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Coup d’Etat – Stockholm’s best Persian dinner club

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Are you in the mood for world-class Persian food? Then the restaurant Coup d’Etat in Östermalm, which opened in February 2022, will be your new favorite. And this isn’t just any Persian restaurant. They’ve taken the best from Persian cuisine and mixed it with influences from, above all, France. The result is a big food coup, a revolt in Persian gastronomy, which modernizes it for the 2020s. That the name Coup d’Etat means coup in French makes total sense.

Two cousins with a Persian background run the restaurant, and behind the new modern food concept is the well-known restaurant profile Erik Videgård. He’s known from television and with several legendary Stockholm restaurants on his successful resume. To mix Persian cuisine, which has strong historical roots, with the best of the French food culture, and influences from Russia, India, and Turkey was a challenge that enticed Erik. And so far, the concept has been a success. Word of mouth has spread quickly in Stockholm, and most evenings are already fully booked at this first-class dinner club.

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It’s no surprise that the guests keep visiting Coup d’Etat night after night. The menu has a sharing concept and something for all tastes, and the food is prepared from the best ingredients. Start with the guest’s favorite Manticore Tartare – tartare of beef tenderloin with flowering herbs and quail egg yolk. Or why not an airy herb omelet with trout roe or sturgeon caviar. Then continue to the main courses, focusing on Persian barbecue dishes. Enjoy filet mignon, Persian minced meat, lamb racks, saffron marinated chicken thigh fillet, or entrecôte. Or go for the popular duck breast with walnut cream, truffle, and port wine sauce.

If you prefer vegetarian food, there are saffron marinated soy bits or a rich eggplant stew with soy bits. You can then round off the dinner with one of the restaurant’s delicious desserts, such as Persian ice cream, crème brûlée with a taste of saffron, or petits choux au rose.

Besides an excellent menu, Coup d’Etat is also known for its fantastic drinks, so don’t forget to try their amazing cocktails before heading out to the Stockholm night. Behind the bar is one of Stockholm’s best mixologists, and many of the drinks mixed are their own recipes with Persian ingredients such as saffron and cardamom. How about a Persian Afternoon Tea, Dodol Tala, or Lona Park? If you have other drink preferences than cocktails, there’s, of course, also a good selection of champagne and sparkling wine as well as an extensive wine list (and a knowledgeable sommelier who’s happy to guide you).

Coup d’Etat’s interior isn’t what you might expect from a Persian restaurant. In these historical restaurant premises in Östermalm, you’ll find classic Persian rugs, patterns, and colors, but the traditional decor has been mixed with, among other things, design furniture, modern graffiti art, and neon. Here, the best of two worlds meet, and together they create an interior that stands out, that feels cool and different. Persia goes punk is a good summary, and you eat in one of Stockholm’s nicest premises where there’s room for up to 140 people.

The guests are a great mix of everything from groups of friends craving drinks to families having dinner to couples on a date. Everyone is welcome here. On weekends, the restaurant has a DJ who plays good music in the lounge downstairs. The basement is also where you’ll find the cocktail bar, so it’s perfect for a relaxed hang-out in a nice atmosphere. You can also rent the downstairs premises to organize an event like a birthday party, company kickoff, vernissage, or something else.

Welcome to Coup d’Etat!

Top 3 reasons to visit

First-class crossover food that mixes Persian and French cuisine

Fantastic drinks mixed by one of Stockholm's best mixologists

Cool interior where the traditional Persian meets modern design



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