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Looking for good homework help in Stockholm? Then you have many good companies to choose from. Perhaps your child needs extra help to achieve their goals in primary school? Or do you want to improve your university results? Whatever the subject and grade, you can find a homework help company in the capital with good teachers to help students achieve top results.

Last updated: September 12, 2023

The demands on schools today are high. And sometimes the teaching and support provided at school are not enough for students to achieve the results they are striving for. They may not be given the right tools to succeed or may struggle to develop effective study techniques. The school classroom can also be a messy place where it is difficult to focus.

Private homework help can be a good complement. It gives the student the opportunity for individual instruction in a completely different way than at school. For many, student aid is also crucial for raising their final grades so that they can get into their dream education. It is therefore not surprising that hiring a study coach is becoming increasingly popular.

Find the right homework help in Stockholm

Stockholm’s homework help companies offer private tutoring in subjects ranging from math and physics to English and social studies. And study help is available whether it’s for primary school or university studies.

Your child can either be taught at home or meet the teacher at another location, such as a library, to study together. Many also offer online homework help via video call if the student prefers.

If you’ve decided to invest in homework help for your child, there is a wide range of providers to choose from. To help you find the right one, we’ve put together a guide to homework help in Stockholm. Here you can see what the different companies offer and find a suitable private tutor for your needs.





Svenssons Sergels torg

Allakando offers personalized homework help for all ages

Allakando is one of Sweden’s largest and most popular homework-help companies and has been around since 2007. As the name suggests, their philosophy is that everyone can do more than they think – everyone can learn. Today, their experienced study coaches help 26,000 students across the country, including Stockholm, to reach their study goals, and develop and believe in their abilities. Whether your child needs extra support in elementary school math or you want coaching for a college entrance exam, you can get the right help.

The company has 5,900 skilled educators who are passionate about education and teaching. And it’s not just anyone who gets the job. Only 1, out of 45 applicants, gets the job so your child gets study help from the best teachers, and all educators receive solid educational training and coaching. Allakando offers personalized homework help in all subjects and for all ages, both at home, in libraries, and online – all times and days of the week.

Before starting the collaboration, a careful match between the study coach and the student is always made to ensure the best possible result. And to make you feel extra safe, you can also get a trial lesson with no obligation. In addition, to study help, Allakando also offers babysitting.


Studybuddy is another of Sweden’s major study help companies offering homework help in Stockholm. It employs people who are top students themselves who help students get higher grades and increased study motivation in a personal and educational way. Your child is carefully matched with a private tutor and can get homework help at home, online, or at any location (usually 1-2 times a week).

With Studybuddy, students can get help with homework in all school subjects, including math (including preparation for the national exam), chemistry, biology, physics, English, and French. Homework help is available for both primary and secondary schools. They also offer help for students with special needs, such as ADHD, dyslexia, and school fatigue.

My Academy

Ytterligare en av de stora aktörerna på läxhjälpsmarknaden är My Academy. De erbjuder digital läxhjälp eller privatundervisning i hemmet från toppstudenter på Sveriges ledande universitet för elever i alla åldrar med målet att alla ska nå sin fulla potential. Hittills har de hjälpt tusentals unga att förbättra både sitt studieresultat och självförtroende.

My Academy har över tusen engagerade och ambitiösa privatlärare som erbjuder undervisning inom alla skolämnen, oavsett om det rör sig om matematik, samhällsorientering, språk eller naturvetenskapliga ämnen. Fokus ligger alltid på ämneskunskaper, motivation och studieteknik för att långsiktigt förbättra elevens förutsättningar. För att varje elev ska få rätt plugghjälp börjar samarbetet alltid med en noggrann behovsbedömning och sedan matchas man med en lämplig studiecoach.




At Yepstr, your child can get affordable help with schoolwork – studying for national exams, reviewing vocabulary, or preparing for homework tests. Perfect when it’s difficult to provide enough help with schoolwork yourself or if you simply forgot much of your own math skills from middle school.

With homework help in Stockholm via Yepstr, your child gets help and encouragement from talented young people from the local area. And in addition to increased chances of higher grades, your child will also receive support in improving their self-esteem and self-confidence. Many also make a friend for life in their study coach. And should you need help with other things at home, Yepstr also offers other services such as babysitting, dog walking, gardening, and car washing.


Superprof is now one of the largest teacher networks in the world. They are present around the globe and offer private tutoring in 42 countries – including homework help in Stockholm. On their digital platform, you can find professional tutors for all levels who provide tutoring in everything from algebra and geometry to languages like French and Spanish. And you can also get lessons in instruments like piano and guitar.

With over 1300 private tutors in Stockholm, you’re sure to find a suitable match, and you can choose both one-off lessons and longer-term collaborations – at home, at any location, or online. They offer individualized study assistance from primary school to university and are also used to dealing with learning difficulties and lack of motivation.


Mathematics is one of the school subjects where students most often need extra support. And at Mattecentrum, your child can get free homework help in math regardless of their needs. Some are completely stuck when it comes to math, others want support to pass the upcoming test, and for some, a high final grade is on the horizon.

In addition to the Mattecentrum offering over 20 calculation rooms around Stockholm (mostly in secondary schools and libraries), there are also five digital sites filled with knowledge material in different languages, as well as chat and study, help through video conferencing. In short, everything children and young people need to boost their mathematical confidence.

Röda korset

The Red Cross (Röda korset) can provide extra support for school work to both children and adults when school resources are not sufficient. The help is free, led by volunteers, and offered at libraries, schools, or the Red Cross’ own meeting places.

You can get support in all school subjects, but it is not focused on specific subject knowledge. Instead, the idea is that the homework helper will listen, explain tasks and contexts, and show you where to look for information and facts.



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Achieve your study goals with homework help in Stockholm

This is our guide to homework help in Stockholm. We hope you find the right study coach for your child (or yourself) so that he or she reaches their study goals and increases their motivation and enjoyment of studying. Good luck with your studies!

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