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Do you prefer to listen to vinyl records and are looking for Stockholm’s best record stores? Spotify and other streaming services have their advantages but listening to music on vinyl is special. And as a music-loving vinyl fan, you’ll have a lot of stores to choose from in the Swedish capital. In Stockholm, there are plenty of record shops overflowing with both used and new records where you can browse LPs, study old album covers – and maybe find that rare gem you’ve wanted for years.
Last updated: November 15, 2023
Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin. The Ramones and Pink Floyd. Håkan Hellström and First Aid Kit. Whether it’s the stars from the 1960s or the giants of the 21st century, vinyl is hot. The wonderful crackle from the speakers, listening to an album from beginning till the end, and having to flip the record – vinyl means listening to music for real.

LPs in all genres have made a huge comeback in recent years, and their popularity keeps increasing. Everyone from professional DJs to ordinary music listeners choose the vinyl format over streaming services and regularly visit Stockholm’s record stores in search of new finds.

Record shops vinyl Stockholm
Photo: Mick Haupt/Unsplash

Find great record stores in Stockholm

Are you looking for used vinyl records in Stockholm? Or do you want to get a newly released record for your collection? No matter what you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find the LP you’re looking for in one of Stockholm’s record stores. Rock, pop, soul, punk, disco, classical – everything is here. And if you can’t visit them on site, many also have good online stores where you can check out the range and order records. (And of course, many of them also have CDs if that’s more your thing.)

You can find most of Stockholm’s record stores in Södermalm and Vasastan (Sankt Eriksgatan is undoubtedly the city’s most vinyl-filled street), but they are also found in other areas of the city. What they all have in common is that they’re run by people who love music just as much as you do. To help you find the right one in your hunt for vinyl records (or CDs), we have created the guide to Stockholm’s best record stores.




Pet Sounds

Mickes Serier, CD & Vinyl
Niklas guides you among new and used records at Pet Sounds
Pet Sounds on the popular Skånegatan has been an institution among music lovers since 1979 and is still one of Stockholm’s best record stores. Today, they’re one of the few record stores in town that sell new records. The selection includes both newly released records and old classics in every imaginable musical genre – from Sweden’s best artists to international greats and lesser-known bands. Here you can also find used vinyl records, so if you’re lucky, you can get your hands on rare gems.

The store is often crowded (it has plenty of regulars), and over the years, it has had several famous guests, including Quentin Tarantino, who called Pet Sounds the best record store in the world. Not a bad rating – and even if you’re not on the hunt for a record, it’s well worth a visit just to soak up the lovely atmosphere. It’s as much a social meeting point – like a living room – for music lovers as it’s a record store. In addition to vinyl, there are plenty of books, magazines, and CDs, and of course, everything can also be ordered in Pet Sounds’ webshop.

Skånegatan 53, Södermalm

Solna Skivbörs

Solna Skivbörs
Kristian Lindström in his record store Solna Skivbörs
Solna Skivbörs is located in central Solna and here you can buy and sell used vinyl records, CDs, and DVDs. The shop has been around since 2000 when owner Kristian Lindström converted his former hobby business into a record store. Today, it’s a destination for music lovers and record collectors – from Solna and Stockholm residents to international buyers – who want to buy records in good condition at great prices. Over the years, the store has gained many regulars (from 12-year-olds to 80-year-olds, but there are also a lot of new customers.

One of the reasons customers appreciate Solna Skivbörs is that the store constantly gets new records. The shop has a high turnover – nothing sits around gathering dust for years; the products that come in are sold immediately to make room for new ones. In other words, you can find lots of new stuff every time you come. No particular genre dominates the record bins – you can find every style of music imaginable. However, the best sellers are hard rock and the great timeless artists. Every Sunday during the warmer months of the year, you’ll also find Kristian at Hötorget’s flea market where you can bargain-hunt second-hand records.

If you’re considering selling your record collection, you can have it valued in the shop or at your home. And a big advantage of Solna Skivbörs is that they buy all your records regardless of genre – CD, LP, and DVD.

Råsundavägen 110, Solna

Record Hunter

Record Hunter is one of Stockholm’s best record stores and is located on Stockholm’s number 1 record store street, Sankt Eriksgatan, which is actually the world’s most dense record store area. This record shop in Vasastan has been around since 1984 and is open seven days a week. Music lovers of all ages flock here to browse the huge selection of LPs, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. And yet the store has room to buy many new records every week from all over the world. In other words, you should set aside plenty of time to go through everything.

Specializing in older vinyl, you can often find limited edition records and rarities. And if you’re keen to find a particular vinyl record, the knowledgeable and dedicated staff will do everything they can to hunt it down for you. After all, there’s a reason they’re called Record Hunter.

Sankt Eriksgatan 70, Vasastan



Mickes Serier, CD & Vinyl

Mickes Serier, CD & Vinyl
Are you looking for a great record store with used vinyl records in Södermalm? Then you should head to the trendy Hornstull and Mickes Serier, CD & Vinyl. This classic record store (consisting of two stores on opposite sides of the street) is a goldmine for record collectors of all ages and has provided collectors from near and far with used vinyl, CDs, DVDs, and comic books since 1996. In other words, you can get a real nostalgia trip in this record oasis, and over the years, the shop has bought and sold millions of used records.

Mickes Serier, CD & Vinyl is run, as the name reveals, by Micke, who’s passionate about music and is one of Sweden’s most knowledgeable in used vinyl records. Here you can browse everything from progressive rock and punk to disco and classical. And everything in between. There are about 40,000 titles in the enormous selection, and a couple of thousand new items arrive every week. If you need guidance, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find your way. If you have some old records lying around, you can also sell used LPs. Stop by, browse the record boxes, talk some music – it’s easy to enjoy yourself here.

Långholmsgatan 20, Södermalm
Långholmsgatan 13, Södermalm

Snickars Records

You find the internationally known Snickars Records in Södermalm, near Slussen, and since 1995 the store has been run by the DJ and producer Mika Snickars. The emphasis is on dance music, so if you’re looking for used vinyl in soul, funk, disco, hip hop, techno, house, jazz, reggae, etc., this is an excellent place to start. The selection includes both 7″, 12″, and LPs, and there are thousands of records to choose from, from bargains to rare gems. So, you can easily spend hours among the record bins, and if you want to get rid of your old records, you can also sell vinyl records here.

Snickars Records is also an experienced player when it comes to online record stores, where they have been operating since 2005. New items are added to both the physical store and the online daily, and in addition to used (and several new) vinyl records, you can buy DJ equipment and merchandise. You can also watch DJs play live gigs (usually Saturdays), enjoy in-store record releases, and find rarities at special record collection sales.

Hökens gata 11, Södermalm
Record stores Stockholm
Photo: Kevin Laminto/Unsplash

The Golden Oldies Shop

The Golden Oldies is also located in the record store mecca of Sankt Eriksgatan and specializes in singles, EPs, and LPs from the 1950s to the 1980s. In other words, a dream for collectors whether you buy or sell. Here you can find everything from old blues and jazz to 1970s soul or punk. Or why not 80s icons like Roxette or old Eurovision hits? In short: pretty much everything.

The store opened in 1977, and back then, it was Scandinavia’s first specialized record store for collectors. The owner Jan-Erik Ekblom, a former DJ known for his encyclopedic knowledge of music, has contacts all over the world, so if he doesn’t have what you’re looking for, just let him know and he’ll probably find it. The Golden Oldies Shop is the place for the serious collector – but those just starting your collection are more than welcome. And if you can’t visit the store, there is also a webshop.

Sankt Eriksgatan 96, Vasastan


Oh, that name! The Nostalgia Palace! It really says everything you need to know about Stockholm’s largest vinyl shop, which has been around since 1997. And Nostalgipalatset not only has one of the largest selections of used vinyl records in Stockholm but also movie posters, music posters, advertising posters, memorabilia, films, toys… here’s simply everything you can think of. A nostalgia trip deluxe, to say the least.

When it comes to music, Nostalgipalatset offers vinyl only, and there are plenty of obscure gems mixed with the mainstream in every genre you can think of (you can also sell your vinyl records here). The staff is very helpful, and when you’ve browsed through the countless racks of records in the main store, you can also check out Trash Palace next door. There it’s hard rock, punk, and new wave all the way.

Sankt Eriksgatan 101, Vasastan



Record Mania

This record store’s tagline is “A new store every Friday,” and there’s a lot of truth in that statement. Things are happening at Record Mania – vinyl records are being sold and bought at a fast speed, and the range is constantly replenished in this cozy little record shop near Mosebacke in Södermalm. Here, DJs, producers, collectors, and other music lovers from all over the world have hung out since 2001 to find new records and talk about music.

The range is wide and comprehensive (there is much more than can fit in the store). Jazz, soul, rock, hip hop, R&B, reggae, Latin, Afro, ambient, house, techno… you’ll find a lot. Both new and old. And if you can’t drop by Record Mania, you can order the records you want in their online store with worldwide deliveries.

Östgötagatan 2, Södermalm

Vinyl Records

Vinyl Records (formerly called Alley Stuff) is another record gem in Södermalm. The store has one of the best locations among record stores in Stockholm. You’ll find it on a cross-street to Götgatan near Slussen, and it offers, just as the name says, vinyl records. In great numbers. More specifically, 20,000 items in various categories, including rock, pop, soul, reggae, synth, jazz, disco, post-punk, hard rock, and ska.

In other words, the room is jam-packed with vinyl and a vintage record paradise, whether you’re looking for well-known artists or rarer vinyl gems.

Urvädersgränd 2, Södermalm
Record stores vinyl Stockholm

Fade Records

Vinyl, equipment, clothes, bags… Fade Records on Skånegatan is a one-stop shop for music lovers, especially if you’re a DJ. The vinyl range focuses on newer dance music and offers, among other things, electro, synth, techno, disco, house, and dub. And if you’re looking for DJ equipment, there’s everything you could possibly need. The store is quite small, but the extensive selection more than compensates. And if you can’t find what you want, the staff are happy to help you order anything you need.
Skånegatan 78, Södermalm

Hot Records

Hot Records is a record store in Solna, and even though it’s located outside of Stockholm city, the store is well worth a visit. Here you can sell and buy used LPs, 7-inch singles, 12-inch singles, and CDs – from the biggest artists to true rarities and often at affordable prices. The range also includes many new vinyl releases and new vinyl pressings of both new and older records.

At Hot Records, you can also get accessories for your record collection (plastic pockets, inner bags, frames for LP cases, etc.), and they have a good selection of music on DVD and Bluray. So if you’re lucky, you can find your favorite concert in video format. Head for Solna the next time it’s time to fill up your record collection!

Råsundavägen 110, Solna
Vinyl records Stockholm
Photo: Erik McLean/Unsplash

Andra Jazz

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. Is there anything more swinging than a truly great jazz song? For those who agree with that statement and have a special place in your heart for Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, and all the other legends, there is Andra Jazz in Vasastan. A promised land for the jazz lover. Here you can buy and sell vinyl records mainly in jazz, but you’ll also find other genres.

Over the years, the store has bought some of the largest and most expensive record collections in Sweden, and today it has customers worldwide. The website is very simple, but you can check out the store’s selection on Discogs. Andra Jazz is also one of the few stores in Sweden that’s a part of Discogs’ Platinum Sellers, a seal of quality.

Rödabergsgatan 9, Vasastan

Sound Pollution

If you like hard rock and metal and are looking for a record shop in Old Town (Gamla stan), Sound Pollution on Stora Nygatan is the place to be. Here you can find LPs, CDs, and singles in genres such as hard rock, heavy metal, thrash metal, black metal, punk, hardcore, goth, and darkwave.

The shop is part of the music company Sound Pollution. Since the early 1990s, it has been a hub for people who enjoy extreme and alternative music. “Independent music for independent people,” as they describe it themselves. If you are looking for merch, Sound Pollution also has a large selection of exclusive and official merchandise from many of the artists and record labels the company collaborates with.

Stora Nygatan 18, Old Town


Are you looking for a record store in Stockholm city? Then Bengans on Drottninggatan – Stockholm’s main shopping street – is a natural choice. In this branch of Gothenburg’s classic record store, you can buy both vinyl and CDs in all genres, and there’s also a large selection of DVD and Bluray films as well as merchandise.

Today, Bengans is one of the few record stores in Stockholm that sells new records, but you can also browse among used records. If you’re lucky, you can also experience live music because the store regularly arranges gigs.

Drottninggatan 20, Norrmalm/City


To enjoy the music from your vinyl records, including the lovely crackle, you obviously need solid equipment. That’s what you’ll find at Vinylbutiken, which has been around since 1999. The shop specializes in analog sound and what the owner Bengt doesn’t know about sound and stereo systems is not worth knowing. The range includes turntables, pickups, needles, amplifiers, RIAA pre-amplifiers, speakers, headphones, tonearms, and everything else you might need for an optimal vinyl experience. Of course, there’s also a demo room where you can listen before you pull out your wallet.

Besides offering top-notch record players and other equipment, the Vinylbutiken is also something as unusual as a record store in Östermalm. The range is smaller than the competitors but very well sorted. In addition, they offer the Vinyl emergency, where you can get help restoring LPs that have been scratched or have other problems.

Skeppargatan 27, Östermalm

Have fun vinyl hunting in Stockholm’s best record stores

There you have our guide to Stockholm’s best record stores where you can find everything from newly released vinyl records to used LP records and rare gems. We hope you’ll find the right record shop for you!

Featured image: Clem Onojeghuo/Unsplash

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