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Is your company or organization having a conference in Stockholm? Then there are plenty of good conference venues to choose from. With its beautiful waterfront location and great access to restaurants, hotels, activities, attractions, and other nice things, Sweden’s capital is perfect for meetings and events. Whether you’re 180 people and need a conference facility model XL for a mingle or a small room for a board meeting, there’s sure to be a venue that suits you.
Last updated: September 26, 2023

MStockholm is a fantastic city in many ways, and there are plenty of reasons to have your conference here. The city offers a wide range of meeting venues – from conference centers in the heart of the city to out-of-town facilities in scenic settings.

Achieve creative deeds, form exciting plans for the future, or make important decisions while enjoying food, coffee, and all kinds of service. A conference should be something special – an inspiring experience that gives you a break from your ordinary workday.

Book the right venue for your conference in Stockholm

A network mingling at a luxury hotel near the central station in Stockholm city? A breakfast seminar in a cozy meeting room among cobbled streets and beautiful buildings in Old Town? An extraordinary conference room for a business meeting in Östermalm? Or an excellent facility with accommodation and all possible amenities for an inspiring kickoff in the archipelago? There are many preferences among conference bookers – and Stockholm delivers whatever your company wants.

To help you find the right conference venue in Stockholm, we’ve listed the city’s top conference and meeting facilities. Just find a date and book. We wish you an enjoyable event!


Smådalarö Gård

Smådalarö Gård conference
Smådalarö Gård is the perfect place if you want a conference in the Stockholm archipelago

A lovely combination of archipelago environment, gastronomy, relaxation, and activities – doesn’t that sound like the perfect place to have a conference? Then bring your company or organization to Smådalarö Gård – a gem for those who want a meeting in the Stockholm archipelago. It’s located in the classic seaside resort of Dalarö, and you can get here in just 50 minutes from Stockholm. When you arrive, a large conference venue, a unique boutique hotel with 110 hotel rooms, 2,000 square meters of spa facility (both outdoor and indoor), several bars and restaurants, golf, padel, and tennis await you. In other words, this place is made for a multi-day conference.

The conference facility at Smådalarö Gård offers 12 modern and well-equipped meeting rooms with seating for 2 to 120 people. There are also several social areas that you can book for different experiences. The facility’s staff will help you tailor the optimal conference for your group and deliver five-star service throughout your stay. When you’re done conferencing, you can relax in the spa, do some fun activities, and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Having your meeting in a relaxing and stunning archipelago setting gives you the best possible conditions for creative ideas, sharp strategy work, mingling, or whatever is on the agenda. Be prepared for a meeting experience you’ll remember for a long time.

Smådalarövägen 100, Dalarö

Hamburger Börs

Hamburger Börs is one of Stockholm’s most famous entertainment venues with an impressive history. This establishment is 340 (!) years old, and over the years, it has offered world-class stage shows and music experiences with both Swedish stars and international celebrities. But Börsen, as it’s sometimes called, also provides excellent conference opportunities for companies and organizations. Here you can hold meetings and events, both during the day and in the evening, in an ancient, spacious, and inspiring environment in the heart of the Swedish capital.

A conference at Hamburger Börs means you get help tailoring the event to your organization’s needs so that all participants are satisfied with the experience. Modern technology and staff to coordinate everything are in place, and great emphasis is also placed on food and drink. The skilled chef will create a tasty menu based on your wishes, ranging from light snacks and mingling food to a three-course dinner and buffet. And the perfect way to end the conference is, of course, to experience Hamburger Börs’ current show.

Jakobsgatan 6, Norrmalm/City


Fågelbrohus conferences and meetings
Meet and greet in a beautiful rural setting at Fågelbrohus in Värmdö – Photo: Fågelbrohus

Fågelbrohus is a rural idyll in beautiful Värmdö with a large conference facility where you can arrange meetings and conferences that all participants will appreciate. In addition to excellent meeting facilities with nature as a backdrop, there’s a fine hotel with 72 rooms, dining experiences, pool & relaxation, gym, golf course, and scenic surroundings. In other words, everything you could wish for, and here you can organize both day meetings and multi-day conferences with overnight stays. Getting here from Stockholm takes just 40 minutes by bus or car.

The conference center offers 14 event and meeting rooms of various sizes, from 6 to 80 people, for all occasions. Plus several lounges where you can mingle and socialize. The large rooms are suitable for larger gatherings, lectures, and events, for example, while the smaller rooms are perfect for board meetings, interviews, or meetings with a smaller team. The rooms are well equipped with a sound system, projector, whiteboard, and wifi. And with the lush greenery of Fågelbrolandet outside your window, you’ll get that extra bit of inspiration.

When you’ve finished your work, relaxation awaits. Enjoy everything from a delicious dinner to a dip in the pool, and finally a good night’s sleep in comfy beds.

Fågelbrovägen 20, Värmdö



Westmanska Palatset

Are you looking for a conference venue in Stockholm city? Then Westmanska Palatset is an excellent option. This beautiful meeting venue and banquet hall is located in the city center and offers several rooms for meetings, events, and parties. Plus a pleasant courtyard of about 500 square meters. Here you can meet and enjoy yourself in a grand setting that has played an important role throughout history. The building was completed in 1800, and Sweden was governed from here for some time. It was also within these walls that The Swedish Museum of Natural History began its activities.

Nowadays, Westmanska Palatset is a complete conference facility offering affordable day conferences. The venue has eight comfortable conference rooms of various sizes – from a 120-seat auditorium to boardrooms for up to 8 participants. In other words, you can arrange everything from board meetings to seminars. The rooms are fresh and modern, with high windows that let in natural light, the latest technology, and everything else you need. Including excellent service from the staff. If you want food and drink, Restaurant Westman, also located in the building, offers top-quality dining where skilled chefs prepare everything from business lunches to three-course dinners.

Holländargatan 17, Norrmalm/City


Brostugan konferens
Brostugan in Bromma offers nice conference facilities in scenic surroundings
On the island Kärsön at the bridge abutment of Nockebybron in Bromma, not far from royal Drottningholm, Brostugan offers beautiful and harmonious conference facilities dating back to the 18th century. The upper floor offers a conference room for up to 30 people with wifi. The cozy room also has a fireplace.

If you want to eat during the day, Brostugan offers packages with tasty breakfast, lunch, and afternoon coffee with pastries. And if you need a break from presentations and teamwork, you’re in the right place. There are plenty of activities in scenic surroundings so that you can disconnect from work for a while. Play mini golf or go out on the water; you can rent canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, rowing boats, and pedal boats. Getting here is easy. You reach Brostugan in just five minutes from Brommaplan, and there are plenty of parking spaces, including several for electric cars.

Brostugans väg 1, Drottningholm


Operakällaren konferens
Operakällaren’s elegant and exclusive rooms have plenty of space for meetings and events

The distinguished Operakällaren, housed in the magnificent landmark The Royal Opera House dating back to the 18th century, is known for its fine dining restaurant and a dining room considered the most beautiful in Sweden. But these unique premises also host conferences, corporate events, and parties. Here you and your company can hold large or small meetings with class and elegance. And, of course, impeccable service and superb food. And if you want to end your conference with a banquet dinner and nightclub, you have it all in the same building.

If you’re organizing an exclusive conference in Stockholm with a long guest list, Operakällaren is a natural choice. There are several rooms with flexible solutions for those who need large spaces. The terrace Operaterassen, located two staircases up, has an impressive view of the Royal Palace, the Parliament Building, and The Stream of Stockholm and can accommodate up to 300 people. The Rotunda, with 6-meter-high ceilings, also has plenty of space – 300 conference participants or receptions for up to 600 guests. Large corporate presentations, fashion shows, and exclusive banquets are just some of the events regularly happening here. And if you need something more minor, there are several beautiful and well-equipped rooms for small and medium-sized meetings.

Karl XII:s torg, Norrmalm/City


Do you want a conference in Old Town? Then Sjöfartshuset, with a golden location right in the middle of Skeppsbron, is an excellent option. Here you can meet in cozy and historic rooms in a beautiful old building overlooking the water. These rooms have been used for grand events since the 17th century, so you will indeed have an extraordinary conference experience.

Sjöfartshuset offers five comfortable meeting rooms of different sizes – from the large Strömsalongen with seating for 100 people to the small salon Italienska rummet, which can be used as a group room. At the top of the building is the banquet hall Neptunisalen, a rustic attic with beautiful wooden beams that’s suitable for larger events for up to 146 people.

The food is usually one of the highlights at conferences, and at Sjöfartshuset, the food is exceptional. The kitchen is top class, and you can enjoy delicious food and drink at breakfast, lunch, and afternoon coffee. Choose from various conference packages to get the kind of dining experience your group wants.

Skeppsbron 10, Old Town



Kastellet Stockholm

Kastellet Stockholm
Kastellet Stockholm – Photo: © Artem Korzhimanov/Wikimedia
Do you want the feeling of a conference in the archipelago without having to leave Stockholm city? Then Kastellet Stockholm is the ideal solution. This unique and historic red brick building with the Swedish naval flag flying from the top of the tower has been a landmark in the Swedish capital since 1848. You’ll find it centrally located on the small island of Kastellholmen beyond Skeppsholmen (there’s a bridge between the islands), and you get here quickly by bus, boat, or a leisurely walk. Here you can meet in a secluded oasis and leave the city noise behind. Perfect for a rewarding and productive conference in Stockholm, with thought-leading and undisturbed work.

Kastellet Stockholm has two floors with several beautiful and inspiring conference rooms and group rooms that can accommodate five to 50 people. In other words, you can hold everything from lectures and workshops to board meetings and customer events. Of course, all the technology you need is available, and you can also divide the conference participants into smaller groups if necessary. And the magnificent view of Stockholm’s river, Södermalm, Djurgården, Skeppsholmen, Old Town, and the Royal Palace make things even better. During the year’s warm months, you also have access to the cozy Borggården, a separate outdoor space with room for 250 mingling guests.

Kastellbacken 1, Kastellholmen

Ellery Beach House

Ellery Beach House meetings
Ellery Beach Club gives you the ultimate mix of business and pleasure

Ellery Beach House is a spa hotel on Lidingö with a fantastic location on the cape Elfviks udde by the sea and rural landscape. You can get here in just 18 minutes from the city center, and when you arrive, a hotel with 122 rooms, a pool club, a restaurant with top-class food, cabanas, padel courts, a gym, and much more awaits you. Plus a large conference facility with 11 comfortable and nicely furnished meeting rooms for up to 250 people. It has everything you need for productive meetings, and the staff will deliver top-notch service throughout your stay.

After a day of deep thinking, Ellery Beach House offers unbeatable relaxation. There’s plenty to do, but the highlight is undoubtedly the hotel’s delightful pool club, whose music, drinks, food, and activities remind you of Palm Springs in the 1960s and ’70s. There are four pools, three outdoors and one indoors, all heated 365 days a year for a weather-proof beach hangout all year round. Add two saunas, a fire-relax, and a sauna jetty, and you have a meeting experience that mixes business with pleasure in an unbeatable way. Book a ready-made meeting package of 8, 24, or 36 hours – or tailor the experience to your needs.

Elfviks udde, Lidingö


If you and your company want to have a conference in Södermalm, the stately Münchenbryggeriet is a good choice. It was a beer brewery from the 19th century until the early 1970s, but it is now transformed into a modern conference facility. There’s plenty of room for meetings, events, and mingling – plus a magnificent view of Riddarfjärden. The 9,000 square meters of space accommodates 23 flexible rooms of various sizes with a total capacity of 3,500 participants. The largest room can accommodate 1,750 people, making it perfect for a conference model XXL.

A conference at Münchenbryggeriet has everything you need for a perfect event – the latest technology in sound, light, and visuals, delicious food from their own restaurant kitchen, activities (among other things you can brew your own beer), and competent staff. When you book an event, you’ll always get a project manager t make sure the whole arrangement runs smoothly from planning to execution. In addition, you can get help with everything from registration to branding if you wish. And the fact that the venue has an ambitious sustainability work around its events and can offer eco-labelled meetings is a bonus.

Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, Södermalm
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Have a nice event and meeting in Stockholm

There you have our guide to the city’s best facilities for meetings and conferences in Stockholm. Whether you’re organizing a big network event for your clients, a day meeting for the marketing department, or a kick-off for the management team, we hope you find a venue that suits you. We wish you an enjoyable and rewarding conference!

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