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Rich reds, dry whites, rosé, sparkling bubbles… Stockholm’s best wine bars offer all these and more. Sure, you can enjoy a great glass of grapes at any of the Swedish capital’s better restaurants, but there’s something special about a place that devotes itself to the grape sector. The wine bar trend has been vital in Stockholm for many years, and today there’s a wide range of great places. Let us guide you to the gems to visit the next time you’re craving a fine glass of wine.
Last updated: January 30, 2024

Fancy a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, or Merlot? Or do you go for the more unusual grapes? No matter what your preferences are, Stockholm’s wine bars will not disappoint you. A wine bar is also ideal when a visit to a restaurant seems too much and a beer pub too simple.

In recent years, Stockholm has become a wine destination to be reckoned with. The wine bar trend is strong, and many high-profile wine bars for all tastes have popped up. Some with an endless wine list, and others with a selection that fits on a board above the bar.

Find the right wine bar in Stockholm

Whether you want to hang out in a cozy and relaxed bar with a glass of natural wine in hand or are looking for fancy extravaganza and exclusive quality wines from one of the classic regions of Italy, France, or Spain, there’s a place for you in Stockholm. Both the novice and the dedicated connoisseur with a keen eye for districts and vintages have much to discover.

To help you find your way around the bars, we’ve put together a guide to Stockholm’s best wine bars. Perfect for the next time you want to take your partner on an intimate date over a glass of Bourgogne or gather your friends or colleagues for a great after-work wine party.


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Kungsholmens Vinbar

Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine at lovely Kungsholmens Vinbar
Does a fine glass of wine (or two) in a charming and relaxed atmosphere in Kungsholmen sound like your thing? Then you’ll enjoy Kungsholmen’s Vinbar, located on Fleminggatan. Here’s a lovely and welcoming atmosphere, and when you enter the premises, there is no doubt that you’re in a wine bar. The room is stylishly decorated with sober colors, shelves full of wine bottles and glasses, fancy floor tiles, and photographs with motifs from Kungsholmen on the walls. And with both chairs and sofas, there is room for both large and small parties.

The wine list is extensive with noble drinks from all over the world, and there’s something for everyone by the glass or bottle – red, white, orange, and sparkling wines. And the bar’s love of good food is just as great as their passion for wine. The food menu includes snacks, cheese and charcuterie, small dishes, and desserts. Perfect if you and your party want to enjoy something good to eat during your visit. In the summer, Kungsholmens Vinbar also has nice outdoor seating, and if you want to learn more about the fantastic world of wine, they regularly arrange wine tastings with different themes.

Fleminggatan 62, Kungsholmen

NOFO Wine Bar

NOFO Wine Bar is a true gem if you want to drink quality wines in a cozy setting
The charming boutique and design hotel NOFO Hotel in Södermalm is located in a landmarked building from 1780. This vibrant neighborhood is buzzing with energy, and the hotel fits in perfectly with its delightfully quirky style – full of art and design. But the hotel not only offers first-class accommodation; they also have an excellent wine bar – NOFO Wine Bar. A hidden gem equally suitable for an intimate date, an evening with friends, or an after-work hangout with colleagues. The atmosphere in the inviting room is high but at the same time relaxed – in short, it’s easy to feel comfortable.

At NOFO Wine Bar, you can enjoy a unique selection of exciting wines where you’re guaranteed to find a new favorite. The high-quality wine list includes red, white, orange, rosé, and sparkling wines. And if you need help finding the right one, the bar’s skilled sommeliers are happy to help (they also arrange wine tastings). Should anyone in your party want something else to drink, the bar also has a good selection of local beers and several fancy cocktails. And if you’re in the mood for something to eat, you can order snacks or the kitchen’s delicious smaller dishes, carefully prepared with organic and seasonal ingredients.

A visit to NOFO Wine Bar is particularly delightful during the warmer seasons when the super cozy courtyard is open. Here, you can eat, drink, and socialize in the sunshine and enjoy lovely evenings. A true summer oasis in Stockholm.

Tjärhovsgatan 11, Södermalm


At the far end of eastern Södermalm, you’ll find one of Stockholm’s best wine bars, Fooli. It is run by the well-known and experienced sommeliers Béatrice Becher and Jonas Sandberg. The cozy space is decorated very stylishly – like a living room for all wine lovers – and offers a hard-to-beat selection of wines from all over the world, emphasizing France. The impressive wine list, which is regularly updated, is several pages long, and almost all of them are served by half glass, full glass, half bottle, and full bottle. Perfect for those who want to try a little bit of everything.

The concept is an undeniable success. Since its launch in 2017, it has won several awards, including DN’s Gulddraken for Best Bar and White Guide’s Drinking Experience of the Year. Moreover, the New York Times has recommended this wine bar in Södermalm and urges anyone visiting Stockholm to spend their first night at Folii. It’s no wonder people flock here – and you’ll have to hope for a seat because you can’t book a table in advance.

If you also want something good to eat, move to the Voisine restaurant on the same premises. It serves modern and well-prepared bistro food with its roots mainly in French and Swedish cuisine. And if you want to immerse yourself in the world of noble grape drinks, visit Folii’s wine tastings, organized regularly with different themes (including tailor-made tastings for closed groups).

Erstagatan 21, Södermalm



Tyge & Sessil

Tyge & Sessil is a cozy wine bar in Östermalm that you can find a stone’s throw from Stureplan. They call themselves a wine café, and there’s a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere here where everyone is welcome – from dedicated wine fans with solid knowledge to total novices who want to broaden their horizons. The ship’s captain is the well-known star restaurateur Niklas Ekstedt, and the bar is adjacent to his fine dining restaurant Ekstedt. By his side, he has a knowledgeable and friendly staff to ensure you have a pleasant time.

The wine café focuses primarily on small producers working as close to nature as possible, so Tyge & Sessil is an excellent choice if you want to try natural wines. They like to bring in wines from underrepresented areas around the world, preferably made from unusual grapes. The idea is to offer their guests genuine drinking pleasure and inspire them to discover new flavors. The small kitchen serves delicious entrees such as steak tartare, focaccia, and tortellini and also has a range of snacks to enjoy with the wine. No table reservations.

Brahegatan 4, Östermalm
Wine bars Stockholm
Stockholm has plenty of excellent wine bars

Gemla Vinbar

If the blending of a wine bar and furniture studio in the same room sounds like something for you, you’ll definitely like Gemla Vinbar, where craftsmanship, sustainability, and a great passion for wine are at the center. The bar is housed in Gemla furniture factory’s premises in Södermalm and has become a meeting place for wine lovers as well as furniture and design enthusiasts.

It’s run by the experienced sommeliers Anna Mellfors and Ola Arnkil, and they’ve really succeeded with their efforts. The venue is stylish and exudes class all the way with stylish wooden furniture, large windows, high ceilings, and a large inviting bar counter.

The wine list at Gemla Vinbar focuses entirely on craft wines grown in unsprayed vineyards where the winemakers work in harmony with nature and don’t use any unnecessary additives. The selection is impressive, and there’s something for every preference regarding white, red, orange, and sparkling wine. Both nerds and novices thrive in the cozy and relaxed environment, and many rank it as Stockholm’s best wine bar. A proof of the place’s popularity is that they’ve been named wine bar of the year 2021. In terms of food, they have focused on simple but delicious and wine-friendly. Several small dishes and small picks are available for those who are hungry.

Magnus Ladulåsgatan 8D, Södermalm

Cork Vinbar

If you’re looking for a good wine bar in Old Town, check out the charming Cork Vinbar on Stora Nygatan. The small and intimate venue is mainly decorated with wood but also cork (it would be strange otherwise, given the name, right?). Sit down at one of the tables or, even better, on the front-row seat at the bar. There you’ll find yourself in the middle of bottles and glasses and can take the opportunity to talk wine with the knowledgeable owner Alexandre Carreira while enjoying fine wine.

The wine list is not the longest in Stockholm but created with care and ambition. It contains pretty much only Portuguese wines focusing on light and elegant style. So anyone who wants to immerse themselves in Portugal’s finest grape drinks will have a great evening at Cork Vinbar. And if you’re hungry, they serve tasty Mediterranean food that goes perfectly with the wine.

Stora Nygatan 22, Old Town
Wine bar in Stockholm
Photo: Louis Hansel/Unsplash

Vinverket Stockholm

Vinverket in northern Vasastan is a combined wine bar and restaurant where you are greeted by a wonderful homely feeling where it is easy to feel comfortable. Here you can both hang out at the bar with a glass of red or take it up a notch and have a good dinner. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed a fabulous taste experience.

When it comes to food, Vinverket’s concept is to serve wine-friendly food with an emphasis on small dishes, entrees, cheese, and charcuterie. But the leading role is, of course, played by the wine list. It’s long, solid, and contains a wide range of wines from all over the world with different price points and primarily varieties you won’t find at Systembolaget. If you need help finding the right one, the friendly and wine-savvy staff will gladly guide you to new exciting flavors or a suitable wine if you have food.

Norrtullsgatan 24, Vasastan



Savant Bar

Savant Bar in Vasastan is a popular wine bar in Stockholm where things happen all day. You can start with a visit in the morning, when the place is a cozy coffee bar with a carefully selected range of coffees, and then return in the evening when it’s transformed into a trendy wine bar. It’s stylish, modern, and comfortable – no wonder the small venue attracts a lot of guests, including a large number of regulars who flock here for a great evening of wine.

Their wine selection is just as vibrant as the venue, and the focus is on small-scale and green production. Natural wines dominate the wine list, and the selection by the glass changes daily as new exciting additions are introduced. Perfect for those who like variety.

The bottled range contains over 500 natural wines, so if you like natural wines, you can really get your fill here. And don’t miss the chance to try their Swedish wines with cherry, plum, pear, blackcurrant, and apple flavors. They serve snacks, entrees, cheese, and small pastries if you want to eat something good with your noble drink. Savant Bar also gets an extra big plus for their ambitious sustainability work.

Tegnérgatan 4, Vasastan


Half a floor down on Roslagsgatan, you’ll find Vineriet, run by Antoni Dauoud that has a great passion for food and wine. In the modern and nicely decorated room with blue sofas, wooden furniture, wooden floors, and fine art, you can enjoy wines from all over the world and food prepared with love. Whether you want to have an after-work with your friends, a dinner with the whole family, or a cozy date with your partner, you’ll feel at home at Vineriet.

Antoni’s interest in wine started when he got to try wines from Italy, and his passion for wine is evident in the ambitious wine list in which he has invested a lot of love. It mainly contains Italian wines, and if you’re a fan of red wines from the Piedmont and Tuscany regions, you’ll be thrilled.

For those who want to eat something tasty, there’s a delightful selection. How about cheeses like Brillat Savarin and Hallands Himmel or charcuterie like fennel salami and Prosciutto Toscano? In addition, there are several other wine-friendly snacks on the menu. In summer, Vineriet also has a nice bistro-style outdoor terrace where you can watch the street life while enjoying your favorite wine.

Roslagsgatan 15, Vasastan

Alba Vinbar

Alba Vinbar is a tiny place on Skånegatan near Nytorget, which has quickly become one of the most famous wine bars in Stockholm. If you’re looking for an unpretentious atmosphere and a relaxed hangout with a Södermalm vibe, free from wine snobs, this watering hole is the right choice. Here they focus on personalized service and making sure their guests have fun. The decor matches the atmosphere perfectly, including wooden boxes, handwritten cardboard signs, and graffiti art.

The wine list is constantly changing and is based on small quantities, with the owners having a preference for fun bottles. The selection includes many natural wines and plenty of bubbly. Alba Vinbar is also a great place to go if someone in your party is not fond of wine since they also offer cider, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks. For food, there’s a simple French-Italian menu. In the summer, Alba Vinbar takes it up a level with its spacious outdoor terrace, an excellent vantage point packed with people from afternoon to late evening.

Skånegatan 88, Södermalm
Drink wine Stockholm
A rich red, dry white or something else? Stockholm’s wine bars has it all

The Sparrow Vinbar

The hotel The Sparrow in Östermalm, a stone’s throw from Stureplan, has a first-class wine bar where you can enjoy a glass of wine in a luxurious French bistro setting. Here, France is the name of the game – from food and drink to decor – and the bar does its best to convey the genuine French feeling. Perfect for those who want to experience an evening of wine à la France.

The impressive wine list is both broad and deep, with a wide range of French wines where you can delve into the classic districts of perhaps the world’s top wine country. If you need help finding the right one, the knowledgeable staff are happy to help. And if you want something to eat, they serve charcuterie, cheeses, mushroom croquettes, and oysters.

In the warmer season, you can sit down in Le Garden when the bistro moves outdoors, creating a lovely summer oasis for eating and drinking. In addition, The Sparrow Vinbar has a nice outdoor terrace where you can feel the pulse of Stureplan while sipping a glass of rosé wine in the summer sun.

Birger Jarlsgatan 26A, Östermalm


Ambar is a small and personal bar at Sankt Eriksplan in Vasastan. They have specialized in amber-colored drinks, which you can tell by the name. In other words, you can enjoy orange wines, sherry, and other drinks in the more oxidated direction. The goal is that you should try something new and different that you haven’t tasted before. So prepare for an orange evening with exciting new taste experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

The wine list includes not only orange wines but also many other types of wines, many of which have a natural focus. You can also order beer and spirits. And because orange wine goes perfectly with Asian food, Ambar’s simple yet delicious menu consists of Japanese home cooking and modern bar dishes with more unusual flavors. Crispy tofu with blue cheese and honey, fried eggplant marinated in soy and ginger, and steamed dumplings with soy meat are some of the dishes that’ll make your taste buds dance.

Tomtebogatan 22, Vasastan
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Enjoy fine wine at Stockholm’s best wine bars

There you have our guide to Stockholm’s wine bars. Whether you want to treat your favorite person to a glass of exclusive Italian red or have a lovely evening in the company of your friends and your favorite grape, we hope you find a place that suits you. Exquisite taste experiences at the city’s wine bars await you – have a lovely time!

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