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Are you having lunch in Stockholm? Then you’ve come to the right city – you’ll find a huge range of fantastic lunch restaurants. Whether you prefer a quick sandwich, a nutritious salad, a tasty pasta, or a luxurious weekend lunch, there’s something for every taste and budget. Here are some of our favorites to visit the next time you’re in the mood for lunch in Stockholm.
Last updated: March 4, 2024
There are many occasions when you want to have lunch in a good restaurant. Maybe you’re visiting the Swedish capital as a tourist? Having a business meeting with an important client? Want to take a break from work with your colleagues? Meet an old friend, perhaps? With the wide range of restaurants in Stockholm and cuisines from all over the world, there’ll be something to suit your taste.

Find the right place for lunch in Stockholm

Whichever part of the city you’re in, you’ll find plenty of excellent restaurants serving food during lunchtime. They range from trendy cafés and fast-food places to classic brasseries and gourmet restaurants. Tapas, sushi, burgers, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, salads, luxury à la carte – Stockholm has it all. Whether you’re a picky connoisseur, a foodie who wants to try the latest food trends, or just want to eat something good on the run, there’s much to choose from.

But when you’re in the middle of the lunch rush, finding the right place to eat can be challenging. So to guide you to the gems in the vast range of eateries, we’ve made a guide to Stockholm’s best lunch restaurants. Perfect to have on hand the next time you’re in the mood for a good lunch meal.


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If you’re a food lover looking for a luxurious lunch experience in a stylish and relaxed environment, you’ll like Brasserie Astoria. This super-cozy restaurant in Östermalm is located in the old Astoria cinema on restaurant-dense Nybrogatan and is run by well-known star restaurateur Björn Frantzén. The idea of the restaurant is to recreate the international entertainment scene of the 1920s and 30s, where the old cinema was an important hub. And they’ve done an excellent job – the elegant and charming brasserie environment is easy to enjoy yourself.

Bring your lunch companion and take a seat in the magnificent dining room. There you can enjoy the lunch of the day or choose from the extensive à la carte menu of well-prepared, fresh, and tasty dishes (meat, fish, and vegetarian). Perfect for everything from important business lunches to lovely lunch dates with your partner or friends. In addition to delicious lunches, Astoria serves dinner and brunch (weekends only). There are also several nice bars for those looking for something good to drink, plus a lovely outdoor terrace in the summer. The staff delivers top-class service and does everything to ensure you have a memorable luxury lunch in Stockholm.

Nybrogatan 15, Östermalm

Restaurang Oxenstiernan

Slingerbulten Gamla stan

Restaurant Oxenstiernan in Östermalm, a real gem

If you want an extraordinary lunch in Stockholm, aim for Restaurant Oxenstiernan in Östermalm, a gem you’ll find in a lush and slightly hidden courtyard a stone’s throw from Storgatan. The restaurant is located in a beautiful and listed building from the 1700s, Oxenstiernska Malmgården, which has become an inspiring meeting place for sustainable food and drink, design, and quality craftsmanship. Their ambitions are high – they want to offer the best Sweden has to offer in everything from root vegetables to coffee cups. Proof of their success is the restaurant’s green Michelin star.

Oxenstiernan’s lunch menu has something for everyone and is constantly changing. But regardless of what’s offered for the day, it’s tasty dishes with a focus on locally produced, sustainable, and high-quality seasonal ingredients that apply. In the kitchen, it’s all about Swedish food craftsmanship, where classic flavors meet creative creativity under the leadership of the renowned head chef Elvira Lindqvist. This is not the place for a quick lunch on the go but a unique experience for all the senses – in other words, perfect for a long lunch. In summer, you can enjoy your meal under the trees on the fantastic outdoor terrace with sunshine all day. The kitchen also moves outside and offers everything from grilled food to stone-oven pizzas.

Restaurant Oxenstierna is run by silversmith Sebastian Schildt and his passion for craftsmanship and quality is evident in everything from the menu to the decor. The beautiful dining room is decorated with new unique designs made in Sweden by Swedish designers. Each item in the room also carries a story, and you can buy many of them if you want. Glasses, plates, vases, cloth napkins, and other beautiful items are for sale

Storgatan 35B, Östermalm

The Old Brewer

Fancy a good lunch in a genuine and friendly pub environment?

If you want to have lunch in Stockholm and do it in a genuine British pub environment, few places can beat The Old Brewer in Vasastan. Think cozy gastropub in London, but with a taste of Sweden, and you’ll get a good idea of what it’s all about. Here you can enjoy delicious food on the plate while experiencing the pub’s homely environment and relaxed atmosphere. The owners’ ambition is to bring a new type of gastropub experience to the Swedish capital, and they have certainly succeeded.

The lunch menu is served from Tuesday to Friday and offers a daily lunch special, fish of the week, and the vegetarian dish of the week. There are also some Swedish-British classics such as homemade meatballs, fish & chips, and bangers & mash. Salad, homemade bread, coffee, and sparkling water are included. If you want lunch on a Sunday, they serve Stockholm’s best Sunday roast and also brunch. And you should definitely come back in the evening when The Old Brewer takes it up a notch. Enjoy fine dining alongside an excellent range of beers (including English cask ale on tap), fine wines, and delicious cocktails.

Luntmakargatan 98, Vasastan




Knut takes you on a culinary journey to northern Sweden
Northern Sweden cuisine with one foot in the wild and the other in civilization – how about that for your next lunch in central Stockholm? Then you’ll love Knut, which has two restaurants in the city, one on Regeringsgatan and one on Upplandsgatan. The moment you enter the cozy premises with authentic wooden furniture, it’s as if you go from swarms to soil – the big city stress is gone, and the wonderful northern feeling takes over. Just like Norrland, but with a Stockholm twist.

Of course, both inspiration and ingredients come from Norrland, and the passion for the northern art of cooking is evident. Lunch is served on weekdays and offers a varied menu with Norrland favorites such as Wallenbergare, sautéed deer, and flatbread pizza. They also bake their own flatbread and don’t miss the famous traditional Swedish palt (potato dumplings) on Mondays at Upplandsgatan. Besides lunch, Knut serves dinner Monday to Saturday, brunch on Saturdays (Regeringsgatan), and also has a bar with tasty cocktails where their signature drink cloudberry mojito is a big seller.

What about the name Knut, then? It comes from the founder’s grandfather, who often took him on berry picking, fishing trips, and moose tracking in the Jämtland forests as a child.

Upplandsgatan 17, Vasastan
Regeringsgatan 77, Norrmalm/City

SQ Bar & Restaurang

Have a delicious lunch by the water at SQ Bar & Restaurang in Saltsjöqvarn

How about a delicious lunch in a cultural heritage-listed historic mill building with a fantastic location by the Stockholm inlet where the city and archipelago meet? Then you should visit SQ Bar & Restaurant, located in Elite Hotel Marina Tower at Saltsjöqvarn, near Danvikstull on the border to Nacka. Here, you and your party will enjoy an extraordinary dining experience in a beautiful, warm restaurant environment. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly – perfect for everything from business lunches or a nice work break with colleagues to a lovely lunch date with your partner or best friend.

The food at SQ Bar & Restaurant focuses on Nordic cuisine, and the keywords are quality, local, and sustainable. The lunch menu changes weekly and is joined by the permanent features prawn sandwich and Caesar salad. If you want to come here in the evening, the restaurant also serves dinner and has a popular after-work. And during the summer, you can enjoy lunch on the popular outdoor terrace by the water.

Getting here is easy. Bike or walk along the quays, take the car or a bus from Slussen. Or why not the waterway? Just hop on one of SL’s If you also want to come here on weekdays or in the evening, the restaurant offers lunch, dinner, and after-work. Getting here is easy. Cycle or walk along the quays, take the car or a bus from Slussen. And if you want the trip here to be extra lovely, you should take the waterway. Just hop on one of SL’s commuter ferries.

Saltsjöqvarns kaj 25, Nacka

Dirty Coco

Have lunch in a fabulous world of pink at Dirty Coco
11,000 flowers, colorful furniture, a phone booth, mirrors, chandeliers, and lovely messages on the walls – that’s the environment you’ll have lunch in when you visit the amazing Dirty Coco in central Stockholm. When you enter the door, it’s like stepping into a fairy-tale dream world, and it’s hard not to fall in love with the decor that greets you. Cozy, unique, and with a big dose of joy and love. And if you want to document your lunch on social media, this place is a goldmine.

Dirty Coco serves delicious lunch, brunch, and coffee, and their motto – that life is too short to be boring – is clearly visible, not least when it comes to the food. The menu is full of goodies, and the dishes are just as beautiful as they are tasty. Find your lunch favorites among various bowls, sourdough toast, crepes, waffles, pancakes, and much more. Then, accompany the food with one of the several good drinks and, of course, coffee. In short, this is a fabulous lunch in Stockholm. And an extra plus is that Dirty Coco works a lot with sustainability and the goal of keeping food waste close to zero.

Drottninggatan 65, Norrmalm/City


Slingerbulten Gamla stan
Enjoy authentic Swedish meatballs at Slingerbulten in Old Town

Old Town, lunch, and Swedish home cooking, does that sound like a mix for you? Then you should aim for the historic and popular Slingerbulten, where you can have a genuine classic lunch in Stockholm. The restaurant is located in a lovely old building from the 18th century, so you’re offered not only good food but also a historical environment. Beautiful original details, such as the lamps and the original sign, remain in the interior and witness bygone times.

The lunch menu at Slingerbulten offers the dish of the day, and here you can expect classics such as homemade meatballs, fried herring, pea soup and pancakes, Swedish has, and potato pancakes. Solid home cooking, as you can see. And the guests appreciate the concept – both regulars and newcomers flock here. Among the tables, you’ll find a mixed bag of tourists and Stockholmers who love home-cooked food. In summary, this is a great place to have lunch in the Old Town with great food and service. Perfect for a nice break during your sightseeing walk among the alleys and cobblestones of Stockholm’s oldest district.

Stora Nygatan 24, Old Town




Kasten is a very nice lunch restaurant in Östermalm

If you’re looking for an excellent lunch in Östermalm, Kasten is a terrific choice. It’s a French bistro near Oscar Church, a stone’s throw from Djurgården Bridge. The bistro is run by the experienced restaurateur duo Jim & Jacob and is perfect for both a lovely lunch with friends or colleagues, an important business lunch, and a cozy weekend lunch after a walk around Djurgården or along Strandvägen.

The lunch menu consists of well-prepared, modern, and rustic dishes focusing on the raw ingredients. There are starters, main courses, and desserts for all tastes, so you’re guaranteed to find something you like. Kasten is also an excellent choice if you want to eat a delicious dinner, and the premises also have a good wine bar, Vinstocken, plus two chambre separés (for 6-26 people). What about the name, then? It comes from the legendary wine man Kasten Hoff, who ran one of Stockholm’s first inns in the 17th century.

Fredrikshovsgatan 4, Östermalm

Blå Porten

Enjoy classic Swedish cooking with a touch of the Mediterranean at Blå Porten

A lovely lunch in Djurgården is a Stockholm favorite, and Blå Porten is an excellent choice. This culinary Djurgården classic has been around for over a century, and since 1916, it has attracted guests who want lunch or coffee after a museum visit or a walk around the royal green island. Here, you can sit down in a historic, well-preserved 20th-century setting or the lush garden during the summer months.

The menu at this restaurant in Djurgården offers classic home cooking with Mediterranean influences. Lamb patties with fresh bean salad, poached salmon with French potato salad, and tomato salad with lentils are some of the regular features. And if you want to top off your lunch with a Swedish ‘fika,’ you can look forward to a rich coffee table filled with homemade cakes and other pastries. If you’re in the mood for a vegetarian lunch, you can also visit Blå Porten’s fresh vegetarian restaurant, Blå+, located in Liljevalch’s extension.

Djurgårdsvägen 64, Djurgården

Hard Rock Cafe

If you want to have lunch the American style you should head to Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe is a well-known international restaurant chain now present in 50 countries worldwide. Of course, it is also located in Stockholm, where Stockholmers and tourists have been able to experience authentic American food culture since 1985, and is popular with both young and old guests. Centrally located in Vasastan, at the intersection of Sveavägen and Odengatan, you can enjoy lunch in a music-inspired atmosphere every weekday.

The lunch menu offers American classics such as hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, and traditional food such as potato pancakes, wiener schnitzel, and meatballs. Solid food and generous portions where you’re guaranteed to be full and satisfied. If you want to experience the unique Hard Rock spirit in the evening, you can eat a tasty dinner à la USA with everything from BBQ pork taco and baby back ribs to hot fudge brownies and milkshakes. And don’t miss their legendary burgers. The restaurant also has after-work with good cocktails, and if you like watching sports, Hard Rock Cafe is one of Stockholm’s best sports bars.

Before you do, you must also check out the large collection of music memorabilia with items belonging to the biggest music giants of all time.

Sveavägen 75, Vasastan

Skeppsbron 10

Skeppsbron 10 in Old Town offers one of Stockholm’s best lunches in a lovely dining room

Foodies in the mood for a top-notch lunch in Old Town (Gamla stan) will love Skeppsbron 10. This fine dining restaurant is housed in the ancient and magnificent Sjöfartshuset with a top location in the middle of Skeppsbron. Here, you and your party can have a delicious lunch in the beautiful historic dining room, where you’ll enjoy innovative and playful dishes focusing on taste, exciting cooking techniques, and seasoning. Add to that impeccable service and you have a lunch experience that few other restaurants can match.

Some of Stockholm’s elite chefs staff the kitchen at this Old Town restaurant, and their brilliant cooking skills will make your lunch exceptional. Choose between a three-course lunch or a plat du jour that changes daily. Whatever is on your plate, it’s prepared with only the finest ingredients, carefully selected and often locally produced. An excellent range of drinks complements the food. And for those who want to come back later in the evening for dinner, Skeppsbron 10 serves fabulous smaller dishes. There’s also a popular chef’s table and a pleasant bar.

Skeppsbron 10, Old Town

Eggs Inc.

If you’re looking for a tasty, quick, healthy lunch in Stockholm, head to the mall Gallerian. There, you’ll find Eggs Inc., and as the name reveals, it’s very much about eggs. The restaurant has gone to great lengths to create delicious fast food with eggs as a basis. And they could hardly choose a better main ingredient. Eggs are one of the best sources of protein and vitamins and also one of the most nutritious foods.

The lunch menu at Eggs Inc. offers a wide range of tasty egg dishes. There are classics like Eggs Benedict, pancakes, omelets, and scrambled eggs. They sit alongside innovative creations like the restaurant’s unique egg pizzas and egg buns. All are ambitiously prepared with fresh eggs and quality ingredients.

If you want to come here at other times of the day, they also serve breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. Just take a seat in the lovely room whenever you feel like it; the wonderfully colorful decor will put anyone in a good mood. Add a super nice and service-oriented staff, sustainability thinking, and a welcoming atmosphere, and you have an excellent dining experience.

Regeringsgatan 29, Norrmalm/City

Salta Pizza

Fantastic pizza à la Argentina at Salta Pizza will make you happy at lunchtime

Pizza lunch is always a winner, and if you want the deluxe version, go for Salta Pizza at Hornsbergs Strand in Kungsholmen. They’ll take you on a fabulous food journey to Argentina, full of rich flavors and traditions. Eat on-site in the pleasant restaurant or buy a slice or two to enjoy in the lovely beach park by the water located nearby.

Most people associate pizza with Italy, but Argentinean pizza culture is just as high-class. And Salta Pizza does a superb job managing that legacy. We’re talking about pizza with generous fillings, flavorful tomato sauce, crispy crust, and a huge layer of cheese as the finishing touch. There are also tasty empanadas (South American pastries) on the menu, and everything is made to perfection from scratch using fresh, quality ingredients.

If you want to enhance a party or event with Stockholm’s best Argentinian pizzas, Salta Pizza also offers catering.

Lindhagensgatan 139A, Hornsbergs strand

Golfbaren Sundbyberg

Golfbaren Sundbyberg lunch
Have a nice lunch with or without mini-golf at Golfbaren Sundbyberg

Why settle for just lunch when you can have a round of minigolf afterward? There’s hardly a better reason to leave your lunch box at home. And that great combination is what you get at Golfbaren Sundbyberg – one of Stockholm’s best places for indoor minigolf. Located in the beautiful 19th-century building Signalfabriken in the heart of Sundbyberg, the factory feel is very much alive in the “factory chic” themed premises. Add to that a swinging atmosphere, and you have a lunch experience guaranteed to brighten your day.

“Lunch and play” means that you first sit down at one of the tables and enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by skilled chefs. When the plates are empty, grab your club and ball for a fun round of minigolf on first-class courses with artificial grass (12 holes). A perfect lunch experience with colleagues or friends. And, of course, you don’t have to be in the mood for mini golf to have lunch at Golfbaren Sundbyberg. They have great lunch offers even without playing golf, where you get the week’s salad or pizza plus coffee and soft drinks.

Sundbybergs torg 1, Sundbyberg

O’Learys Mall of Scandinavia

Combine a good lunch with a fun activity at O’Learys Mall of Scandinavia

If you’re in Solna and are looking for a good lunch, you should head to O’Learys in the Mall of Scandinavia. This restaurant and sports bar offers a pleasant lunch experience in a sports-inspired and relaxed environment with a living room vibe suitable for lunch with friends, family, and colleagues. The menu is American, and you can indulge in everything from appetizers such as buffalo wings, nachos, and quesadillas to main courses like burgers, classic steak, and baby back ribs.

If you like watching sports while eating lunch, you’ve definitely come to the right place. The big screens show football, hockey, rugby, golf, and more. Moreover, the restaurant offers a wide range of fun activities in addition to food, drink, and televised sports. In other words, booking a long lunch is a good idea, because once you discover the wide range of activities, you’ll want to stay a while. Bowling, pool, arcade games, mini-golf, smart darts, bumper cars, shuffleboard, and pentathlon are just a few examples that make O’Learys a fun and tasty lunchtime hit.

Stjärntorget 2, Solna

Rolfs Kök

Rolfs Kök opened in 1989 and is a classic on the city’s restaurant scene. You’ll find this nice neighborhood restaurant right next to the lively Drottninggatan, and it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a delicious lunch in Stockholm city. Here you and your party can enjoy a tasty meal where the keywords are simplicity and quality – straightforward food prepared from carefully selected seasonal ingredients. Eat on-site in the pleasant restaurant with a cozy homely feeling, or order takeaway and bring it to work. Why not enjoy your lunch on a park bench in the nearby Tegnérlunden?

As a guest at Rolfs Kök, you feel taken care of. You are welcomed right into the kitchen, which is completely open so that you can follow the chefs’ craftsmanship. It’s clear that the guests are happy and rank “Roffe” as one of Stockholm’s best lunch restaurants; there are many regulars. And it’s not only during lunchtime that Rolfs Kök is well worth a visit. The kitchen is open all day, so no matter when you get hungry, stop by and enjoy classic food at its best. And if you fancy a glass of wine with your meal, the restaurant offers an impressive wine list with over 800 different wines.

Tegnérgatan 41, Norrmalm/City

The Meat

The Meat serves up a barbecue-style lunch in the heart of town

Are you one of those who prefer barbecue when it’s time for lunch? Then you should aim for the Latin American restaurant The Meat, located in the town center. As the name suggests, it’s all about meat, and the heart of the restaurant is the grill. It creates a warm setting for lunch with everyone from business associates and colleagues to your partner or best friend. Take a seat in the dining room, where the decor is cozy and rustic with brown leather sofas, dark wood panels, and beautiful Latin American motifs on the walls.

Not surprisingly, the lunch menu focuses mainly on meat dishes. Some examples are grilled pork tenderloin, prime rib burger, sirloin, and entrecote, and of course, they’re served with fries and all the right sides. If you want to return in the evening, you can also have a South American dinner here; the restaurant serves tapas, fajitas, burgers, and grilled dishes. And if you’re looking for a bar hangout, there’s also a nice bar that mixes tasty cocktails. In short, The Meat has taken a piece of South America and placed it in the middle of Stockholm.

Vasagatan 7, Norrmalm/City


For a tasty lunch in Östermalm, the hidden gem Artilleriet, located in the same building as the Armémuseum, is a safe bet. Here you can enjoy a delicious meal served under the stone arches of the magnificent museum building (or on the sunny outdoor terrace in the summer). You order at the restaurant’s beautiful marble counter and are then served food and drink at the table. There’s also a takeaway option if you prefer to have lunch at home or the office.

The menu includes dishes of the day, snacks, main courses, and salads. Plus a children’s menu if you want to have lunch with the family. Whether you want meat, fish, or vegetarian, there’s something to suit all tastes. So no wonder Artilleriet is a big favorite with the city’s outdoor lunch crowd. It’s also a dog-friendly restaurant if you want to bring your four-legged friend along for lunch (the furry guests even have their own menu). In addition to lunch, Artilleriet serves dinner and brunch (Saturdays only). There’s also a cocktail bar with after-work and a DJ – and don’t miss the Tuesday jazz nights!

Artillerigatan 13, Östermalm


Snaps is a good option if you’re having lunch in Södermalm
In a great location in Södermalm, right in the middle of Medborgarplatsen and close to everything, you’ll find the restaurant Snaps. This restaurant is housed in a beautiful building with a long history. The house was built as early as 1679, and over the years, a lot has happened within these walls. Today, you can go here for lunch (among other things), and the kitchen serves burgers, stone-oven pizzas, and a range of classics such as meatballs, schnitzel, fish’n’chips, and Caesar salad.

If you want to visit Snaps later in the day, you can have dinner, where the seasonal menu offers Swedish food with southern European influences. There’s also a nice cocktail bar and a popular nightclub with long lines on both weekdays and weekends. But the guests’ big favorite is the spacious outdoor terrace that takes up a good part of the square and is often full of people during hot summer days and evenings. It’s a great place to have lunch in the sunshine while watching the crowds around you.

Götgatan 48, Södermalm


In pleasant Birkastan, you’ll find DalaNisse, a family-owned restaurant that’s been around since 2007 and is considered by many to be one of Stockholm’s best lunch restaurants. The solid name is based on Swedish home cooking, the type of food still served at the restaurant. Over the years, modern dishes with exciting ingredients have also joined the classics. And the result is a delight. The restaurant delivers top-quality all the way – from the ambitious team of chefs in the kitchen to the friendly and responsive wait staff.

The lunch menu includes several dishes of the day complemented by several steady dishes, including Caesar salad, pork tenderloin, and ground chuck burgers. Just sit down in the cozy and friendly environment and enjoy your meal. It’s easy to feel at home here, so the next time you look for a great place to eat lunch in Vasastan, go for DalaNisse. And if you can’t get a table during lunch, remember that they also serve dinner.

Vikingagatan 7, Vasastan
Lunch restaurants Stockholm
Stockholm is full of excellent lunch restaurants


Fancy a delicious lunch with one of Stockholm’s most beautiful views as a backdrop? Then you’ll love TAK. This restaurant and bar is located on the 13th floor, 52 meters in the air, above Brunkebergstorg in the heart of the city. Here you can enjoy high-class modern food with Japanese and Nordic flavors – everything from sushi and sashimi to entrecôte and ox cheek. The lunch menu includes starters, main courses, and desserts made from carefully selected local ingredients. Tables fill up quickly, so booking in advance is a good idea.

In addition to magnificent views and a high-quality dining experience, TAK offers a wonderful atmosphere. You’ll always feel welcome in the elegant premises, and the staff will ensure that you and your party have a good time in every way. And this place becomes even nicer during the summer when lunch moves out to the lovely terrace and offers dishes from the grill. And make sure to check out the restaurant’s rooftop bar that mixes magical cocktails (be sure to top off your lunch with a non-alcoholic drink). TAK is simply an extraordinary restaurant experience, and you can also enjoy breakfast, dinner, and brunch here.

Brunkebergstorg 2–4, Norrmalm/City


At the food hall Teatern in Södermalm, everyone can find their favorite food

Are you a group of people having lunch together but finding it difficult to agree on a restaurant? Then the perfect solution is a food hall where everyone can eat what they want. And if you are in Södermalm, Teatern, located in the Ringen shopping center at Skanstull, is the obvious food court choice. This food cluster has transformed the mall into a top-notch dining experience where several of Stockholm’s most popular restaurants are represented. Every day, ten eateries are ready to serve you a tasty lunch.

Neapolitan pizza, Indian street food, kebab, falafel, Japanese noodles, rotisserie, or delicious seafood are just some of the delights you can choose from at Teatern. Combine your meal with your favorite drink, and then have a seat at the tables in the wonderfully lively environment with as many as 250 seats. Fast, simple, unpretentious – luxury fast food at its best. So head to Ringen the next time you want to have lunch in Södermalm.

Götgatan 132, Södermalm


Másquetapas Stockholm
Have a tasty tapas lunch at Másquetapas
Are you in the mood for a tapas lunch? Then Másquetapas is a good option. Located in the center of Stockholm city, in the same building as the Central Station, it’s all about the Spanish fiesta. At this tapas restaurant, which also has a bar, you can enjoy authentic Spanish food and a great atmosphere with your lunch party. It’s one of the city’s most popular Spanish restaurants, serving delicious and flavorful food according to old family recipes.

The menu is full of delicious tapas, both hot and cold dishes. Spanish olives and cheeses, charcuterie, marinated artichoke hearts, tenderloin skewers, fried shrimp, chicken wings, grilled king prawns, and flank steak with chimichurri are just a few examples. If you’re having a long lunch, you can also try Másquetapas’ tasting menu, where you and your party can share 12 of the restaurant’s most favored tapas. If you want something other than small dishes, there’s also paella, and you can choose from a range of tasty drinks. So head to the heart of Stockholm next time it’s time for lunch and experience a bit of Spain.

Klarabergsviadukten 86, Norrmalm/City


Maxos Kungsholmen
If you want to have falafel for lunch, Maxos is the place to be

If you are looking for really good fast food, you should pop by Maxos, located near the City Hall in Kungsholmen. Here you can indulge in juicy and fresh homemade falafel with creamy hummus that’ll put anyone in a good mood. The inspiration comes from the historic city of Akka with its thousand-year-old food traditions. The gastronomic heart of Palestine, as the restaurant’s owners describe it.

In addition to falafel and hummus, the menu includes several other flavorful delights. There’s a large vegetarian (and vegan) selection, including halloumi, tabouli, sweet potato, fried cauliflower, and several yummy mixes. If you’re craving meat, you can enjoy tasty lamb, chicken, and merguez dishes. Why not combine it with some Palestinian wedding rice and then finish your meal with a cup of good Palestinian coffee? Maxos is a small and cozy place, and the line is often long during the lunch rush. If you can’t get a seat, you can also order takeaway or home delivery with services like Foodora, Wolt, and Uber Eats.

Scheelegatan 13, Kungsholmen
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Enjoy a great lunch at Stockholm’s best lunch restaurants

There you have our guide to great places to have lunch in Stockholm. Whether you’re out with colleagues, meeting your partner for a cozy lunch date, or need something quick and filling during your sightseeing tour of the city, we hope you find a lunch restaurant that suits you. Enjoy your meal!

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