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Is it time to plan a children’s party in Stockholm? And you don’t want to take care of everything yourself and your home to be the same afterwards? Then there’s a huge range of party organizers who will make your child’s party an unforgettable experience. The city has everything from action-packed play centers to exciting museums where all guests have fun. Here’s a guide to the city’s best children’s birthday parties. Time to celebrate!
Last updated: March 11, 2024

We want to make our kid’s birthday party a day to remember. But as a parent, organizing the cake, snacks, candy bags, decorations, games, keeping track of all the little guests, and everything else can be a sweaty experience to say the least. So it’s nice to let the experts take care of the event.

Find the right place for your kid’s party in Stockholm

Stockholm has a vast range of children’s party organizers when you want to mix cake and gifts with fun activities. Whether your child is looking for speed and action in a trampoline park or wants to have a quiet and cozy time at a museum, there’s something for you. Many organizers can also come to your home and set up the party.

But with so many options, finding the right place for your child can be a challenge. So, to help you navigate the party jungle, we’ve put together a guide to kids’ parties in Stockholm. Perfect to have on hand the next time it’s time to plan the birthday event. We wish your child a fun day!






Planet Rondo

If you’re a parent looking to take the stress out of the party planning, Planet Rondo is an excellent solution. They’re experienced party professionals and offer a wide range of well-organized party packages that make it easy to create your child’s dream party. There are themes for all ages and interests – from a teddy bear theme for the 1-year-old to Frozen, Minions, Paw Patrol, Spiderman, L.O.L. dolls, and Minecraft for older kids.

The Planet Rondo team either comes to your home or a rented venue. And their packages include everything the kids could want – games, singing, face painting, balloon decorations, balloon figures, photo zone, giant soap bubble show, and table setting. And, of course, the entertainment and activities are provided by characters dressed up in the chosen theme. The children are guaranteed to have great fun, and as a parent you can relax and just enjoy the happy children.

Finlandsgatan 10, Kista


The Royal Armoury kids' parties
Have a royal birthday party at Livrustkammaren – Photo: © Livrustkammaren, Jens Mohr, SHM

What child doesn’t dream of having their birthday party in a palace? That dream can become a reality. Livrustkammaren (The Royal Armoury) at the Royal Palace in central Stockholm is not only a popular museum for children (and adults) but also an organizer of royal kids’s parties in fantastic historical settings. Come as you are or run a masquerade theme where guests are dressed as princes, princesses, and knights.

The party concept at Livrustkammaren includes a tour of the museum where children can explore Sweden’s royal history from Gustav Vasa to the present day, discover armor, and spot stuffed horses. Among other things. Then games, cake, and refreshments await in the museum’s beautiful 18th-century stone hall. You can either leave all the arrangements to the museum’s party hosts or organize the party yourself (you can borrow a music system, fish pond equipment, and more).

Slottsbacken 3. Norrmalm/City


Jumpyard Stockholm
Bounce around, climb, and have fun – you can’t go wrong with a kid’s party at JumpYard
If your child wants an energetic children’s party in Stockholm, JumpYard trampoline park is the place to be. They have two facilities in Stockholm, in Barkarby and in the mall Nacka Forum, where kids can bounce around, climb, and burn energy in every possible way. In spacious facilities and under the supervision of professional staff, kids can have fun on trampolines, foam pits, ninja courses, parkour, diving towers, climbing walls, and football pitches.

After an hour of trampoline jumping, there’s a party table set up for the children to replenish their energy and continue the fun. You’ll have a private room where you can have “fika” or food. The birthday girl or boy also gets a nice surprise. Planning and cleaning are included (so you can take a breather), party hosts are at your service, and you can also book play leaders if you want. Action-packed, sweaty, and fun – a birthday party at JumpYard is always a blast.

Nettovägen 2, Barkarby
Nacka Forum, Forumvägen 12, Nacka




Laserdome, with six locations around Stockholm, offers an action-packed activity that’s perfect for birthday parties for slightly older children (at least 8 years old). Equipped with laser tag guns, the kids get a great experience in a smoke-filled arena with cool sound effects and UV lighting. Exciting, adrenaline-filled, and plenty of fun. And it has nothing to do with strength, so everyone can participate. Instead, it’s all about speed, accuracy, strategic thinking, and teamwork.

Laserdome offers several different fun packages depending on what you want. The packages include two or three games, and you can choose between having the entire course to yourself or sharing it with others. After the games, you get access to a party room where you can have refreshments and/or food. Either bring your own food or book a package with pizza or cake. The packages also include drinks, ice cream, and a bag of sweets.

6 addresses (click to see)
Sankt Eriksgatan 56, Kungsholmen
Surbrunnsgatan 42, Vasastan
Ekbacksvägen 32, Bromma
Instrumentvägen 25, Aspudden
Mårbackagatan 31–33, Farsta
Leverantörsvägen 9, Täby
Kid’s party in Stockholm
If you’re looking for places for your kid’s birthday party, Stockholm has a lot to offer

Karbin Klätterhall

Climbing and children belong together. So few activities top a party at the Karbin climbing center in Västberga. In one of Sweden’s largest (and most fun) climbing facilities, the kids are invited to a playful adventure party where all friends can climb at their level – there are walls for all ages and abilities. During the climbing, experienced and encouraging instructors make sure everyone is safe and having fun.

When the kids are done climbing all of Karbin’s routes (there are hundreds), you can take a breather and continue the festivities in a large party room with glass walls facing the climbing center. If you have ordered a party package, everyone gets hot dogs, drinks, and ice cream, but it’s also possible to rent the room without a party package. Of course, you can also bring a birthday cake and decorate the room with balloons etc.

Västberga allé 60, Västberga


Does your child want to invite his or her friends to a happy, wet, and festive children’s party in Stockholm next birthday? Then you should book a swimming party at Trampoolin, one of the city’s largest operators of swim classes. In their facility in Kungsholmen, you can book the entire swimming pool for yourself, and invite up to 10 children to a great water party.

In the cozy facility, the pool is nice and warm, and during the swimming party, you’ll have access to the facility’s toys and swimming equipment. Play, swim, and dive for an hour, then the party can continue in the café, where you can buy toast, hot dogs, and beverages. Considering how much most children love to swim, a pool party at Trampoolin can only be a success.

Södra Agnegatan 20, Kungsholmen

Åbergs Museum

Do you have a little jungle lover in the family? Then a jungle party at Åbergs Museum in Bålsta, about 50 kilometers from Stockholm, is perfect. The Lasse Åberg Museum, located in an old barn from the 19th century, is the world’s only art, comic, and toy museum with its own jungle. In a personal and playful environment with a Trazan and Banarne theme, the children (max 20) get a wonderful party experience.

A party at the Åberg Museum begins with a festive ”fika” and celebration in the museum’s restaurant. All kids get ice cream, juice, and chocolate balls. The children also get huge balloons and a lollypop when they leave (the birthday child also gets a gift from the museum). After the “fika”, the kids can play in the Trazan hut, a three-storey jungle hut. It’s a super fun playground where they can climb, slide, hide in the huts, and explore the laboratory of Secret Arne.

Kalmarvägen 10, Bålsta



Leos Lekland

Leos Lekland kids' parties
Leos Lekland is a house of fun and very popular for kid’s parties
No guide to children’s party organizers is complete without Sweden’s largest play center chain – Leos Lekland. In Stockholm, there are four large facilities where children can have their dream party. Here they’ll get a fantastic experience where they can run, play, climb, and frolic among all possible attractions. Slides, trampolines, spider towers, mega balls, pirate ships, ball cannons, ball pits, bikes, and parkour are just a few examples.

In addition to all the play opportunities, Leos Lekland has party rooms with several different themes. The children can experience a magical ball at the castle in the ice princess theme, party among space heroes and stars in the space room, or get moving with dance music and neon in the disco room. Popcorn, jungle juice, and ice cream are served, and whatever theme your child chooses, it’s sure to be a day to remember. And best of all (at least for parents), the facility’s party masters take care of everything from food to cleaning.

4 addresses (click to see)
Diagonalvägen 10, Kungens kurva
Herrestavägen 1, Barkarby
Mätslingan 2, Arninge
Truckvägen 5, Länna

Have a fun kids’ birthday party in Stockholm

There you have our guide to children’s parties in Stockholm. Whether your kid wants to invite their friends over to your home and you don’t want to do all the work or you want to have the party somewhere else, we hope you find a party organizer that suits your needs. Have a great birthday party and congratulations (in advance) to your child!

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