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When traveling with children it can be difficult to find the balance between fun for the grownups and fun for the kids. Lucky for you Stockholm loves children as much as we love adults and there are endless things to do that will please the whole family.

Last updated: October 4, 2023

Here are our top museums for kids (which the grownups will also enjoy!).





Junibacken - kids museum in Stockholm

Junibacken – Photo: Anders E. Skånberg

While famed author Astrid Lindgren is probably most known for creating the rebellious, super-strong, and wonderfully cheeky Pippi Longstocking (known as Pippi Långstrump in Swedish) she also authored numerous other books filled with beloved characters.

Junibacken is devoted to all things Lindgren, but you will also find other famous characters from children’s books, and your little ones shouldn’t miss taking the exciting journey with the Story Train. The museum is highly interactive and unsurprisingly boasts an excellent bookshop. The restaurant is also well worth a visit.

Galärvarvsvägen 8, Djurgården

Stockholm Toy Museum

Stockholm Toy Museum
Stockholm Toy Museum has northern Europe’s largest collection of toys and comics

Stockholm Toy Museum, which you’ll find in Skeppsholmen, opened in 2017 and offers northern Europe’s largest collection of toys and comics. The unique collection comes from Tidö Castle outside Västerås and consists of as many as 40,000 objects – everything from dolls from the 15th century to Barbie and Disney. There’s also a section with toys that royalties previously owned and played with.

The idea is that the museum should be an exciting meeting place for both children and adults. While playful children can find many of the toys they recognize, grandma and grandpa can get a nostalgia trip by seeing their favorite toys from the past. The fact that the 2,500 m2 museum is located in a deep geological repository with passages that go far into the rock also creates a special atmosphere and an experience in itself. Stockholm Toy Museum offers guided tours, and also houses a café.

Svensksundavägen 5, Skeppsholmen

The National Museum of Science and Technology (Tekniska museet)

Tekniska museet Stockholm

National Museum of Science and Technology – Photo: © Anna Gerdén

With exhibits like Mega Mind and 100 Innovations, along with films in 4-D ‘Tekniska’ (as we locals call it) will fill your senses and set your mind alight. Even if you aren’t into science or technology this museum is so well crafted you will find yourself not just engaged but inspired. The bonus is that everyone comes away with new knowledge gained while having loads of fun. No wonder it’s one of Stockholm’s best museums for children.

Museivägen 7, Norra Djurgården



Skansen kids museum in Stockholm

Playing at Skansen – Photo: © Maria Johansson

Sweden’s first open-air museum, founded in 1891, is living history at its best. Native animals in natural settings, five centuries of Swedish history, historical buildings and homesteads brought here from throughout Sweden, and top-notch workshops (such as glassblowing) and markets make Skansen a full day of fun for the whole family. There are also evening concerts during the summer and some killer views of Stockholm.

Djurgårdsslätten 49-51, Djurgården

Paradox Museum

Paradox Museum
Experience the exciting paradoxes at Paradox Museum

Take the kids to Hötorget’s southern metro entrance and experience a different kind of museum adventure. Here you’ll find one of Stockholm’s most magical, quirky, and fun museums – Paradox Museum. As the name reveals, this place is about the exciting world of paradoxes, i.e., things that contradict themselves or go against your expectations. The museum offers more than 70 interactive exhibits that test both your brain and eyes. And that the kids are sure to enjoy. How about asking questions to a piano and getting answers while the piano composes a unique melody? Let loose in a rotating tunnel? Or defying gravity in the Upside Down Room?

At Paradox Museum, children (and adults) will learn all about the science behind paradoxes. You’ll also have a super fun experience together, and if you want to take spectacular photos for the family album or social media, it’s hard to find a photo environment that tops this one. So book a fun family activity full of new perspectives, experience things that defy reality, and expect to question your own experiences. New knowledge, lots of laughter, and wonderful memories are promised. And make sure to check out the paradox-inspired museum shop before you leave. You’ll find plenty of souvenirs, games, clothes, accessories, and gadgets.

Sergelgatan 20, Norrmalm/City


After a five-year pause, a popular museum for children in Stockholm – Spårvägsmuseet (The Transport Museum) – has finally made a comeback. The museum closed in 2017 in Södermalm and has, after a move, re-opened in the Gasworks District in Norra Djurgårdsstaden in 2022 – just in time for the 100th anniversary! And in the beautiful house from 1893 – which is worth a visit in itself – the museum has really found its home. Here, the travel, the travelers, and Stockholm – in the past, present and future – are shown in a fantastic way that is guaranteed to be a success with the younger (and also the older) visitors.

Spårvägsmuseet’s exciting collections contain many of the fantastic vehicles that have served Stockholm for over a hundred years. You will be taken on an exciting journey in the history of public transport on water, streets, and tracks. In the permanent exhibition, 13 vehicles take you between motor and electric traffic to horse-drawn carriages and boats. In addition, you meet other parts of the public transport world – uniforms, tickets, subway art, and advertising are just a few examples. If you get hungry during the visit, there is a café that serves food, coffee, and drinks. And don’t forget to buy a souvenir in Spårvägsmuseet’s shop.

Gasverkstorget 1, Norra Djurgårdsstaden

Tom Tits Experiment

Tom Tits experiment museum

Photo: © Tom Tits Experiment

Despite the name and being a bit south of the city, we here at ViewStockholm rate Tom Tits Experiment as one of our favorite museums for both kids and grownups. Spread over four floors (plus an outdoor area that will keep you busy for hours) this is one interactive museum that really raises the bar. With everything from throwing your voice down a tunnel to riding bikes on a wire to learning about how tornadoes evolve Tom Tits is so much more than a science museum. We like to call it an experience – and one that is well worth the short trip south to Södertälje.

Storgatan 33, Södertälje


Leksaks- och samlarmuseet

Leksaksmuseet Stockholm

A lot of old toys can be found at Leksaks- och samlarmuseet

With thousands upon thousands of toys illustrating how we played during the last century or so, the Leksaks- och samlarmuseet is filled with dolls (and their houses!), trains, cars, peepshows, working model railways and so much more. Great for kids to see what children played with in the past and for the grownups maybe a few fond memories. The children’s theatre and a magic show add to the fun, while the café and gift shop are always worth a visit.

Brantvägen 3, Fisksätra


Going to a museum should be fun, and neither children nor adults will be disappointed at the level of fun at Upplevelsemuseet (Museum of New Experiences). Here, you shouldn’t just look and read about things but experience them – feel, smell, taste, and try. So, get ready to try 52 things you’ve never experienced before. Dipping your finger in liquid metal, holding an African giant snail, smelling an angry skunk, tasting fried crickets, and challenging your fear of heights in VR are just a few examples of these different experiences. Museum 2.0, in short, and exciting isn’t enough to describe it.

At the Experience Museum, the whole family and all ages can have fun together – younger children, teenagers, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers. In other words, a perfect activity for weekends and holidays. The museum is located on the ground floor of the Globen shopping center and is open every day of the week.

Arenaslingan 3A, Johanneshov

Enjoy Stockholm’s best museums for children

We wish you and your family a great day at Stockholm’s museums for kids! And when you’re done with your museum adventures, check out our guide to the best playgrounds in the city!

Featured image credit: © Junibacken

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