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Do you want to get moving? Or are you already exercising but looking for a new gym in Stockholm that better suits your needs? The city is full of fitness joy and excellent exercise facilities for those who want to get started or reach the next level in their workouts. Whether you want to feel good in a healthy body, do tough sessions with a PT, or enjoy group training with others, there’s sure to be a good gym that fits you in Stockholm.
Last updated: September 21, 2023
Run 10 km on the treadmill, lift weights, or work up a sweat on a spinning session – the gym offers great opportunities to stay fit. And exercise is good for you in many ways – both for your body and mind. It’s fun (we promise!), and once you get into the routine, you don’t want a life without physical activity. The energy and feeling afterward are addictive, and the fact that you reduce your risk of illness and disease makes it even better.

Find the right gym in Stockholm

An important part of getting your exercise done is proximity to the facility – that the distance to your home, work, or school isn’t too far. And since Stockholm is full of excellent gyms, you won’t have trouble finding a conveniently located place. From Södermalm to Östermalm, from the city center to Vasastan – there’s always a gym within easy reach where you can give your body a workout.

But how do you find the right gym for you? Which gyms offer the kind of workout you like? And where can you find personal trainers to encourage and help you reach your fitness goals? With so much to choose from – from small boutique gyms to big chains – it can be challenging to find the gems. To help you find your way through the gym jungle, we’ve put together a guide to Stockholm’s best gyms. Just pack your workout clothes and start – or continue – with a really good habit.







Work out and feel your best at Intense in Vasastan

Well-designed, bright, and exclusive premises. Real weight training and high-intensity cardio to get your energy level to the max. Great community. Competent and supportive instructors. And much more. If that sounds like something for you and you’re looking for an excellent gym in Vasastan, Intense is your answer. It’s a boutique gym in a prime location on Sveavägen and one of the city’s most accessible workout spots. With the vision “Happiest members on earth,” they want to make your workout spontaneous and flexible; it shouldn’t be a must. No wonder their members are delighted.

Intense is run by three experienced fitness professionals who have helped thousands of people – from celebrities to ordinary people – get fit. Having worked in the fitness industry in both the US and Europe, they discovered a gap to fill in Stockholm’s fitness world. The city needed a fitness studio where people could go for the sessions they wanted – when they wanted – and also get help from an instructor to get the best workout at the gym. Intense has solved this by starting a new interval training session with an instructor every 10 minutes, 360 times a week. In other words, it doesn’t matter if your plans fall through and you’re running late – you can always work out when it suits you.

Sveavägen 98, Vasastan

SPR Athlete Factory

If you want to work out at a premium gym in central Stockholm, SPR Athlete Factory is an excellent choice. They have two facilities in exclusive locations, one in Östermalm near Humlegården and one in Södermalm not far from Mariatorget. The gym is an expert in so-called Body Mechanics, i.e., functional physical performance training, and they also offer high-level martial arts training, individually or in groups. Every week, you can participate in 76 strength and conditioning classes and 30 martial arts classes or train individually with a PT.

Founder Waldo Zapata is highly qualified in training and martial arts and has recruited a large group of active or formerly active elite athletes and certified trainers as instructors. In other words, you and your body are in good hands. So whether you want to become a professional athlete, increase strength, rehab after an injury, get in shape, or just train for fun, SPR Athlete Factory is the place to be. Just book a trial class and get started. The facilities also offer company training as well as naprapathy and yoga (Östermalm only).

Eriksbergsgatan 8B, Östermalm
Nürnbergsgången, Södermalm

Ignite Training Hub

Ignite Training Hub Stockholm
Reach your full potential in a New York nightlife environment at Ignite – Photo: Ignite
Ignite Training Hub is an exclusive and trendy gym in central Stockholm that offers the latest training and some of the best coaches on the market to ensure you reach your full potential. The facility has five top-notch studios so that you can vary your workout. Ignite is high-intensity training with running and strength training. The Ride is experiential or performance-based cycling training. The Bike focuses on competitive training. The Soul offers training for body and soul. And then The Gym where you do strength training with modern and partly AI-controlled equipment.

The exercise machines are the very latest from Technogym, and for you to really enjoy the premises, they’ve invested a lot in design. The exclusive interior has an industrial feeling inspired by the late nights and disco pulse of New York nightlife and Italian design. At the entrance, there’s a large lounge area where you are welcomed by staff who help you get started, and you then change in state-of-the-art and specially designed changing rooms.

Ignite Training Hub is run by three childhood friends and well-known fitness professionals with a solid sports background and education. Their goal has been to create a high-quality training hub in Stockholm with a wide variety of classes and world-class equipment. They have definitely succeeded.

Norrlandsgatan 10, Norrmalm/City



Delta Gym

Delta Gym in Vasastan is one of the veterans in Stockholm’s – and Sweden’s – fitness world. Since 1992, they’ve offered their customers a first-class and inspiring gym where they can work out and feel good. A solid knowledge of weight training and nutrition is rooted in the walls, and combined with a pleasant atmosphere, fresh premises, and industry-leading fitness equipment, this is one of Stockholm’s best gyms. Everyone is welcome to exercise here, regardless of your fitness background and goals, and among the machines you’ll find everyone from professional bodybuilders to regular exercisers. And everyone enjoys it.

At Delta Gym, you have the best conditions for your exercise. The gym has generous opening hours and flexible card and membership solutions ranging from one-off training to annual passes (discounts for students and seniors). If you want help and inspiration to maximize your training results, experienced personal trainers are also at your service. The staff are super friendly and have a genuine commitment to you succeeding in your goals while ensuring you’re comfortable in every way. In short, Delta Gym is a fantastic fitness facility where you’ll immediately feel at home.

Hälsingegatan 5, Vasastan


Barry’s is a global boutique gym chain founded in West Hollywood in 1998. Today they are present in major cities worldwide, and in Stockholm you’ll find them in the heart of town, in the mall MOOD Stockholm. In addition to fitness, they also put a lot of emphasis on community and lifestyle – you work out in a nightclub-like environment (“The Red Room”) with a glamorous feel, energy, and joy. Barry’s is often described as “The Best Workout in the World,” and their many satisfied customers seem to agree.

The workout is high-intensity training (HIIT) in a group for 60 minutes, with equal amounts of strength training and intervals on the treadmill. The sessions are led by skilled instructors who push you to your limits, and the carefully selected music will give you a little extra inspiration. The concept also includes a “Fuel Bar” where you can pre-order healthy smoothies waiting for you after your workout. And if you can’t make it to Barry’s premises, they also have an app so you can do your favorite workouts whenever and wherever you want.

MOOD Stockholm, Jakobsbergsgatan 21, Norrmalm/City

Metropolis Health Club

In a unique space with large glass windows on Birger Jarlsgatan, you’ll find the modern and exclusive Metropolis Health Club, a gym in Östermalm. Here you are offered high-class training in stylish premises with premium equipment. The relaxed and familiar atmosphere among the members also makes it particularly pleasant to work out here, and many people rank it as one of Stockholm’s best gyms.

In addition to individual training at the gym, Metropolis Health Club also offers training with a PT and group classes with a wide range of sessions – weight training, core, HIIT, and yoga are just a few examples. In addition, treatments such as naprapathy can be booked if you need rehab. The friendly and experienced staff takes good care of you and ensures you have a great workout experience every time.

Birger Jarlsgatan 36, Östermalm
Gym Stockholm
Photo: Humphrey Muleba/Unsplash

Motion Studios

Motion Studios is located in Vasastan, a stone’s throw from Vasaparken, and here you can do everything from group classes to personal training in a fresh and pleasant environment. The gym has put a lot of effort into creating a community where everyone feels welcome and can get started with their training in a good and safe way. The experienced and licensed trainers will do their utmost to help you achieve your fitness goals – whether you’re new to the gym and just getting started or a dedicated fitness enthusiast looking to take the next step in your development.

In addition to on-site workouts, Motion Studios also offers online exercise. An online PT coaches you regularly and develops tailored fitness and nutrition plans to help you create a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, build muscle, or whatever your goal is. In addition, Motion Studios offers home workouts, training trips, and boot camps.

Torsgatan 77, Vasastan



Rosa Skrot

Are you looking for a women’s gym in Stockholm? Then Rosa Skrot in Södermalm is an excellent option. It is a personal and friendly gym run by women and open only to women. The owners’ vision is to create a meeting place for women and a gym they would want to visit themselves – a gym that’s not like others and inspires exercise and well-being. Quite simply, a fitness studio you can’t wait to return to, and the staff are praised by members for both their skills and friendly manners.

At Rosa Skrot, you can sweat it out in the gym, join group exercise classes, or train with a PT. The facility features top-of-the-line machines from well-known brands, and the group training room is specially equipped with an ergonomic floor. You work out according to your ability and can take harder classes such as BlackBox, Burn, or CoreAss or calmer ones like Pilates or yoga. The facilities also host inspiring events – from bachelorette parties and book launches to press breakfasts and networking meetings. A bonus is the cool changing room with a cozy living room feeling and lots of lovely items.

Torkel Knutssonsgatan 41, Södermalm
Fitness facility Stockholm
Photo: Victor Freitas/Unsplash

Grand Fitness

Do you want to find a gym in Kungsholmen? Then Grand Fitness is a good option. It’s the fitness giant Nordic Wellness boutique gym concept that’s now available in Stockholm. You’ll find the gym in a former cinema and bingo hall at Fridhemsplan that has been transformed into a 1200 square meters of top-class gym.

At Grand Fitness, you work out with high-quality equipment – from machines to free weights – in an exclusive environment that motivates you to give your best. The goal is to provide you with an extraordinary workout experience and maximize your results. The facility offers gym training with or without the support and encouragement of a personal trainer. In addition, you can participate in the Grand Bootcamp, inspired by Crossfit, which offers you tough and effective workouts for the whole body.

Sankt Eriksgatan 31, Kungsholmen


Already in 1911, Stockholm’s General Gymnastics Departments, abbreviated Saga in Swedish, were formed. Of course, a lot has happened since then, but the fresh and pleasant training facilities on Mariatorget, where they have been housed since 1985, still have the same joy and friendly community. The legacy of the gymnastics association means that group classes are a major part of the activities. There are over 20 different types of group classes where you can practice strength, endurance, balance, and coordination. Core movement, dance aerobics, gymnastics, pilates, barbell, step, and Tabata are just a few examples.

In addition to group classes, Saga offers a well-equipped gym, personal training, and online PT. Since they work with a holistic approach to health and wellness, they also have massage, chiropractic, naprapathy, and physiotherapy therapists. In short, everything you need to feel good. And it’s obvious that members appreciate their gym – they often mention the special “Saga feeling.” So if you’re looking for an excellent gym in Södermalm, this one is a hot option.

Mariatorget 5, Södermalm
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Work out and feel good at your gym in Stockholm

There you have our guide for those who want to find a great gym in Stockholm where you can work out and feel good – whether you like tough weight training or energetic group classes. We hope you find a gym that suits you. Go for it!

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