Discover the best of Stockholm’s SoFo

Stockholm’s Sofo on Södermalm – so called because it’s south of Folkkungagatan – has gained a reputation as the trendiest, hippest part of the city. Here is where you’ll find plenty of beards, tattoos, Amish hats, and large black famed specs – and here is also where you’ll find some of the coolest shops, café’s, clubs and bars.

Check out some of our favourite haunts.

Lisa Larsson

As expected, Sofo is crawling with vintage and one of the best places to find vintage clothing is at Lisa Larsson Second Hand, where the shop is literally packed to the rafters with top-quality finds. It’s slightly on the pricey side but the excellent selection is well worth shelling over a few extra kronor, if need be.

Where: Bondegatan 48

Meatballs for the People

Meatballs for the People Stockholm

Meatballs for the People – Photo credit: © Bex Walton/Flickr

Yep, it had to happen eventually and it definitely had to happen on Södermalm. This is the place to go for all things meatball – and not just your traditional Swedish meatballs, but all kinds. And because this is Sofo there is also a vegetarian option.

Where: Nytorgsgatan 30


Nytorget Stockholm

Nytorget – Photo credit: © Gunilla G/Flickr

This charming square is in many ways the heart of Sofo. The square is a park and playground and all four sides are lined with shops, café´s and restaurants. In the summer it’s lined with pavement seating and in the colder months it’s cosy and cool.

Sofo Hotel

The name says it all: it’s the ultimate Sofo hotel, with excellent prices in a city not known for cheap stays. It’s small, charming, and known for excellent service. The best bit? It’s in the heart of Södermalm but tucked away on a quiet street so no problems with late-night revellers.

Where: Östgötagatan 64

Swedish Hasbeens

Swedish Hasbeens

Swedish Hasbeens – Photo credit: © Commons

Swedes have had a long love affair with clogs, one that stretches back centuries and doesn’t show signs of letting up any time soon. Swedish Hasbeens has taken the traditional Swedish clog and made it modern – without losing that quirky charm that has both men and women wearing them today.

Where: Nytorgsgatan 36A


Grandpa Stockholm

Grandpa – Photo credit: © Bex Walton/Flickr

Offering an incredible mix of clothing, accessories, shoes, vintage, odd knick knacks and plenty more Grandpa is the ultimate Sofo hipster shop. That they often have DJs as well as live music in shop makes it just that much cooler.

Where: Södermannagatan 21

Katarina Kyrka

Katarina kyrka Stockholm

Katarina Kyrka

Katarina Kyrka is arguably the most beautiful church in Stockholm. Parts of the building date to the 18th century and the area has been home to churches since the 14th century. Concerts – both at lunch and in the evening – are often held here and the grounds are peace personified.

Where: Högbergsgatan 13

Café String

Café String Stockholm

Café String – Photo credit: © Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho/Flickr

Like food? Like antiques? Welcome to the always charming Café String, where everything from the furniture to the fixtures is for sale. Bartering is also welcomed, and the warm, friendly atmosphere is enhanced by regular concerts and exhibitions. Did we mention they also have a pretty killer menu? Hint: go there for breakfast

Where: Nytorgsgatan 38

Afrodites Apotek

In the mood for love? Make your way to Afrodites Apotek (pharmacy), which is run by Ylva Franzén, Sweden’s answer to Dr. Ruth. If you like orgasms Ylva is the woman to help you get the best ones of your life – she runs orgasm courses for women and couples. And the shop has all the tools you’ll need.

Where: Katarina Bangata 17



Photo credit: © Eli Duke/Flickr

Hard to believe but Swedes love surf culture, and 6/5/4 is a lifestyle store reflecting that love. In addition to all the usual surfie gear you can also grab tents, thermoses, books… and a fantastic cup of espresso at the shop’s café. Surf’s up!

Where: Nytorgsgatan 27 (Inside Stockholm City Museum)

We hope you have a great time visiting Stockholm’s trendy SoFo!



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