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Pacey adventures. High-flying activities. Creative workshops. Culinary escapades in the kitchen. And much more. If you’re looking for great experiences in Stockholm, look no further. The city has a huge range of activities for those who want to experience something exciting, action-packed, cozy, tasteful, or relaxing. Book something fun for yourself or give someone you love a gift guaranteed to be appreciated. Here’s your guide to the Swedish capital’s great experiences that will create memories for life.
Last updated: June 27, 2023
Whatever you like to do, there’s an enormous supply of fun experiences. From action-packed thrills where the adrenaline is pumping to creative pursuits where you can let your artistic side shine. An experience is perfect if you want to do something new and different with friends, family, or colleagues. It’s also great for any occasion – dates, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, graduation parties, corporate events, and team building.

And if you’re struggling to find a good Christmas gift or birthday present for a loved one, a gift voucher for a memorable experience is a sure hit.

Find the right experiences in Stockholm

Solving puzzles in an escape room? See the city from above in a hot air balloon? Create beautiful works of art in ceramics? Or become an expert on hops and malt? Stockholm offers endless possibilities for those in the mood for an activity. Maybe something that’s been on your bucket list for a long time.

To help you find your way through the activity jungle, we’ve compiled a guide to Stockholm experiences. There’s something for all ages, tastes, and budgets – all you have to do is book. We hope you find a wow experience and have fun!







Are you looking for the most delicious experience Stockholm has to offer? A culinary taste adventure where the menu is several kilometers long? Then you should try Moveat, where you and your party can discover and try different restaurants around the city. Think bar crawl – but with restaurants. During the activity, you visit 5-8 places, ranging from exciting restaurants and delicious delis to cozy wine bars and unique hideaways. To help you find your way, you have the Moveat app, and at each stop, you get to enjoy a lovely taste experience.

Moveat is a perfect activity to do with your group of friends, family, date, or colleagues. You get to eat, socialize and move while discovering new flavors and places. Can it get any better? The food activities are themed (e.g. a neighborhood, a specific beer, or a market hall) and are divided into three concepts. Choose from the Moveat Original concept, which is for a specific day, the Moveat Limited concept, which is for a specific day but offers more unique exclusive events, or the Moveat Anytime concept, which is for any day. Check the website to see upcoming events.


Questrooms VR escape room
Go on a thrilling adventure in Stockholm’s first VR escape room at Questrooms

Being locked in a room where you have to solve mysteries, riddles, and puzzles to get out while a clock is ticking steadily toward zero can give anyone jittery feelings. That thrilling experience is exactly what you’ll get at Questrooms, an escape room in Stockholm that you’ll find near Medborgarplatsen in Södermalm. When they started in 2014, they were Sweden’s first escape game, so Questrooms certainly knows what a great escape room should look like.

There are several rooms with varying escape games. How about escaping from the Russian mafia, time traveling, adventuring in the jungle, or experiencing a creepy chase in a horror-filled Horror Escape? There are also escape rooms for children (8-12 years old), and several rooms can be adapted for younger participants with more clues, etc. (perhaps the next children’s party?). Everyone should be able to join the fun. And if you want to try the virtual world, Questrooms has launched Stockholm’s first VR escape room with action-packed adventures where you can choose anything from Indiana Jones to Halloween themes.

Kocksgatan 21A, Södermalm

FMJ Shooting Range

FMJ Shooting Range
Improve your shooting skills at FMJ Shooting Range in Solna

Are you looking for more excitement in your everyday life? Then you should bring your friends and maximize the adrenaline at FMJ Shooting Range in Solna, conveniently located on highway E4, five minutes from Stockholm city. It’s Northern Europe’s best shooting and training facility, where you’re guaranteed a fun experience packed with excitement, focus, precision, and pulse. This complete and environmentally friendly shooting complex offers challenges for everyone, from experienced competitive shooters to curious beginners.

Under the same roof, on three levels and 4,000 square meters in total, there’s training space for shooting, baton, OC, close combat, simulator, and CQB, as well as a gym. In other words, everything you need to raise your pulse and adrenaline. The shooting range consists of two shooting lanes with shooting distances of up to 50 meters and is approved for all types of shooting and all kinds of weapons. FMJ Shooting Range welcomes individuals who like to try shooting, corporate groups who want to have a fun event, and professionals who wish to improve their skills. You’ll get to try out some of the world’s most famous handguns, and of course, experienced instructors are there to offer tips and assistance. Be prepared for an absolute blast!

Fabriksvägen 8, Solna




Limogroup limousineservice
Discover Stockholm in the most comfortable way with an exclusive limousine service

Riding in a limousine gives you an unbeatable sense of luxury. And if you want to discover Stockholm comfortably and smoothly, go with Limogroup, an exclusive limousine service with professional drivers, top-notch personalized service, and total flexibility. They simply offer the ultimate transportation in Stockholm. The key to their success is their drivers. With care, reliability, and discretion, they ensure you have an extraordinary experience and feel 100% safe. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Whether you want to be picked up at Arlanda Airport and taken to your hotel in Stockholm city, want to hire a chauffeur to drive you around to different stops throughout the day, or want to go on a guided tour of all the city’s sights and hidden gems, Limogroup can deliver a perfect solution. The selection of vehicles includes First class models for 1-3 passengers with black leather seats, wifi, a built-in TV, and a mobile charger, as well as luxurious VIP coaches for up to 70 people. In short, everything you could want for high-quality transport.

Linnégatan 52, Östermalm

History Mystery

Solve History Mystery’s historical mystery in Old Town!

Are you in the mood for a super fun and educational experience in Stockholm? Then HistoryMystery is just what you’re looking for. It’s an exciting mix of escape room, city walk, and history lesson that takes you and your party on an adventure where you get to dig into the ancient times of the Swedish capital in a fun way. During the journey, you’ll explore historical sites around Gamla Stan and Södermalm while trying to solve a historical mystery.

With clues and puzzles along the way, you’ll test your ability to think outside the box and collaborate. But it’s not just excitement that awaits you – each mystery is based on real events, so you’ll also learn a lot about Stockholm’s fascinating history.

HistoryMystery is something everyone can do. It’s perfect for tourists, of course, but just as fun for friends, family, or colleagues. And why not choose this as an exciting activity for your bachelorette party, birthday party, or company kick-off? You’ll have so much fun together that you hardly notice that you’re also getting fresh air and exercise. So bring your best detective team, book a mystery, and experience Stockholm in a new and different way.

Trångsund 4, Old Town

Swing by Golfbaren

Miniature golf all year round at Swing by Golfbaren

Swing by Golfbaren in Vasastan offers a unique mix of food and mini-golf under the same roof. The concept has become a success and is today a popular experience in Stockholm that attracts both golf enthusiasts and foodies. The American 1930s inspire the charmingly decorated premises, and there’s an indoor golf course with 12 exciting holes that challenge both experienced players and beginners.

When the winner is crowned, you can sit in the dining room with a glass roof that opens up the sky and creates a lovely and pleasant environment to eat in. The menu is inspired by American cuisine and offers everything from lobster rolls and charcuterie boards to tuna and duck breast (vegetarian options are also available). An extensive drinks list complements the food, and if you’re looking for something more casual, there’s also the relaxed Back Alley Bar with tasty street food.

Swing by Golfbaren is a perfect destination for hanging out with friends, dates, birthday celebrations, conferences, kickoffs, bachelorette parties, or a different kind of after-work. For larger groups who want a fun miniature golf experience together, there are several packages. You can book everything from “A 30’s Classic” with a mini golf competition and sharing dinner to the luxurious “The Living Room” in Golfbaren’s chambre séparée with a welcome glass of sparkling wine, mini golf and stone-oven baked pizza on the course. Deliciousness and fun are guaranteed.

Surbrunnsgatan 46, Vasastan


Rent a kayak at KAYAKOMAT and experience Stockholm from the water

Kayaking or SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) is a great experience that allows you to see Stockholm from a different point of view – the water. And the Swedish capital gives you great paddling opportunities. Paddle a SUP in the middle of the city and enjoy all the sights or go on a fantastic kayak trip in scenic settings – why not the Stockholm archipelago? With 30,000 islands and islets, running out of exciting paddling adventures is impossible. One of Stockholm’s best kayak and SUP rentals is KAYAKOMAT, which can be found in many locations around the city and its surroundings – from Stora Essingen and Bromma to Vaxholm and Ingarö. Perfect for those who want a wonderful paddle trip without buying their own equipment.

KAYAKOMAT offers unmanned rentals, and renting a kayak or paddleboard is super easy. You book online, pay, unlock it with a code, and then it’s just to paddle and enjoy the experience. It’s open 24/7, so you can go on a tour whenever you want – from early morning to late evening. The kayaks are high quality – new, comfortable, and stable – and the SUP boards are from the leading brand Point 65 Sweden. All the accessories you need, including a paddle and life jacket, are included. Getting out on the water in Stockholm couldn’t be easier.

21 places (click to see)
Bromma – Ängbybadet
Bålsta – Kalmarsand
Gröndal – Gröndalshamnen
Ingarö – Björkviks havsbad
Nacka – Ältasjön
Norrtälje – Rimbo
Norrtälje – Societetsparken
Nynäshamn – Nickstabadet
Ornö – Kyrkviken
Saltsjö Duvnäs – Duvnäsvikens Marina
Sköndal – Drevviken
Sollentuna – Segeludden
Solna – Hagaparken
Solna – Pampas
Stocksund – Marina Läroverket
Stora Essingen – Amerikanska Gymnasiet
Sätrabadet – Café Sjöstugan
Täby – Hägernäsbadet
Vallentuna – Gustavs Udde
Vaxholm – Norrhamnen
Värmdö – Grills hamn



Dalcon Archipelago

Join Dalcon for a high-speed adventure in the archipelago!

Breathtaking speed. The wind in your hair. Amazing nature settings. That’s part of the experience when you go on a RIB boat trip with Dalcon Archipelago. Their boats take you and your party wherever you want in the Stockholm archipelago. It can be anything from simple transport to Grinda for a day trip to a conference trip with the whole company at Sandhamn. Or why not an overnight stay with a wilderness guide in the archipelago?

The safe and robust RIB boats depart from Beckholmen in Djurgården and accommodate 10 or 12 passengers. The high speed, jumping on waves, and proximity to islands and islets you experience is obviously incredible, but adrenaline and excitement are not the main focus. Instead, the goal of Dalcon Archipelago is to provide fast, relaxing, and safe transportation to your archipelago destination. They’re also happy to help plan and organize other activities in connection with the RIB boat transport if you wish. Among other things, they can offer packages for those who go on a training trip or explore the wilderness of the archipelago.

Beckholmen, Djurgården


If you want a peaceful and enjoyable experience where creativity and creation are central, you should try turning. Spending a few hours with clay in your hands can do wonders for your well-being and help you let go of the stresses and strains of everyday life. Plus, using a potter’s wheel and creating with your hands is great fun. One of Stockholm’s best turning experiences can be found at Drejverkstaden in Vasastan.

Drejverkstaden was founded to be an inspiring place for people curious about clay, turning, and creation. It offers pottery courses (daytime, evenings, or weekends) at different levels of difficulty for beginners and more experienced potters. Everyone is welcome. Come alone or bring a friend and try a new hobby. Or why not invite your work colleagues for a creative and team-building pottery class? For those who are past the beginner stage in ceramics and want to improve their skills further, Drejverkstaden regularly invites talented guest lecturers to give workshops.

Holländargatan 33, Vasastan


How about flying freely as a bird without having to throw yourself out of a plane? If that sounds appealing, try flying the wind tunnel at Bodyflight in Bromma, where you can move freely in some of the world’s premier wind tunnels. For 120 seconds and with airstreams of up to 300 km per hour (the wind speed is adapted to the participant), you’ll experience free falling with an unbeatable sense of freedom. The thrill will last for a long time. Guaranteed.

Bodyflight suits everyone – from first-time flyers to skydivers who want to practice their skills in the wind tunnel. It’s a perfect activity for everything from kick-offs, corporate events (up to 100 people), bachelor parties, bridal showers, and children’s parties. Or as a fun thing to do with a friend on a regular Wednesday. Of course, the activity is completely safe, and you’re guided by professional and certified instructors who provide guidance and support. Before the flight, a thorough safety briefing is carried out.

Take the chance to try a breathtaking and awesome experience in Stockholm that’ll most certainly turn up the adrenaline to maximum speed. Why not show off your best acrobatic tricks up in the air?

Bryggerivägen 16B, Bromma


If you’re looking for a flavorful experience in the spirit of hops and malt, beer tasting is a thing for you. One of Stockholm’s best beer tastings is arranged by Taysta, one of Sweden’s largest organizers of different types of food and drink tastings. You can either visit their beer cellar in Old Town (Gamla Stan) or attend their events at other nice Stockholm pubs. Bring your group of friends, your partner, or colleagues for a fun, tasty, and educational experience to remember. The activity is suitable for beginners as well as dedicated beer enthusiasts.

Under the guidance of a professional and personal beer master, you and your party will spend about two hours exploring the fascinating world of beer and tasting a number of carefully selected beer types. A brilliant opportunity to try new flavors, expand your horizons, and find new favorites. While having fun together, you’ll learn everything worth knowing (and more) about the golden thirst quencher, from facts to exciting stories. Your guide has planned the tasting down to the smallest detail based on how our taste buds work to give you an optimal experience. With the beer, you’ll also get to enjoy suitable snacks and appetizers.

Taysta is run by over 100 food and drink passionate individuals who usually work in the industry, such as brewery brewers, sommeliers, and chefs. As well as high-quality beer tastings, they offer other food and drink experiences, including whisky tasting, wine tasting, champagne tasting, chocolate tasting, and cooking classes.

Österlånggatan 28, Old Town

Hot air balloon rides

Ballongflyg Stockholm

Fancy some breathtaking views of the city? Go on a hot balloon ride

Do you dream of hovering above the Swedish capital with stunning views in all directions? Flying a hot air balloon over Stockholm can make your dream come true. There are several companies offering flights that will take you on a real high-flying experience in Stockholm, where you’ll slowly float at an altitude of around 300 meters and calmly take in all the beauty down on the ground – from nature to iconic buildings.

Most companies have offered hot air balloon rides for many years. They can take parties of 2 to 22 people, but between 6 and 12 people are the most common. In other words, it’s perfect for bringing your family or friends on an exciting adventure. Under the guidance of a professional balloon pilot, you will fly a distance of 8-15 km, and the experience often ends with the traditional champagne toast for newly inaugurated balloonists. In addition, you’ll get a nice diploma as a souvenir. You can fly hot air balloons all year round, summer or winter, so go ahead and find your company here.


Stockholm has plenty of bars, but probably no one else can offer such a unique experience as Icebar. It’s the world’s first permanent ice bar, and you’ll find this bar, undoubtedly the city’s coldest, at Hotel C in central Stockholm. Since its opening in 2002, the ice bar has been a popular attraction for both tourists and Stockholmers who want a taste of the Arctic cold. Because it’s definitely cold here. More specifically, -5°C (23°F).

Icebar is made of ice – and even the glasses you’re served drinks in are made of ice. The artistically designed interior is sculpted from 40 tons of natural ice from the river Torneälven and is spectacular, to say the least. Moreover, it’s torn down and rebuilt every year, always with a new theme. The entrance fee includes a 45-minute visit and a drink (children are also welcome and served a colorful non-alcoholic drink). All visitors can borrow a thermal cape and a pair of gloves to keep warm.

Icebar delivers a memorable experience, whatever the occasion. Gather your friends for a great after-work hangout, bring your colleagues for dinner (yes, there’s actually hot food), or celebrate something special with your loved one. The sky is the limit. Welcome to a lightning visit to northern Sweden’s polar magic in the middle of the capital – a fantastic mix of wow and brr.

Vasaplan 4, Norrmalm/City


No list of experiences in Stockholm is complete without a museum dedicated to experiences. You’ll find Upplevelsemuseet on the lower level of the Globen shopping mall, and their aim is that both children and adults should have fun when they go to a museum. You shouldn’t just look and read about things but actually experience them – feel, smell, taste, and try.

Try more than 50 things you’ve never experienced before. Dipping your finger in liquid metal, holding an African giant snail, smelling an angry skunk, tasting fried crickets, and challenging your fear of heights in VR are just a few examples. At Upplevelsemuseet, the whole family and all ages can have fun together – younger children, teenagers, mum, dad, grandad, and grandma. A perfect activity for weekends or holidays, and you’re promised a different experience, to say the least.

Arenaslingan 3A, Johanneshov

Candlelight Concerts

Enjoy a classical concert with more than 2,000 candles

Imagine the light from 2,000+ candles (don’t worry they’re LED) fluttering in a beautiful, dramatic space with great acoustics e.g an old cathedral, gallery or a historical landmark. In this beautiful sett ing you can experience talented classical local musicians playing Vivaldi, Chopin, or Beethoven, but also a more modern approach of tribute concerts to great musicians/bands such as Queen, Coldplay, Taylor Swift or even Abba.

A candlelight concert is just 60 minutes, perfect for first-time classical performance goers, but also a great idea to squeeze in before a nice dinner out and make the evening just that little bit more extra. Fever has succeeded in bringing classical music to a brand new audience and bridging the gap between the older and younger generations, with 70% of these candlelight concert goers under the age of 40. Check the website for upcoming concerts and get ready to be blown away!

Do you miss an experience in the guide? Click here!

Have fun on your experience in Stockholm

There you have our guide to experiences in Stockholm for you who want to do a nice activity with friends or family (or give someone a gift). The city offers a vast range of exciting experiences, whether you’re looking for something thrilling, action-packed, cozy, tasteful, or relaxing. Have fun!

Featured image: Designecologist/Unsplash

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