Dance the night away in Stockholm’s clubs!

Stockholm loves a good club and when it comes to dancing the night away you’ll find plenty of dance floors to serve your needs. So slip on your dancing shoes and prepare to trip the light fantastic all night long.

But first, remember a few Stockholm club rules: the velvet ropes are infamous, how you’re dressed will count when getting past those ropes, and if you appear too drunk the doormen and bouncers will have no qualms about removing you immediately. If you can remember those two key things here is a nice little selection of Stockholm’s best dance clubs for you to enjoy.


Glamorous, luxurious, and part of the beating heart of Stureplan’s throbbing nightlife, Sturecompagniet offers multiple rooms for partying, mingling, and dancing. It’s a Stockholm stalwart, going strong since 1989.

Where: Sturegatan 4

Café Opera

Great location, great interior, still attracting an eclectic crowd after many years on the scene – Café Opera is a bit like the comfy slipper of Stockholm clubs: we all know it’s there when we need something familiar to slip into.

Where: Operahuset, Kungsträdgården

Spy Bar

It’s two rooms – one offering underground music, the other offering classic – filled with some of Stockholm’s hippest clubbers, and it’s one of the few clubs that stays open past 3am. Another piece of the Stureplan party puzzle, it’s wise to get here relatively early.

Where: Birger Jarlsgatan 20


Berns is a world-unique pleasure temple in the well-preserved 18th-century Art Nouveau style in the middle of the city. Here is nothing but a large dance floor where you can lose dance under giant crystal chandeliers and a popular open summer terrace, as well as a large dining room and several bars.

Berns Näckströmsgatan Photo: © Stureplansgruppen

Where: Näckströmsgatan 8


Morfar Ginko

The interior is beyond interesting and while this Södermalm classic only has DJs and dancing at the weekend it’s worth waiting until Friday to squeeze yourself inside. You may not want to ever leave.

Where: Swedenborgsgatan 13


Yet another club on the Stureplan run but one with a difference: no cover charge and a crowd that is truly mixed. The music is not cutting edge but if you’re out with mates and want to dance to old faves or perhaps have a singalong head here.

Where: Stureplan 2 (part of Sturehof)

Soap Bar

This Östermalm favourite is open every night and is packed nearly every night. The party doesn’t start until after 23 but if it’s great music, friendly staff, and a solid reputation for fun that you’re looking for this is the place for you.

Where: Nybrogatan 1


Early in the evening it’s sophisticated jazz dinners for a somewhat sedate crowd. Once the band packs up, though, the DJ takes over and then it’s the greatest hits of the 60s and 70s – which might sound cheesy but somehow manages to be an enormous amount of fun, particularly Soul on Saturday.

Where: Kungsgatan 63


It’s a party boat featuring five indoor bars, three dance floors, and two outdoor bars – and a history that includes visits by Queen Elizabeth and a role in World War II. The best night to visit? Sunday gay night, which enjoys a legendary reputation.

Where: Söder Mälarstrand, Kajplats 19

Have a great night at Stockholm’s best dance clubs!


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