Stockholm may be more known for being one of the pop music capitals of the world but have no doubt that the live music scene is thriving. And sometimes all you want or need to make things right in your world is an evening (or even an afternoon) of wailing guitars or a groovy jazz bass or a haunting voice that pierces your soul. The nights come alive with music in Stockholm. 

Remember, it’s not just Abba that has put Sweden on the music map – we’ve also given the world The Hives, The Cardigans, and, well, Europe.

Here are our favourite live music venues in Stockholm.


The stage at Debaser Strand - Photo credit: © Hampus/Flickr

Debaser Strand – Photo credit: © Hampus/Flickr

Debaser is for those who like their rock. It’s actually a group of venues that includes Debaser Medis, Debaser Slussen, and Debaser Strand. While Medis and Slussen have recently closed due to redevelopment Strand is still going strong – although there are fears it too will be but a memory at some point. What does that mean for you? Get there as quick as you can. This is one of Stockholm’s best places to discover up-and-comers on the music scene.

Where: Debaser Strand, Hornstulls Strand 4
Contact: +46 (0)8 658 63 50


Fasching Stockholm

Fasching – Photo credit: © Bengt Nyman/Flickr

Do you like jazz? Then Fasching is your place. Stockholm – and Sweden – have had a strong jazz connection since the middle of the last century and the mutual love affair doesn’t show any signs of letting up. This is where top international acts strut their stuff, alongside some of the best Sweden has on offer. Book a table for dinner and you’ll have the best seat in the house when the music begins. And once the musicians pack up their gear put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the top DJs who spin late into the night.

Where: Kungsgatan 63
Contact: +46 (0)8 20 00 66

Pet Sounds Bar

Pet Sounds Bar Stockholm

Pet Sounds Bar – Photo credit: © bixentro/Flickr

This is the live music compliment to legendary Stockholm record store Pet Sounds. If you’re into discovering the best of the local live music scene or maybe want to strut your stuff at the open mic night then head here. While Pet Sounds enjoys a well-deserved reputation for highlighting indie rock it has expanded its horizons to include nearly every other musical genre.

Where: Skånegatan 80
Contact: +46 (0)8 643 82 25

Södra Teatern

Known locally as Mosebacke, you’ll find indie bands, touring rock acts, and everything in between in Stockholm’s oldest theatre. The 19th century building is home to seven different stages, both inside and out. The main outdoor terrace during the summer months is particularly recommended – what better way to while away the night than by catching an act under the midnight sun as you gaze across the water to Gamla Stan?

Where: Mosebacke Torg 1
Contact: +46 (0)8 531 994 90


Stampen Stockholm

Stampen – Photo credit: © Solis Invicti/Flickr

Located in the heart of Old Town (Gamla Stan) in an old stamp shop (hence the name) and modelled after an American road house, this is jazz and blues at its finest. From the after work happy hours to the nightly live acts to the legendary Saturday afternoon open blues jam, this is about as authentic as it gets. The best part of Stampen? Some say the eclectic crowd, others say it’s the idea that a big star passing through town might drop in to jam for a bit. We say it’s the atmosphere, which somehow feels like home.

Where: Stora Nygatan 5
Contact: +46 (0)8 20 57 93

Enjoy the great live music scene in Stockholm!

Photo credit: © The Zender Agenda/Flickr