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Do you have acute back pain? Or have you long suffered from pain in your muscles and joints? Then you can get help from a chiropractor in Stockholm. The city is full of chiropractic clinics that treat both acute and long-term problems to make you pain-free and restore your body to full function. Here’s the guide to Stockholm’s chiropractors.
Last updated: March 28, 2024
Chiropractic has been practiced since the late 19th century, and today it’s a well-established and popular form of treatment that has become an integral part of health care. The word comes from Greek and means roughly ‘to do by hand.’ In other words, the treatments are performed manually with the hands.

A licensed chiropractor takes a holistic approach to the patient, and the treatments aim to prevent, diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate pain and disorders related to the body’s musculoskeletal system, especially the back and neck. It is common to have 3-5 treatment sessions, but it’s individual.

Find the right chiropractor in Stockholm

Humans are designed for movement. But our sedentary lifestyle often stands in the way. Back and neck problems have become one of the most common diseases of our time, causing a lot of pain and disability. But there’s help available. There are chiropractors all over Stockholm who can help you get rid of your pain problems.

But with so much choice, it can be difficult to find the right chiropractor in Stockholm. So to help you navigate the options, we’ve put together a guide to the city’s chiropractic clinics. Perfect to have on hand when your back pain suddenly strikes or when you’ve decided to tackle your nagging neck pain.






Engelbrekts Kiropraktorcenter

At Engelbrekts Kiropraktorcenter, you can get help to relieve your problems so you can function in everyday life. In a fresh and modern environment, they offer chiropractic treatment, medical acupuncture, shockwave therapy, yoga, and STOTT pilates for patients of all ages. To help you achieve a well-functioning and balanced body, licensed chiropractors make careful assessments, treatments, and follow-ups based on your needs.

You can come to Engelbrekts Chiropractor Center with acute problems such as back pain, neck pain, and sports injuries. But you can also book an appointment if you have long-term problems that you want to get rid of. Whatever your needs, you’ll receive effective and gentle treatment aimed at improving your health and quality of life. The treatment is also complemented by exercises and advice for best results.

The clinic also offers corporate chiropractic care for companies who want to prevent sick leave and offer their employees fast treatment.

Engelbrektsgatan 39, Östermalm
Chiropractor Stockholm

Stockholm has a lot of skilled chiropractors – Photo: Unsplash


Kiropraktorvård is a clinic in Kungsholmen that provides you with safe and smooth care. Here you can get help with pain in muscles, joints, and nerves – acute, long-term, or recurring. Examples include tension headaches, shoulder problems, tennis elbow, mouse arm, back pain, hip pain, sciatica, and sports injuries.

At Kiropraktorvård, you’ll meet experienced, well-trained, and licensed chiropractors who are informative and responsive. During the visit, they perform examination, diagnosis, and well-balanced treatment methods with the goal of getting you back to your everyday life quickly. You’ll also get good tips and exercises to prevent future problems. In addition to chiropractic, the clinic also offers massage.

Sankt Eriksgatan 65, Kungsholmen


KiropraktorKompaniet is a chiropractor in Stockholm that you find in the middle of the city near Hötorget. Since 2009, they’ve helped people to an active and pain-free life and over the years, they’ve met tens of thousands of patients. The nice team of licensed chiropractors has long experience and broad collective competence with different specialist areas.

You can come to KiropraktorKompaniet with, for example, neck pain, respiratory pain, shoulder problems, chest pain, lower back pain, herniated discs, sciatica, hip problems, and foot problems. In addition to chiropractic care, the range of treatments includes massage, ergonomics, rehab training, and examination for shoe inserts. And whether you need pain relief or preventive care, you’ll receive chiropractic treatment that focuses on your unique needs and goals.

Olof Palmes gata 16, Norrmalm/City



Gamla Stans Kiropraktik

In cozy Old Town, among cobblestone streets and beautiful old buildings, there’s a professional and friendly licensed chiropractor, Tuukka Kaukoniemi, who can help you become pain-free. At Gamla Stans Kiropraktik you get help to build up your nervous system so that you can function optimally and do things in life without pain and illness.

Back pain, sciatica, herniated disk, osteoarthritis, whiplash, tension, stress, dizziness, balance problems, positional vertigo, migraine, tension headache, tennis elbow, mouse arm, and sports injuries are examples of problems you can get treatment for at Gamla Stans Kiropraktik. The visit begins with a thorough mapping and examination. If chiropractic care proves suitable for you, you’ll receive a care plan and then treatment plus advice on exercises you can do yourself between visits.

Lilla Nygatan 19, Old Town


Kroppskonsulten is located in Gärdet, and here you get help from the chiropractor Mats Tverin who is specially trained in all problems and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. He has a great passion for the body, health, and sports. Among other things, he has worked as a national team chiropractor for Sweden’s national karate team and also has a background as an elite athlete himself.

You can get treatment for a variety of pain conditions – neck pain, lower back pain, headaches, heel spurs, and much more. And because Mats also has good knowledge of diet, health, and ergonomics, you can get a more complete treatment that looks not only at the acute symptoms but also at the cause of the problem. Based on this, you’ll get a plan on what you can do to keep the symptoms or injury away in the future.

In addition to chiropractic, Kroppskonsulten also offers a stress package that combines chiropractic and psychotherapy to take a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

Sandelsgatan 31, Gärdet
Chiropractic Stockholm

Stockholm’s chiropractors can help you get rid of your back or neck pain – Photo: Unsplash

Nordic Kiropraktik

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Stockholm near Odenplan in Vasastan, Nordic Kiropraktik is a good option. Here you’re welcomed to a fresh and pleasant environment where well-trained and experienced therapists help you regain balance in your body so that you can experience a comfortable and pain-free everyday life. Whether it’s acute pain or maintaining a healthy spine, the team is ready for you. Both adults and children are welcome, and the clinic has generous opening hours (including weekends).

Back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, osteoarthritis, neck pain, whiplash, tension headaches, migraines, shoulder problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness, and golfer’s elbow are examples of conditions you can get treatment for at Nordic Kiropraktik. In addition, you can get help from a naprapath, and the range of services also includes massage, dry needling (thin needles that target trigger points in the muscles), and customized exercise programs for rehab.

Västmannagatan 66, Vasastan


Agilokliniken, founded in 1991, has nine locations around Stockholm and the surrounding area and offers professional help from chiropractors, naprapaths, and physiotherapists. The clinic’s licensed therapists have extensive experience in treating back and neck injuries, sports injuries, and muscle and tendon injuries and pain. They keep up to date with manual medicine, physiotherapy, and advanced exercise technology to ensure healthy and satisfied patients.

Agilokliniken’s treatment range includes naprapathy, shock wave therapy, physiotherapy, Thompson Drop Technique, ultrasound, acupuncture, laser, and trigger point therapy. You as a patient are always at the center and together with your therapist you set a plan for diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation with follow-up visits to achieve your goal.

9 addresses (click to see)
Västra Järnvägsgatan 13, Norrmalm/City
Norrlandsgatan 11, Norrmalm/City
Rosenlundsgatan 54, Södermalm
Katarinavägen 18, Södermalm
Solnavägen 3G, Hagastaden
Evenemangsgatan 29, Solna
Gamla Värmdövägen 4, Nacka
Bagarbyvägen 61, Häggvik
Grödingevägen 13, Tumba




If you want to go to a chiropractor in Östermalm, SLS – Stockholms Led- & Smärtspecialist – is located on Karlavägen. Here you can get treatment for your muscle and joint problems. Whether it’s something acute like back pain, neck pain, or sports injury or more long-term pain like osteoarthritis and chronic pain, you can get help from a knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated team.

In addition to chiropractors, the clinic has naprapaths, physiotherapists, and doctors. The goal is to combine treatment methods and areas of expertise to provide you with the best possible physical, medical, and psychosocial care. SLS’s services include chiropractic, naprapathy, stem cell treatment, PRF/PRP treatment, specialist consultation with doctors, and physiotherapy/rehabilitation training.

Karlavägen 1, Östermalm

Let a chiropractor in Stockholm help you get rid of pain

There you have our guide for those who want the help of a chiropractor in Stockholm to relieve pain. We hope you find a clinic that suits you – whether you have an acute back pain, want to deal with long-term pain problems, or want preventive treatment to feel good in everyday life and avoid future problems.

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