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Surbrunnsgatan 46, Vasastan
Hjalmar Söderbergs väg 10B, Kristineberg
Hövdingagatan 14, Aspudden
Augustendalsvägen 53, Nacka strand
Sundbybergs torg 1, 172 67 Sundbyberg
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Mini golf, food, drinks, and more

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Golfbaren – a unique mini golf experience beyond the ordinary

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Challenge your friends and family in mini golf on high-class courses in unique settings. Enjoy excellent food with inspiration from American cuisine. Experience world-class service where nothing is left to chance. That’s what you get at the Golfbaren – a complete experience that’s based on miniature golf but is so much more. Today, Golfbaren has five locations in unique environments around Stockholm.

Golfbaren is something completely different than the mini golf courses you’re used to. Here you play mini golf in unique environments and combine the game with good food and drink. Whether you want to play indoors in Art Deco-style premises or hit a hole in one in scenic castle and archipelago environments, Golfbaren has something for you.

Behind the concept is Hans Olofsson, a mini golf enthusiast since childhood with both World Cup and Swedish Championship gold in his résumé. His idea to offer Stockholm a new kind of mini golf experience was realized in 2013 when Golfbaren got the chance to take over one of Stockholm’s classic mini golf courses in Kristineberg’s Castle Park, dating from 1954. The beautiful environment, first-class artificial turf courses, and Swedish authors as a theme attracted many visitors. The success was a fact and has continued ever since.

Top 3 reasons to visit

Unbeatable combination of mini golf, food, and drinks

First-class facilities in unique environments

A complete experience that suits anyone



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Tuesday 5 pm – 11 pm
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Friday 4 pm – 12 midnight
Saturday 12 noon – 12 midnight
Sunday closed

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