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Renting an office in a coworking space in Stockholm is the perfect solution if you run a small business, have a start-up or work as a freelancer, and want a flexible office solution with comfortable service, well-equipped premises the opportunity to build your network. Today, Stockholm offers many coworking spaces; the offerings have increased a lot in recent years, so if you’re looking for a good workspace in the Swedish capital, you have plenty to choose from.
Last updated: September 26, 2023
Regardless of whether you run a startup together with five colleagues and want your workplace in Östermalm or have your own company and want to share an office with other creative freelancers in Södermalm, you can find a coworking space for your needs in Stockholm. You have many office options to choose from in all the city’s districts, and there are also many options outside the central parts if that suits you better.

Why rent an office in a coworking space in Stockholm?

The benefits of coworking are many. Of course, the things included in the rent vary between the coworking spaces. Still, usually, the rent includes fully furnished offices, wifi, access to meeting and conference rooms, professional reception service, mail and delivery management, cleaning, and access to your workplace 24/7.

In short, all things that you might need are included, and you also avoid committing to long-term contracts, which is common when you rent a regular office. The chance to make contacts, build your network, and exchange ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs you meet at the coffee machine is also a nice bonus!

Here’s our guide to Stockholm’s best coworking spaces.



Kontoret Nybroviken in Östermalm

Kontoret is the office with a capital O if you want a nice office with a great atmosphere and community that your company can grow with. They offer both private office rooms in many different sizes, shared offices, virtual offices, and lounges. There are also inspiring and modernly equipped meeting rooms for conferences, meetings, and other events. And, of course, there are full service and all possible facilities your company might need – from staffed reception, courier and mail handling, and telephone subscriptions to coffee, tea, and fruit.

Kontoret has coworking spaces in four strategic locations in Stockholm. One is located in the middle of it all at Nybroviken near Stureplan, and here you sit in an elegant and representative office in a beautiful old building. The other three are located just outside the city – at the Globe south of town, at Alviks Strand west, and in Solna Centrum north. Choose the location that best suits the company and your business. No matter where you choose to sit, there are excellent communications and close to shops, restaurants, training facilities, and other services. It’s easy to thrive in all four places, and common activities are often arranged, such as openings, Christmas parties, lunch walks, breakfasts, and after work.

4 addresses (click to see)
Birger Jarlsgatan 2, Östermalm
Arenavägen 41, Globen
Solna Torg 19, Solna
Gustavslundsvägen 143, Alvik


Knackeriet - coworking-space Stockholm
Knackeriet in Old Town offers a fantastic mix of cozy work environment and great community
Among cobbled streets and beautiful historic buildings, in a charming 17th-century house where Carl Michael Bellman once worked, you’ll find Knackeriet. It’s a coworking space in Old Town where you can work in a unique historical setting with a living room feeling and a high wow factor. You can either rent a fixed desk, a flexible desk, or a private studio. In addition, there are five well-equipped meeting rooms and a wide range of other perks. And the location couldn’t be better. The Old Town is right in the center of Stockholm and is a hub that makes it easy to get to clients both north and south of the city.

The members are an exciting mix of inspiring entrepreneurs and creators. At their desks, you’ll meet everyone from programmers and designers to psychologists – plus a bunch of international digital nomads who want a nice place to work during their stay in Stockholm. There’s no doubt that the members like it here. Knackeriet has put a lot of effort into creating a strong community with a fantastic vibe. Not only do you get a great place to work, but also a friendly community with your office neighbors. Like a big work family.

To add some extra flavor to their members’ everyday work life, Knackeriet regularly organizes fun activities and events. Archipelago trips, ski trips, crayfish parties, and garden parties are just a few examples. And speaking of gardens – as a member you also get access to the largest and best-preserved courtyard in Old Town. A lovely green oasis that’s perfect for everything from lunches to a power nap in the sun.

Svartmangatan 9, Old Town

City Office

If you’re looking for a modern office in the middle of Stockholm city with closeness to all communications, you should look at City Office, located in the World Trade Center. Since 1990, this coworking space has helped companies with flexible office solutions and meeting rooms, and today it houses many successful Swedish and international companies of all sizes. City Office offers private office rooms, shared offices, virtual offices, and a lounge that is perfect if you’re just in town now and then. Of course, they also offer great office services here.
Klarabergsviadukten 70, Norrmalm/City


7A has four facilities around central Stockholm – two in Norrmalm, one in Östermalm, and one in Vasastan. In other words, you have all possibilities to find great locations for both offices, conferences, and events. Since 2006, they have offered offices and business lounges for both large and small companies who want a flexible and comfortable office solution with fully equipped premises. In addition, 7A offers Stockholm’s best Christmas buffet for companies when you want to end the year with a fabulous Christmas party.
4 addresses (click to see)
Vasagatan 28, Norrmalm/City
Vasagatan 7, Norrmalm/City
Strandvägen 7, Östermalm
Odengatan 65, Vasastan

Block Stockholm

Block Stockholm, which has been around since 2001, can be found in Södermalm in a fantastic attic in a historic industrial setting dating back to the 1670s – more precisely, an old brewery. Above all, this is a coworking office for creators that work with communication – words, image, design, advertising, web, and other media.

The 52 workplaces at Block Stockholm are filled with creative and innovative businesses that form an inspiring work environment. The closeness to other companies in the same industry creates exciting collaborations, gives you opportunities for new projects, and of course, new friends. In short, the given choice if you’re a creative freelancer/entrepreneur and want an office in Södermalm with a view of the rooftops in SoFo.

Åsögatan 115, Södermalm
Kontorshotell Stockholm

Helio Slottsbacken

Who doesn’t want to go to work in a castle? This is exactly what you get to do when you have your workplace in Helio Slottsbacken in Old Town. And this isn’t just a coworking space but a place where you can combine business with pleasure – a workplace where you can focus and perform professionally, and at the same time, have fun with your office friends and develop your passions.

Here you can find a lot of places to work spread over 1500 square meters and 5 floors with different atmosphere and decor. You get access to everything from a lively art studio to a golden hall from the 17th century. The premises houses an exciting mix of companies, organizations, and personalities in different sizes and industries. In addition, Helio Slottsbacken regularly arranges workshops, evening activities, meetups, and interest groups for the members.

Slottsbacken 8, Old Town

Selected Office

Selected Office Stockholm
Selected Office

Do you want to have your office in a beautiful and exclusive historic apartment with high ceilings, stucco, and large mullioned windows near Nybroviken? Then Selected Office in Östermalm is the coworking space for you. Whether you’re heading to a client meeting in the city center or want to take a relaxing lunch walk in Djurgården, you have a comfortable walking distance.

Selected Office offers both individual office rooms, open office spaces, virtual offices, and several meeting and conference rooms. In addition to the personal and unique environment, you’ll have access to all possible comfort, modern technology, and an excellent reception service that’ll help you with everything you need – plus really good coffee. A bonus is that The Royal Guards pass outside the windows every day on their march towards the Royal Palace.

Artillerigatan 6, Östermalm
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Good luck finding the right coworking space in Stockholm

There you have our guide to the best co-working spaces in Stockholm. Whether you’re looking for an inspiring and creative environment for just yourself or a larger office for several people in your company, we hope you find a workplace that suits your needs. Keep up the good work!

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