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Sweden’s capital has an outstanding restaurant scene, and you can get the absolute best dining experience at the fine dining restaurants in Stockholm. Many of these top restaurants have one or more stars in the Guide Michelin, and if you visit these celebrated restaurants, you get a world-class culinary experience. 15-course tasting menus, exclusive fine dining, locally produced delicacies – you can find everything a connoisseur could ever wish for.
Last updated: October 13, 2023
Pleasant atmospheres, elegant settings with stylish decor, impeccable service, and above all – a fantastic art of cooking that you’ll remember for a long time. Having a nice dinner or supper in an excellent restaurant gives you a superb gastronomic experience. When you visit a fine dining restaurant where the star chefs have planned everything down to the smallest detail, nothing is left to chance.
Fine dining restaurants in Stockholm
Photo: Julien Sarazin/Unsplash

Find the right fine dining restaurant in Stockholm

From the city center to Vasastan, from Östermalm to Södermalm – to the great joy of all connoisseurs, the Swedish capital nowadays has several ambitious fine dining restaurants with exceptional luxury food. These are expensive restaurants but real wow experiences for those who love exclusive food and drinks. Perfect for a birthday celebration, a date with your partner, an evening with friends, or a business lunch.

To help you find your way among the gastronomic celebrities, we’ve put together a guide to fine dining restaurants in Stockholm. Almost all have at least one star in the Guide Michelin, so prepare for a high-class culinary journey with the stars of the restaurant world. And don’t forget to book a table in advance!


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If you want to experience food and service that play in a league of its own, Frantzén is the place to be. Today it’s Sweden’s only restaurant with three stars in the Michelin Guide (since 2018) and also the only Swedish restaurant to ever achieve this. In addition, this much-acclaimed luxury restaurant, run by star restaurateur Björn Frantzén, ranks as one of the 50 best restaurants in the world. In other words, you’ll get an incredible experience (including cooking over an open fire) if you book a table here.

Frantzén is located in the middle of Stockholm city, in its own 19th-century house on Klara Norra kyrogata, with a private elevator, a roof terrace, and three top-renovated floors. The number of seats is only 23, so it’s intimate and exclusive. The menu has 14 courses, incredible flavors (many organic and locally grown ingredients), and a creative presentation. And the service is top-notch. In summary, you get 100% luxury at this rock star on Stockholm’s restaurant scene.

But be prepared to open your wallet, the set menu (the same for both lunch and dinner) costs over SEK 4,000 per person, and wine packages are added. Many people want to visit the award-winning Frantzén, so if you want to book a table at Stockholm’s absolute best restaurant, you must be prepared on the first day of every month when the table reservations are released.

Number of stars in Guide Michelin: 3

Klara Norra kyrkogata 26, Norrmalm/City


Aira is located in a beautiful location by the water in Djurgården, more precisely Biskopsudden, and is run by the well-known chef Tommy Myllymäki. This big venture is the latest newcomer among Stockholm’s fine dining restaurants and opened in 2020. They aimed for the stars from the beginning and immediately showed their skills. The reward came quickly – after only a year, they received a Michelin star in the restaurant bible. Impressive and well deserved! So get ready for magic flavors.

The proximity to Djurgården’s beautiful nature and the surrounding water is evident in both the building’s architecture, interior design, and the exclusive menu, which focuses on Nordic ingredients and techniques, but with flavors from around the world. Enjoy a 10-course tasting menu – from snacks to desserts – with delicious meat, fish, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. How about luxurious delights such as scallops, lobster, smoked arctic char, and charcoal grilled lamb? The food is paired with wines from a perfect wine list or high-quality non-alcoholic beverages. You can also eat a so-called “pre fixe,” a reduced version of the tasting menu with four courses served at lunch (Wednesday to Friday only).

The environment at Aira is minimalistic but pleasant, and the dining room has large skylights and a nice view of the water. The service is top class throughout, and an extra plus is the open kitchen so you can keep an eye on what’s going on among the pots. Upstairs, there’s also a Chambre séparée with a rooftop terrace for private parties or events.

Number of stars in Guide Michelin: 1

Biskopsvägen 9, Djurgården


Did you believe that all of Stockholm’s premium restaurant experiences are in the city center? Then you haven’t been to Aloë, located in an ordinary residential area in Långbro in southern Stockholm. In an old grocery store converted into an exclusive restaurant, the well-respected chefs Daniel Höglander and Niclas Jönsson run this gem. The duo has won several international awards for their cooking, so when you visit this fantastic Michelin restaurant in Stockholm (two stars), you’re guaranteed fine dining with well-prepared gourmet food that will delight your taste buds. Plus exceptional service and a lovely atmosphere.

The extensive tasting menu is well composed with influences from all over the world, and the drinks are of the same high class. You enjoy it all in a stylish, cozy, and inclusive environment with dark woods, brass details, and beautiful textiles. With the open kitchen facing the dining room, you almost feel like visiting a friend’s house. In short, a perfect place to meet loved ones for an extraordinary gastronomic experience. And if you’re looking for a romantic restaurant for a date or Valentine’s Day, Aloë is an excellent choice – well worth the trip. Fine dining in the suburbs doesn’t get better than this.

Number of stars in Guide Michelin: 2

Svartlösavägen 52, Älvsjö




Could a French restaurant that meets Asia and serves innovative and playful tasting menus in an intimate and friendly setting be of interest? If so, a visit to the celebrated gourmet restaurant Etoile at Roslagstull in Vasastan is recommended. Here, the award-winning owners are really aiming for the stars. The restaurant’s name means star, and since 2020 they’ve had a star in the Guide Michelin. A true star restaurant, in other words 🙂 The exciting and creative tasting menus are extensive, with around 20 different delicacies. They can also arrange a vegetarian menu if you inform them beforehand.

And if you thought fine dining at a top restaurant in Stockholm meant stiff, you’ll be positively surprised at Etoile. The atmosphere is relaxed, familiar, and pleasant. The experience begins in the welcoming lounge, and you can also stop at the bar on your way to the dining room. The lovely dining room, with seating for 26 people, has a rustic industrial feel with brick walls, copper pipe lighting, and high ceilings. The food is prepared at several stations, you have access to the kitchen, and all the staff are chefs happy to chat about the food being served. Food, drinks, service, atmosphere – everything gets five stars.

Number of stars in Guide Michelin: 1

Norra Stationsgatan 51, Vasastan

Skeppsbron 10

Have a luxurious dining experience at Skeppsbron 10 in Old Town

If you want a deluxe restaurant experience in Stockholm’s cozy Old Town (Gamla stan), you should visit Skeppsbron 10. The restaurant is located in the historic and magnificent Sjöfartshuset, with a top location on Skeppsbron. Here, you and your party can sit in the beautiful dining room and enjoy innovative and playful dishes where taste, exciting cooking techniques, and spices are in focus. The service is superb, and you can enjoy a three-course lunch or a delicious dinner. Those who want to maximize the experience should book the chef’s table, where you sit right next to the kitchen and can see the chefs in action.

The chefs at this Old Town restaurant are among Stockholm’s best, and with their exceptional cooking skills, they offer a delicious menu that changes according to the season. Only well-selected fine ingredients are used, and much is locally produced. The drinks menu is top-notch as well, and Skeppsbron 10 also has a pleasant bar with good wines, tasty cocktails, and cold beers. Plus, it has a relaxed atmosphere that makes anyone feel comfortable. And if you’re organizing larger dinners, meetings, or parties, privately or with a company, you can book Sjöfartshuset’s beautiful salons and dining rooms for 15-146 guests.

Skeppsbron 10, Old Town


Ekstedt is a fine restaurant in Östermalm, near Stureplan, run by celebrity chef Niklas Ekstedt with a solid resume in the restaurant industry. At this top restaurant in Östermalm, he has gone back to the roots of the art of cooking. Here, ancient techniques from the past have made a grand comeback, and the great food is prepared over an open fire in a fire pit, wood oven, and wood stove (sometimes even in a Stone Age microwave!). In other words, no electric griddle or gas stoves as far as the eye can see, only natural heat, soot, ash, smoke, and fire. And since the kitchen is open, you have a full view of the burning spectacle.

The unique cooking methods also give the food at Ekstedt a special taste – an extremely delicate one that makes the high-class seven-course menu one of a kind. The focus is on New Nordic Cuisine, and the food is prepared from carefully selected ingredients from nature that change according to the season. The menu can also be adapted for vegans if you want. You’ll be served in a stylish venue that perfectly matches the old-fashioned cooking with its rustic and Scandinavian atmosphere. In short, a fire poker combined with a Michelin star – a concept that has taken Stockholm’s restaurant world by storm.

Number of stars in Guide Michelin: 1

Humlegårdsgatan 17, Östermalm
Luxury restaurant Stockholm
Photo: Mads Eneqvist/Unsplash


Historic Operakällaren is a classic institution among luxury restaurants in Stockholm. Since the 18th century, the restaurant has been housed in the majestic and heritage-listed Royal Opera House in the middle of the city. Here fine dining is served in a dining room named Sweden’s most beautiful. Fine wall paintings, fantastic crystal chandeliers, large mirrors, gilded oak panels, and light fixtures – it doesn’t get more magnificent. And the setting is characterized by the wings of history.

Operakällaren’s dining room serves international haute cuisine, and the conductor for the whole thing is the much-acclaimed chef Viktor Westerlind. They serve both lunch and dinner, and you can eat a tasting menu or order from the à la carte menu with luxurious starters, main courses, and desserts. The menu changes several times a year depending on the season, but no matter what is served, you get well-prepared delicious courses made from quality ingredients. With the food, you can enjoy one of the fine wines from all over the world that are brought up from the restaurant’s well-stocked wine cellar.

Today, Operakällaren has one star and five red “Couvert symbols” (crossed forks and spoons) in the Guide Michelin. In addition, they’re members of “Les Grandes Tables du Monde/Traditions & Qualité” which brings together the world’s finest restaurants. Tradition and quality throughout – Operakällaren is a safe bet if you’re looking for a fine restaurant in Stockholm.

Karl XII:s torg, Norrmalm/City



Punk Royale

Do you want to go to a fine dining restaurant in Södermalm and have a totally unique experience? Then Punk Royale is a natural choice. Since 2015, this small restaurant with 28 seats has been seducing its guests with culinary escapades. Their extravagant, unexpected, and decadent dishes have often surprised gastronomy-Sweden’s connoisseurs. Punky luxury food, simply put. The menu – called Total Runover – consists of around 15 dishes and delivers grand flavor explosions at high speed. The menu content changes often, but on the plate, you can find delicacies such as oysters, truffles, lobster, and caviar. The food is served with a well-balanced beverage package with or without alcohol.

But the food at Punk Royale is only half the experience. Because anything can happen here – you’re treated to an entertaining dinner show full of great entertainment. Crazy is the review from many guests. How about waiters dressed up as horses or wearing only a kitchen apron, colorful propeller hats, smoke machine, and many times loud sing-alongs? Guess if the spirit is high? Add to that a cool interior with a club feeling and top-class service from the approachable staff who really give it their best.

In short, this restaurant in Södermalm stands out in Stockholm’s restaurant world with a hard-to-beat total experience where magnificent gastronomy meets playful pranks. Super fun, super luxurious, super delicious – get ready for an evening you won’t forget.

Folkungagatan 128, Södermalm


Adam/Albin Stockholm
The dining room at Adam/Albin – Photo: Adam/Albin
Right between Vasastan and Östermalm, you’ll find the constantly popular Adam/Albin, run by acclaimed chefs Adam Dahlberg and Albin Wessman. Here you can enjoy modern and exclusive fine dining that focuses on Nordic cuisine. At the center are raw ingredients of the highest quality and a great focus on sustainability. Their Michelin star is well deserved.

The menu offers magically delicious dishes, cooked to perfection, from start to finish. An inventive serving enhances the experience further, and the food is ably paired with delicious wines from the extensive wine list. Everything is enjoyed in the stylishly furnished dining room with sober dark colors and 31 seats. And the room is often packed – in the vibrant and welcoming environment it’s easy to enjoy yourself, and at the tables, you’ll find a diverse mix of guests. The atmosphere is pleasantly relaxed, and the service is always top-notch. Adam/Albin is perfect for having a lovely dinner with a group of friends or taking your partner on a luxurious date.

The dynamic chef duo has a lot of things going on and also runs several other popular restaurant projects: the summer restaurant ÖN on Långholmen, the Asian restaurant Misshumasshu and the cocktail bar Nori Bar, both located in Birger Jarlspassagen. In 2023, they will also open a new restaurant in one of the beautiful industrial buildings in the dynamic Slakthuset area (Stockholm’s old meatpacking district).

Number of stars in Guide Michelin: 1

Rådmansgatan 16, Östermalm

Sushi Sho

To be classified as a fine dining restaurant, you don’t always have to go big with a magnificent dining room, white tablecloths, chef’s table, and a gigantic wine cellar. It’s enough to serve exceptionally good food. And that’s exactly what the small sushi bar Sushi Sho in Vasastan does. This intimate place serves sushi “edomae,” which means sushi à la Tokyo style but with Scandinavian and European ingredients.

The restaurant only has 16 seats, but the food hugely compensates for the small format. The 15 courses offer luxurious world-class sushi and extraordinary taste experiences from start to finish. Really good food and a lovely atmosphere in all its simplicity – sometimes the recipe for success doesn’t have to be more than that. And Sushi Sho is well deserving of its steady star in the Guide Michelin. If you want to make a reservation at this gem, you must be prepared on the first day of each month when the coveted spots are released.

Number of stars in Guide Michelin: 1

Upplandsgatan 45, Vasastan
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Enjoy world-class food at Stockholm’s fine dining restaurants

There you have our guide to exclusive fine dining restaurants in Stockholm. Hope you find a top restaurant that suits your preferences, whether you want to celebrate your birthday, treat your partner to a luxurious evening, or have an important business dinner. We wish you a fantastic dining experience!

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