Stockholm’s Subway: The World’s Longest Art Gallery

Stockholm’s subway system is known as the world’s longest art gallery, with more than 150 artists transforming the underground stations one by one since the 1950s. Some of Sweden’s most heralded artists have been commissioned over the years to create art that have made the 110 km underground space a place of peace and beauty.

For the price of a ticket you go from station to station on the Stockholm subway and at each stop you’ll discover a new art experience. You’re sure to see plenty of art as you pass through Central Station so here’s some of View Stockholm’s other favourites.


In 1973 Enno Hallek and Åke Pallarp collaborated to create colourful designs that celebrate the 1912 Summer Olympics, which were hosted by Stockholm at the nearby Stadium, which remains one of the most interesting sports arenas in the world.

The World's Longest Art Gallery

Stadion celebrates the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm – Photo credit: ©

World's Longest Art Gallery

The rainbows of Stockholm’s Stadion subway station – Photo credit: ©


In 1977 Ulrik Samuelson transformed Kungsträdgården’s subway platforms into an underground garden, with colourful abstract designs which reflect the nearby Kungsträdgården park in the city centre.  Samuelson made further additions a decade later, which only enhanced the magic of the space.

World's Longest Art Gallery

Kungsträdgården subway station is an abstract garden – Photo credit: © Arild/Flickr

For the subway art at Tekniska Högskolan (KTH the Royal Institute of Technology) artist Lennart Mörk showcases the four classic elements: fire, water, air, and earth, as well as technology advances and the universe, perfectly reflecting the school’s name it shares.

World's Longest Art Gallery

Tekniska Högskolan has a scientific theme – Photo credit: © Arild/Flickr

Solna Centrum

A forest runs the length of the walls, reflecting artists Karl-Olov Björk and Anders Åberg’s political statement on the environmental movement backing 1975.  The sky is blood red but while the scenes look idyllic at first glance a closer look will give you a different message.

Stockholm subway art

Solna Centrum’s dramatic escalators – Photo credit: © Tobias Lindman/Flickr

World's Longest Art Gallery

Solna Centrum carries a strong environmental message – Photo credit: © Daniel Mott/Flickr


Located on Kungsholmen, Rådhuset station’s art was created by Sigvard Olsson, who took inspiration from the city’s past, when Franciscan monks first inhabited the island in the 15th century.  A mysterious grotto, complete with archeological finds, feels as if you’re on an underground dig, discovering bits of the past.

World's Longest Art Gallery

Rådhuset has an archeological vibe – Photo credit: © Tony Webster/Flickr


What would the world’s longest art gallery in a city devoted to tech and digital be without at last a nod to the thriving scene?  The pixellated station, designed by Huck Hultgren and Lars Arrhenius is a wonderful simple reflection of Stockholm’s continued devotion to the future, while giving a nod to the past.

World's Longest Art Gallery

Thorildsplan celebrates digital art – Photo credit: © Per-Olof Forsberg/Flickr


Artists Elis Eriksson and Gösta Wallmark seem to have channeled their inner child when they dreamed up Hallonbergen. 28 meters below the Centrum is a whimsical space, based entirely on children’s artwork, with both paintings and sculptures. It’s a breath of fresh air and reminds us of how to see the world through the eyes of a child.

World's Longest Art Gallery

Hallonbergen: Through the eyes of children – Photo credit: © Daniel Mott/Flickr

World's Longest Art Gallery

Hallonbergen whimsical children’s theme – Photo credit: © Daniel Mott/Flickr

Use View Stockholm’s handy map to start your journey through the World’s Longest Art Gallery!

Begin your art tour at Stockholm Central Station.

Featured Photo credit: © J. Lekavicius / Shutterstock, Inc.



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