Book a table or make a spontaneous visit to enjoy flavorful and spicy cooking. Welcome to an Indian food party!


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Enjoy delicious Indian food and a great vibe at the stylish Shanti Shukriya
Shanti is perhaps the most famous Indian on the city’s restaurant scene and a longtime favorite among Stockholm’s Indian restaurants. It all started in the early 2000s when they opened their first restaurant Shanti Classic to give Stockholmers a chance to experience authentic Indian food. Today, the Shanti family has grown to seven places. In addition to Shanti Classic, they have three Shanti Gossip, Shanti Soft Corner, Shukriya, and Touch of Bengal. Several of them have won awards over the years.

The restaurants have slightly different concepts, but they all have in common that they serve excellent authentic Indian and Bengali food. High-quality ingredients are always in focus, and the menus include several dishes you won’t find anywhere else outside of India. In Shanti’s world, things never stand still, and the development of the Indian food culture and culinary art is constantly ongoing. All to offer guests an even better concept. And if you want to learn how to cook Indian food at home, you can also take cooking classes led by Shanti’s founder.

7 addresses (click to see)
Hantverkargatan 47, Kungsholmen
Torsgatan 27, Vasastan
Karlbergsvägen 70, Vasastan
Rörstrandsgatan 23, Vasastan
Skånegatan 71, Södermalm
Södermalmsallén 34, Södermalm
Katarina Bangata 58, Södermalm


Saffran is a great Indian restaurant in Kungsholmen
Are you looking for an Indian restaurant in Kungsholmen? Then you should go for Saffran. Here, they prepare fresh and traditional Indian food with a lot of love and a great focus on spices and flavors. The nice and familiar premises have a quiet atmosphere where you and your company can have a genuine Indian dining experience with good service. Drop in for a nice lunch with colleagues, or bring your family or friends for a cozy dinner.

The extensive menu includes all the Indian classics – mild Tikka Masala and Korma, spicy Balti and Kara dishes, and grilled Sizlar, to name a few. And whether you like meat, love fish, or prefer vegetarian, there’s something for you at Saffran. To complement the main courses, there are also many tasty side dishes such as naan with different flavors, chapati, paratha, raita, pickles, and chutney. The portions are generous, so you’ll definitely not be hungry when you leave. And if you prefer to eat at home or work, you can order takeaway or delivery with services like Foodora, Uber Eats, Bolt, and Wolt.

Kungsholmsgatan 24, Kungsholmen

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Mother India Stockholm

Indian food is very popular in Stockholm – and this place serves some of the best.

Mother India on Upplandsgatan is one of the classics among Stockholm’s Indian restaurants and has been serving high-class Indian food to hungry Stockholmers and tourists for many years. In recent years, the family business has undergone a generational change and is now run by childhood friends Nudar and Lina. Together they’ve created what might be the city’s coolest Indian restaurant with a unique mix of tradition and innovation. The family recipes have been modernized, the premises have been completely renovated, and guests can now enjoy Indian fine dining.

Mother India Stockholm serves both lunch and dinner, and the menu offers a wide range of delicious dishes for all preferences, whether you like meat or want vegetarian/vegan. From well-known classics to new exciting flavors. Guest favorites include their open wrap in three different flavors (shish kebab, tandoori chicken, and crispy falafel), palak paneer, and garlic karai. An equally solid drinks list accompanies the food. So take a seat in the stylishly decorated room and look forward to a deluxe Indian experience. In the summer, there is also a nice outdoor terrace. Perfect for a good dinner or a drink in the sun.

Upplandsgatan 6, Norrmalm/City



Masala Art

Delicious dishes from Bengali cuisine are served at Masala Art

Masala Art in Södermalm is not just an Indian restaurant but a flavourful ambassador for both Indian and Bengali cuisine. At lunchtime, the charmingly boho-chic decorated space on the corner of Götgatan and Ringvägen is filled with hungry lunchers who are tempted by the generous portions of delicious curries and fresh Bengali bowls. The restaurant is also a haven for anyone looking for tasty vegetarian and vegan food.

The evening menu entices you with creatively presented Indian dishes, from classic Chicken Tikka Masala to Bengali festive dishes like Biriyani and Murat Pilao. Complement the aromatic spice blends with buttery naan bread, hot chutney, and mouth-watering mango lassi. Masala Art offers a unique blend of tradition and innovation inspired by Indian cuisines. Of course, it is fully licensed and offers wine, cider, and light Indian beers such as Cobra and King Fisher that go perfectly with the well-spiced, flavourful food.

Ringvägen 123, Södermalm


Tamarind offers an excellent Indian dining experience in central Stockholm
Centrally located in Stockholm city, the small and cozy restaurant Tamarind serves good and fresh food at nice prices, attracting fans of Indian food from near and far. The inspiration comes from India and Bangladesh, and the concept seems to be a hit among visitors. Many testify to wonderful flavors and a fantastic dining experience with a friendly staff that delivers great service.

The menu at Tamarind offers a wide range of barbecue dishes, meat, fish, seafood, chicken, vegetarian, and thali. Coconut Chicken curry, Chicken Karai, Palak Paneer, and the barbecue mix with lamb fillet, chicken fillet, and prawns are some of the guest favorites. And the icing on the cake is the vast collection of different flavored naan breads. Have lunch or dinner on-site in the beautiful premises or order takeaway if you prefer to enjoy your food at home or in the office.

Wallingatan 40, Norrmalm/City


Chandani is centrally located in Stockholm and is run by a family that loves food. The restaurant brings you genuine Indian food joy inspired by several different areas of India and Nepal. Take a seat at the tables in the beautiful premises (or order takeaway) and enjoy fresh, well-prepared, and robust food. The service is of the same high standard, and the friendly staff ensures that you and your party have a nice time in every way.

The extensive menu includes both classics and more modern creations. Starters offer treats such as crispy chicken wings, vegetarian Indian pirogue, and Nepalese dumplings. The main courses include a wide range of Indian flavors – from tandoori grills, lamb, and chicken to vegetarian and vegan dishes. For those who like sharing concepts, the restaurant’s popular Friends bag is recommended, and for those who have difficulty deciding, there is the Chef’s Longboard (six pre-selected small dishes).

Chandani also has a bar where you can try many exciting drinks from India – from beer and wine to the local favorite, Amrut Whiskey.

Luntmakargatan 42, Norrmalm/City
Indian restaurant Stockholm
Stockholm has plenty of excellent Indian restaurants – Photo: Pille R. Priske/Unsplash

Mowglis Kök

Are you looking for top-notch Bengali street food? Then you should go to Mowglis Kök in Vasastan, one of Stockholm’s big stars in the Bengali food culture. Here they serve super tasty food prepared with lots of love that smells of chili, garlic, and herbs – just like it does on the small noisy streets of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Simple, spicy, and straight to the point. The restaurant is a perfect option for those who like Indian food but want a bit of variety and try some Bangladeshi flavors.

Mowglis Kök serves both lunch and dinner, and the menu has plenty of lovely delights for all tastes. Traditional curry, spicy lamb, and slow-cooked chicken are just a few examples. There are also several Bengali feasts, and not to forget – Mowgli’s Tiffin boxes, Bengali food boxes full of goodies. In addition, the menu offers several Indian classics and a wide range of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Super friendly staff and excellent service make it even better. Eat on-site in the cozy room, order takeaway, or choose home delivery with Uber Eats, Foodora, or Wolt. And if you want to enhance your event with Bengali food, the restaurant also offers catering for all kinds of events.

Vegagatan 15, Vasastan




BanYan, named after India’s national tree, the Banyan tree, is an Indian restaurant in Kungsholmen that has been around since 1998. The ship’s captain is head chef Hassan who offers you favorites from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Some dishes are mild and aromatic, while others are spicy and hot. In other words, something for all tastes. And whatever you choose, you can count on food prepared with the highest quality ingredients.

The menu includes everything you could want from an Indian restaurant in Stockholm. Starters, entrees, thali, poultry, lamb, green dishes, tandoori dishes, and fish dishes. Plus, of course, naan bread in several flavors. Drop in for lunch or book a table for a nice dinner. BanYan offers generous portions in a calm and pleasant environment with a wonderful atmosphere where the staff does their best to make you and your company comfortable.

Hantverkargatan 84, Kungsholmen

Muskot Kök & Bar

At Muskot Kök & Bar at Vandisplan in Vasastan, the food is inspired by the owners’ home country Bangladesh. The ambitions are high, and the chef takes you on a spicy, rich, and flavorful journey through the Bengali food culture, where lamb, chicken, fish, seafood, and vegetables play the leading roles. The food is cooked with the heart, and the flavors are dominated by chili, garlic, mango, cumin, and, of course, nutmeg (which means “muskot” in Swedish).

The menu (both lunch and dinner are served) is extensive, so you can be sure to find something you like. Starters include eggplant chicken, vegetable pakora, and scampi cocktail. Among the main courses, you’ll find the festive Dhaka dish Shai Korma, the fruity stew Aam Nerikel, and the fiery stew Bengali Fire. There is also a wide range of snacks, festive Bengali food, tandoori dishes, Indian dishes, and vegetarian and vegan dishes. On weekends, Muskot also serves a festive brunch, known as thali brunch, a Bengali feast of small dishes made from seasonal local ingredients.

Vanadisplan 2, Vasastan

Indian Street Food & Co

As the name reveals, Indian Street Food & Co offers modern Indian food inspired by the food vendors on the streets of India. They mix tradition with modern flavors, and the result is brilliant. Today, the concept has grown to six restaurants in the Stockholm area, and the goal is to spread the genuine Indian food experience to the rest of the Nordic region.

The top seller on the menu is their Kathi Rolls, freshly baked Indian bread rolls with fillings, spices, and sauces from traditional and modern North Indian cuisine. Other customer favorites include Grilled Chicken Tikkas, Grilled Paneer, and Deep Fried Samosas.

Indian Street Food & Co also has food trucks that they fill with fresh ingredients daily before hitting the streets. Once in place, the food truck offers an authentic Indian street food experience. Keep track of where they are for the day on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. You can also book the trucks for your event.

6 addresses (click to see)
Drottninggatan 73B, Norrmalm/City
Karlsbergsvägen 43, Vasastan
Ringen, Götgatan 100, Södermalm
Sankt Eriksgatan 116, Vasastan
Jan Inghes Torg 22, Henriksdal
Trubadurvägen 12, Solna

Enjoy great food at Stockholm’s Indian restaurants

There you have our guide to Stockholm’s best Indian restaurants. We hope you find a place that suits you, whether you want to have lunch on a Tuesday, take your date for a flavorful night out, or have a spicy Sunday dinner with friends. Indian cuisine is guaranteed to deliver a delightful dining experience that won’t disappoint. Enjoy your meal!

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