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Do you want to get a driving license? Then many driving schools in Stockholm can help you reach this milestone in life. The city’s driving schools offer courses with professional traffic instructors who will ensure that you become a safe driver. Whether you want to get a driving license for a car, motorcycle, moped, or heavy vehicle, you’re guaranteed to find a driving school that’ll help you get your desired license. Here’s the guide to Stockholm’s driving schools.
Last updated: March 26, 2024
Being a safe driver is vital in traffic. To be so, it’s wise to take thorough training at a driving school (to get plenty of practice, those who are able should also supplement the driving school lessons with private practice).

To get a driving license, you need both thorough theory (including the obligatory Risk Education part 1) and plenty of practice in the form of driving lessons to become confident in everything from parallel parking to highway driving. And remember, if you’re going to practice driving privately at home, you and your accompanying driver must first complete an introduction course (valid for 5 years).

Find the right driving school in Stockholm

Anyone who has driven a car in Stockholm, especially in rush hour traffic, knows that it can often be a challenge. Cars everywhere, lane changes, one-way streets, and closed roads are just a few examples of things to master. At the same time, you should find your way (often with the help of GPS). In those situations, you need to feel safe and secure behind the wheel. And the way to get there is a good traffic school.

Stockholm is full of driving schools for those who want to get their license. But with so many options, it’s not always easy to find the right driver’s training. So, to help you navigate the driving school jungle, we’ve put together a guide to driving schools in Stockholm that’ll prepare you for the test. You’ll need a valid learner’s permit – then it’s just to start learning. Good luck with your license and take it easy in the streets!






Södermalms Trafikskola

Södermalms Trafikskola is a veteran among the city’s driving schools. Ever since 1949, they have been training Stockholmers to become skilled drivers. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of their level of knowledge. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never been behind the wheel or if you’ve done a lot of driving privately but want to supplement it with structured driving lessons with a professional driving school instructor. Here, you’ll meet competent, educational, and dedicated driving instructors who can train you in both automatic and manual gearboxes.

The most common approach is to book a first test lesson at a reduced price and then get advice on a further course that suits you. After this start, you can then choose between several different driving lesson packages with or without theory – either spread over a longer period or as an intensive course. In addition to driving lessons, Södermalms Trafikskola also offers theory courses such as Risk Education part 1 (“Riskettan”) and supervisor courses. In addition, they have driving license training in English.

Östgötagatan 48A, Södermalm
Driving schools Stockholm

Stockholm has plenty of great driving schools – Photo: Orkun Azap/Unsplash

YDA Trafikskola

YDA stands for Your Driving Academy and is an experienced traffic school in Stockholm that welcomes driving license aspirants of all ages and levels. It employs skilled and dedicated driving instructors who are passionate about teaching their students responsible driving and road safety. The school offers everything you need to get a driving license – from theory courses and risk education to booking the slippery road (“halkbana”). You can train for both manual and automatic cars as well as motorcycles.

At YDA Trafikskola, you can choose between several driving license packages with different amounts of driving lessons – from 5 to 30 – depending on your driving experience. It’s also possible to book individual lessons or intensive training in Stockholm if that suits you better. If you’re not sure how good you are at driving, there are also trial lessons at a lower price, where you’ll be given a plan on how to proceed.

Artillerigatan 83, Östermalm

Globens Trafikskola

Globens Trafikskola is a popular driving school in Stockholm with a good reputation, located near Gullmarsplan and Globen in the southern part of the city. Here you can get help from skilled driving instructors to get your car or moped license. They offer driving times every day of the week, so you can practice when it suits you.

Globens Trafikskola offers theory in the form of supervisor training for private driving, risk training (Risk 1 and Risk 2 including slippery roads), theory courses with books, and unlimited online theory tests. The school’s practical training includes automatic driving and intensive training (on-site in Stockholm) for those who want to get their license quickly. A good way to assess your level is to start with a test lesson.

Gullmarsvägen 4, Johanneshov



Jarla Trafikskola

Another veteran driving school in Stockholm is Jarla Trafikskola, which has been around since 1975. Today, they’re one of the city’s largest traffic schools with several branches around Stockholm (as a student you can switch between schools if you wish). They offer training for private cars (automatic and manual), mopeds, motorcycles, extended B, and BE licenses with the keywords fast, professional, and at a reasonable price.

As a student, you decide the pace of your training – there are both traditional driving lessons and intensive courses. You can either buy individual lessons or choose packages with different amounts of lessons. Of course, all the theory needed for a driving license is also available. And as one of the few operators, Jarla Trafikskola offers driving licenses at a fixed price. In other words, you can get your license without any financial surprises (although this offer does require some prior knowledge).

6 addresses (click to see)
Karlbergsvägen 18, Vasastan
Valhallavägen 82, Östermalm
Tranebergsvägen 48, Alvik
Travbanevägen 1, Bromma
Gullmarsvägen 15, Johanneshov
Johan Skyttes väg 187 C, Älvsjö

Hornstulls Trafikskola

Hornstulls Trafikskola is a small, friendly driving school that has also been in the game for a long time – since 1950, to be precise. You can find it a stone’s throw from the Hornstull metro, and here students are trained to be safe and risk-conscious drivers. The driving school has safe, patient, and knowledgeable instructors that get you ready for your driving test.

The range of courses includes everything you need to get a driving license in Stockholm. In theory, there are theory courses, Risk Education parts 1 and 2, and introduction courses for those who are going to drive privately. Driving lessons can either be purchased individually (trial lessons available), as a package of 5-20 lessons, or as an intensive course (one or two weeks).

In addition, Hornstulls Trafikskola has an update package for those who already have a driving license. Perfect if you want to get back on the road after a long break from driving and feel out of practice.

Heleneborgsgatan 11B, Södermalm
Get your driving license in Stockholm

Stockholm’s driving schools can help you get your license – Photo: Stephan Mahlke/Unsplash

Hammarby Sjöstads Trafikskola

Whether you are a total beginner behind the wheel, want to hone your skills for the driving test, or looking for an intensive course to quickly get a driver’s license, you can safely turn to Hammarby Sjöstads Trafikskola. Here, knowledgeable and committed driving educators are dedicated to helping you reach your goal by creating a personalized training plan based on your previous experience and individual needs. Throughout the training – from the time you apply for a driving license until you proudly hold your license in your hand – they are there to support you.

Hammarby Sjöstad Trafikskola has specialized in driving license category B where they offer comprehensive driving license training with everything from supervisor courses to driving lessons. The offer is flexible and, depending on your preference, you can choose between single lessons, affordable packages, and intensive courses. In terms of theory, the driving school offers both traditional driving license books and digital theory where you can learn traffic rules and driving license theory on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Hammarby Allé 159, Hammarby Sjöstad

Stockholm City Trafikskola

Stockholm City Trafikskola is a well-established driving school in Stockholm with nice premises in Östermalm that you can easily get to wherever you are. Over the years, they have helped thousands to get a driving license and here you as a student get individually customized help based on your needs and knowledge. The goal is to make your driving license journey as simple and affordable as possible.

You practice driving with well-trained and friendly driving instructors who can also teach in several languages if necessary. The vehicles used are new and environmentally classified with low fuel consumption, and great emphasis is placed on making you an environmentally aware driver. The range of courses includes everything you need, and all courses are available several times a week (including evenings and weekends). The fact that Stockholm City Trafikskola is also a gold member of STR – Sveriges Trafikutbildares Riksförbund – provides extra safety.

Valhallavägen 73, Östermalm



Västermalms Trafikskola

If you’re looking for a driving school in Kungsholmen, Västermalms Trafikskola is a great option. They offer training for private cars, both manual and automatic, and here skilled instructors ensure that you become a safe and secure driver. Start with a test lesson to find out your driving skills, and then tailor your training in the best way possible based on your level.

The service is comprehensive and offers all the theory and practical driving courses you need – either buy individual driving lessons (70 minutes) or opt for a package. You can also come here if you already have a driving license but feel rusty or need help with parking or driving in the city, for example. The fact that Västermalms Trafikskola is popular is shown not least by the fact that they get many of their students through recommendations from former students. And if you want to get a driving license for a motorcycle, heavy trailer, or moped, the same company also runs Bromma MC.

Arbetargatan 22, Kungsholmen

Get your long-awaited driving license at Stockholm’s driving schools

There you have our guide to driving schools in Stockholm. We hope you find a driving school that suits you, whether you’re a beginner who’s never been behind the wheel, you have been driving privately and want to sharpen your skills for the driving test, or need to get your license quickly with an intensive course to get your dream job. Good luck with your license!

Featured image: Jan Baborák/Unsplash

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