The winter is here but did you think you had to go to go north in Sweden to find good ski slopes? That you had to go to Sälen, Idre, Åre, Ramundbergen or another of Sweden’s major ski resorts up north to find good skiing opportunities? No, you actually just have to go to Stockholm’s southern suburbs to find Hammarbybacken.

Hammarbybacken offers everything a skier or snowboarder could ask for. And it doesn’t even take you 20 minutes to get there from Stockholm city, and you can choose to travel by car, bus, underground/tram or boat.

The ski slopes open when the temperature falls below zero and snow cannons can start producing snow. If you are a beginner there are conveyor belts, and for the more experienced skier or snowboarder a park area (that is currently under construction), and three moderately steep slopes. If you want to develop your skiing skills, there are also ski schools organised by Friluftsfrämjandet. And of course you can rent ski equipment if you need to.

If you want to give your legs a rest, there is a cafeteria close to the slopes. And when you are done for the day you are close to the entertainment, shopping and buzz of the city centre. Talk about after ski!

Don’t miss the opportunity of great skiing right in the heart of the city. And not to mention the fantastic view of Stockholm!

Address: Hammarby fabriksväg 111
Phone: +46 (0)771 84 00 00

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