A perfect Saturday in Vasastan

Vasastan is a cozy neighborhood north of the main Norrmalm district in Stockholm. Home to fantastic restaurants, cute cafés, quirky museums and a gigantic park, you can spend a long Saturday here and be perfectly happy. Let us give you a schedule for the day.
Last updated: August 25, 2021
11 am

Vurma Vasastan

Vurma Vasastan
Start your day off right with easy brunch at Vurma Vasastan. This casual, laid-back café has stores in Hornstull and Östermalm – but it’s the Vasastan version of lunch that you’re after. Breakfast is a delight all day, from simple sandwich and coffee, to the quirky Swedish Katrin brekky-boiled eggs with caviar and oatmeal with lingonberries. Yum! Here for lunch? No problem — they offer vegetarian curries, smoky bean stew and – or so they claim – the world’s best shrimp sandwich! Best hurry on over there to find out if the claims are true.
Gästrikegatan 2
2 pm

Sven-Harry Art Museum

Sven-Harry art museum Stockholm
Sven-Harry art museum – Photo credit: © I99pema / Wikimedia
The Sven-Harry Art Museum is necessary for anyone who calls themselves a student or connoisseur of Nordic art. Surprisingly, the museum is located on a roof of a lone building in Vasastan, and what’s more, it’s an exact replica of art collector Sven-Harry’s 18th-century farm estate. Inside the cozy interior you’ll find scores of famous works by Nordic artists from Ernst Josephson, August Strindberg, Helene Schjerfbeck and Carl Fredrik Hill. Buy your ticket at the entrance; the guided tour lasts about 40 minutes.
Eastmansvägen 10
4 pm

Stockholms Glasshus

Stockholms Glasshus
Top off your afternoon with a visit to Stockholm’s Ice Cream House – yes, you read that right – featuring a delectable menu designed to knock your palette into seventh heaven. Ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and frozen yogurt – whatever you fancy, the Stockholm Glasshus has got you covered. Flavors are all over the map, from orange to banana to chocolate cookie, apple pie, licorice, pepper cake, Swiss nut chocolate, toffee cola, rum raisin, Caribbean chocolate, Marrakech, Teheran (ok now we’re just naming places) — we give up; the point is, it’s delicious and everyone will love it so what are you waiting for?
Birkagatan 8
5 pm


Observatorielunden Stockholm
If you have time, scoot off to Observatorielunden, a verdant oasis smack-dab in bustling Vasastan, with origins that date all the way back to the 1700s. It makes for a quiet respite after a long day of museum touring. Atop the hill, you’ll find the 18th-century Stockholm Observatory (used to be a museum, but it closed in 2014), and on the edges of the park are the beautiful archives of the Stockholm Public Library.
Drottninggatan 120A
6 pm


Dinner at Buco Nero
The upscale Capannone is an unparalleled Italian restaurant. Step down its long flight of stairs into the white-washed walls and skylit dining corners – the restaurant feels more like a garden than anywhere else. Italian dishes like Rigatoni della Massaia, seafood Spaghetti allo Scoglio, and the double-coated Milanese veal are excellent, of course, but it’s the mind-blowing mozzarella in the Caprese Salad that will really persuade you to come back again.
Roslagsgatan 4
9 pm

Tiki Room

Tiki Room in Vasastan
Wrap up your day in Vasastan with style at the Tiki Room, a Polynesian tiki-themed bar. It’s a creative orgy of fruity and exotic cocktails, highlighted by popping playlists from live DJs. As Stockholm’s only – authentic – tiki bar, jump at your chance for a trip back in time to a 1950’s tropical paradise.
Birkagatan 10
We wish you a fantastic Saturday in Stockholm’s Vasastan!

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