Stockholm is a shopper’s paradise. From big names like H&M and Åhlens to the special little fashion boutiques that offer one-of-a-kind finds this is a stylish and trendy city that embraces its clean Scandinavian aesthetic but isn’t afraid to try something new.

If you’re visiting Stockholm and want to go beyond the big brands here are our favourite little fashion shops where you kind find that special item to add to your wardrobe.


Grandpa Stockholm

Grandpa – Photo credit: © Bex Walton/Flickr

Södermalm is Stockholm’s trendiest quarter and Grandpa is one of its trendiest shops. In addition to the hip, well-made clothing Grandpa’s offer bags, funky wooden toothbrushes, vintage, designer homewares, and a lot more. Excellent staff and the sense that you’ve discovered the coolest shop ever. Nowadays they also have shops on Kungsholmen and in the city centre.

Where: Södermannagatan 21 (also at Fridhemsgatan 43 and Gamla Brogatan 32)


Their motto is ‘art, music, tailoring’ which tells you something about just how forward this shop (and brand) is. For 16 years Whyred has been helping Swedes add some zing to their wardrobes by staying true to their Scandinavian roots while adding a big of quirky flair that feels almost British.

Where: Mäster Samuelsgatan 3; Drottninggatan 94; Götgatan 36

Nitty Gritty

If you’re looking for unusual and exclusive clothing for both men and women Nitty Gritty is the place for you. While the shop has its fair share of pricey items there’s a good mix of less expensive – but no less stylish – pieces, with both Swedish and international brands filling the racks.

Where: Krukmakargatan 26

Nitty Gritty Stockholm

Nitty Gritty – Photo © Nitty Gritty


Back in the 90s Acne was most known for great jeans but since then the brand has carefully cultivated a reputation for being one of Sweden’s most forward thinking brands. Its flagship store in the centre of the city carries their latest innovations for both men and women.

Where: Norrmalmstorg 2


With a mix of both in-house and outside brands, Weekday offers a great selection of cool jeans, as well as a range of clothing that strongly leans towards hipster. The mindset is modern and mindfulness plays a bit part here.

Where: Götgatan 21; Drottninggatan 63

Clothing store Stockholm



OUR LEGACY is known for taking traditional men’s styles and turning them slightly askew. With suiting, workwear, and streetwear all in the mix the clothing in this store is minimalistic yet fun. If you’re anything like Stockholm’s fashionable men this is the place for you.

Where: Krukmakargatan 24; Jakobsbergsgatan 11; Artillerigatan 16; Rödabergsgatan 6

Our Legacy Stockholm

OUR LEGACY – Photo © Mikael Olsson

Anna Holtblad

Timeless yet trendy, Anna Holtblad has spent the past twenty years helping to define Swedish fashion. Her signature knitwear, which has a folk-inspired aesthetic, is a particular favourite among fashionistas both in Sweden and abroad.

Where: Grev Turegatan 13

Filippa K

High quality is the name of the game in this boutique, along with expert tailoring. Filippa K is known for her amazing basics, such as t-shirts and pencil skirts, but she also knows how to create a deceptively simple dress or the perfect white men’s shirt that will be a perennial favourite for years to come.

Where: Götgatan 36; Grev Turegatan 18; Hamngatan 18-20 (NK)

Uniforms for the Dedicated

A dedication to Mother Earth is the name of the game for this brand, where sustainability is at the forefront but never at the cost of cutting edge fashion for men. The designs are sleek and ooze Scandinavian cool. And the story behind the brand is almost as interesting as the clothes.

Where: Krukmakargatan 24

Uniforms for the Dedicated

Uniforms for the Dedicated – Photo © Uniforms for the Dedicated


This cool, clean, uncluttered shop positively screams Swedish design. Offering an excellent edit of progressive design from across Scandinavia, you’ll be hard pressed to leave without adding at least one new item to your wardrobe. Aplace also has a magazine dedicated to style.

Where: Götgatan 36 (in Brunogallerian)

View Stockholm hopes you enjoy the best fashion our city has to offer!