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Few sports have so quickly become popular in Sweden – and Stockholm – as padel. And luckily, the city has several facilities with padel courts both indoors and outdoors where you can practice this simple, fast, and social racket sport. Everyone who has tried understands why the sport is growing so fast and is now one of the Stockholmer’s favorite activities. Here’s your guide to playing padel in Stockholm, including everything from top-class centers to free padel courts.
Last updated: May 10, 2023



The fact that padel, above all, is a team game makes it extra fun, and it’s a perfect way to socialize. Gather your friends, colleagues, or family, pack your training bag, and head to one of Stockholm’s padel courts. Everyone can practice this sport – from children to seniors – and it’s easy to get started. You don’t need to have experience in racket sports, and it’s possible to play and have fun even if you are at different levels.

What is padel?

For beginners, this popular form of exercise, also called padel tennis, can best be described as a mix of tennis and squash. The sport comes from Mexico, and the court is designed as a miniature tennis court with dimensions 10 x 20 meters. The padel court, which usually has artificial grass, is enclosed by 4-meter high glass and metal mesh walls that can be used in the game in the same way as when you play squash. Padel is usually played in doubles with four players, but also in singles (in singles, the court is smaller).

A padel racquet doesn’t consist of strings like the tennis and squash rackets but is more like a thicker beach tennis racket. It’s made of a hard composite material where holes perforate the hitting surface. With these shorter solid bats, you don’t get the same force when you hit the ball, and it becomes easier for the opponent to catch it. In this way, there’ll be more long great ball duels, even between beginners, and you can maximize the playing time in a completely different way than in, for example, tennis. The ball is almost the same as a tennis ball, but a little smaller and softer. Scoring is the same as tennis.

Padel Stockholm

Where can you play padel in the Stockholm area?

As a padel player in Stockholm, you have great opportunities to practice your sport. There are several centers to choose from, but be prepared that you’ll need to travel some distance from the city center in most cases. However, you can easily reach most of them by public transport and a short walk – and some are located quite central.

In our guide you can find great padel centers in Stockholm where both professionals and beginners can play padel – one of Sweden’s most popular forms of exercise. Just book a court. And if you don’t have your own racket, it’s almost always possible to rent or borrow equipment on site.

Plenty of fun, endorphins, speed, sweat, and excellent training for all the body’s muscles are promised. Who puts the best spin on the underhand serve? Who has the best forehand and backhand? And which team wins?



CPN padel Stockholm
Play outdoor padel and hang out with your friends at CPN’s facilities
When you play padel in Stockholm at CPN (Central Padel Nordic), you not only get a high-class playing environment on excellent courts but the ultimate padel experience where socializing is an equally important part. CPN currently has three locations in the Stockholm area – near Östermalm in Norra Djurgårdsstaden (outdoor), in Gustavsberg (indoor), and at cozy Siggesta Gård on Värmdö (outdoor). And everyone is welcome – on the courses, you’ll meet everyone from dedicated padel enthusiasts to beginners playing for the first time. Plus, a bunch who are here to hang out off-court. Because you don’t have to have a padel racket in your hand to enjoy yourself at CPN.

The facility in Norra Djurgårdsstaden is their flagship, and there are as many as 10 courts for outdoor padel, surrounded by lush trees and plants. After the game, you can hang out in the lovely lounge area and enjoy good food from three different restaurant concepts (burgers, dumplings, and Indian), drinks, after-work, live performances, and other entertainment (you can also book the facility for your own events). If you have extra energy, you can also continue sweating in the well-equipped outdoor gym. “Playcation for the soul, mind, social and planet,” as they describe it themselves, and this padel oasis certainly lives up to that motto.

And if you want to play padel in wonderfully scenic surroundings, you should swing by the facility at Siggesta Gård – here, the two courts are in the middle of an alpaca meadow. In short, CPN is the perfect activity for those who like padel and hanging out in good company.

3 addresses (click to see)
Madängsgatan 12, Norra Djurgårdsstaden
Chamottevägen 10, Gustavsberg
Siggesta Gård, Värmdö

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NK Padel & Social by ASCARO

Play padel 30 meters above the ground in Stockholm city – Photo: ASCARO
If you want to play padel in the heart of Stockholm city, you should head to NK Parkaden’s roof, where you’ll find NK Padel & Social by ASCARO and its unique facility. At the moment, it’s the city’s only padel arena with this central location, and as a bonus, you get an incredible view of Stockholm’s rooftops. 30 meters above Regeringsgatan, you’re offered a complete concept where, and in addition to four padel courts, there’s also a gym and a 300-meter running track that extends around the entire facility. ‘Padel on another level’ as they describe it themselves.

When you visit NK Padel & Social by ASCARO, you’ll notice that this isn’t your ordinary sports facility. You don’t just get a few hours of padel, but you also get to experience sports on a different level and a facility that provides more. The staff is passionate about service and always wants to give you the absolute best. You’ll find everything from new padel fans to experienced players on the courses – everyone is welcome. It’s a perfect activity for both families with children, entrepreneurs, and groups of friends who want to meet and hang out with padel in focus.

When you’re done playing, you have every reason to stay. Sit down on the lovely Nabo Terrace and chat over a drink or some good food; they offer both lunch, dinner, and after work. Or why not check out the shop where you’ll find ASCARO’s own clothing brand for the fashion-conscious padel player. NK Padel & Social by ASCARO is simply a unique mix of padel, fashion, and social where you’ll find everything you need for a perfect padel experience on one roof.

Regeringsgatan 47, Norrmalm/City

PDL Center

PDL Center in Frihamnen is northern Europe’s largest padel facility with 22 indoor courts and six outdoor courts. It’s also Stockholm’s most central center and the city’s first indoor padel center. Their facilities are today all over Sweden, and the founders are, among others, the ex-tennis professional Jonas Björkman and the artist Måns Zelmerlöw.

Here you can play, train and compete in padel 24/7, and the center offers everything you could possibly need – dedicated staff, skilled trainers, shop, lounge, café, naprapath, and massage. PDL Center also organizes many different activities, including league games, beginner courses, private lessons with coaches, day tournaments, fall vacation camps, senior padel and americanos. And why not play padel at your next event? Here you can have both corporate and private parties for anything from 4 to 200 people.

Palermogatan 34, Frihamnen



Padel Zenter

Padel Zenter is founded by, among others, Zlatan Ibrahimović and is located in several places in Sweden. In Stockholm, you’ll find their facility in Årsta, and here you can play padel on top-class courts with 12 meters ceiling height, cleaning air aggregates, and perfect lighting. There are nine newly built padel courts and a center court, all of which are approved for playing at the highest international level. Here you can also try out padbol, which is a mix between padel and football.

Padel Zenter is open from morning to evening every day of the week, and it’s easy to park outside. Changing rooms and showers have high standards. If you need to buy a racket, balls, shoes, or training clothes, there’s a shop on the premises where you can also rent rackets and try out different brands and models in different levels and price ranges.

If your goal is to reach your maximum capacity as a padel player, you should take a course (available for all levels) or a private lesson with a professional trainer. Other activities are also organized here, and you can book the entire center for events and conferences.

Grosshandlarvägen 7, Årsta

Vinterviken Padel

Are you looking for a free padel court in Stockholm? Then you should go to Vinterviken Padel in Aspudden/Gröndal. There are three outdoor courts for padel tennis next to Vintervikshallen, and also an outdoor tennis court. The free courts for outdoor padel are not bookable, but open for spontaneous games whenever you want as long as they’re not occupied. If the courts are occupied, you simply let the next players in line know you’re queuing. The games start on the hour and last for an hour. Perhaps the city’s best fun for free if you like physical activity and to get moving?

In addition to outdoor padel courts, there are many other things to do in Vinterviken – restaurant, garden café, picnic areas, kayak rental, tennis courts, and swimming area.

Vinterviksvägen 10, Aspudden

Court1 Padel Club

Court1 in Nacka has two facilities – Prästkragen and Annexet. You’ll find a total of 2 center courts, 10 double courts, and 2 single courts, available every day of the week with generous opening hours, and there are plenty of parking spaces adjacent to the center. Court1 organizes league games, men’s and women’s clubs, mixed ladder league, Padel Kids, breakfast padel, and other fun activities. You can also level up your game with a private or group class.

At Court1 Prästkragen, which probably is the more exclusive of the two facilities, you’ll find a sports clinic/rehab center, gym, co-work spaces where you can work, as well as a modern restaurant with pizza as the main offer. Court1 Annexet is their newest facility, and the courts have a ceiling height of 11 meters, and there are also exercise bikes next to the courts for warming up. If you want something after playing, they offer snacks.

Prästkragens väg 54, Nacka
Snickarvägen 14, Nacka
Play padel in Stockholm

Padel Royale

Padel Royale is not your usual padel hall, besides the fact that they of course have padel courts. As a counter reaction to the padel centers that are often located in industrial areas, this hall has a cozier vibe and a mix of La belle époque, Art Deco and decadent interiors. They also focus on the meeting of people. Located around the six double courts and two single courts, you’ll therefore find several couches, beds and armchairs in lovely colours.
Johannesfredsvägen 14, Bromma



SALK Tennis Park

SALK is one of Sweden’s oldest and largest tennis clubs. And of course, this racket sports giant also offers opportunities to play padel tennis. At the outdoor facility SALK Tennis Park, located in idyllic greenery near Brommaplan, there’s a lavish high-quality padel court where you can play from May to August. You book the court via their online booking. Equipment can be rented on site.
Riksbyvägen 43, Bromma

Järfälla Padel Club

One of Europe’s most modern facilities can be found in Järfälla. Järfälla Padel Club is a sports center of about 3,000 m² with eight high-quality padel courts, where one is outdoor. There is always staff on-site to give you the best possible service, and this is the place to be if you want a really pleasant padel experience.

When the game is over, you can relax in the bistro, which serves breakfast, lunch, and other dishes such as wraps and healthy salads. They are also fully licensed if you want to celebrate the winner with a glass of champagne, wine, or beer. On the upper floor of Järfälla Padel Club, there’s a large lounge with a view of the courts, a gym, and a VIP room.

Mjölnarvägen 1, Järfälla
Padel courts in Stockholm

Good to Great

Good to Great is founded by the tennis profiles Magnus Norman, Nicklas Kulti, and Mikael Tillström. They offer padel playing in the Collector Bank Arena in Danderyd, one of the world’s leading tennis facilities. There are six indoor padel courts and three outdoor courts with a very high ceiling height for the best gaming experience. The facility offers competitions, camps, padel schools for young people, private lessons, and other activities. You can rent rackets at the reception.
Rinkebyvägen 20, Danderyd

Every Padel Kista

Every Padel Kista is located in Kista and is a modern padel center with seven courts, showers, and changing rooms. They offer courses and private lessons for both adults and children. The facility has a lounge where you can buy padel equipment, drinks, and snacks. There’s also free wifi and parking outside the center.
Torshamnsgatan 20C, Kista

Ultimate Padel

Ultimate Padel has, with its 25 high quality courts, created the ultimate padel experience. With an abundance of space around the courts, noise isolation from floor to ceiling, and an 11-meter high ceiling, this center is just great. You’ll find 14 double courts and four single courts indoors, and five double courts and two singles outdoors, which makes Ultimate Padel one of Stockholm’s largest padel centers. They have a well-stocked shop with a wide range of padel rackets which you can try in the facilities. In the lounge and reception there’s also a café with freshly ground coffee, salads and snacks – everything you need before, during and after your game.

The facility also offers private and group courses, company events, league games and childrens’ parties with padel.

Johanneslundsvägen 7, Upplands Väsby

Ekerö Padel

Do you want to play padel with fantastic views of the water? Then Ekerö Padel on scenic Ekerö, which was the first padel club in Stockholm when it opened in 2011, is the place for you. The facility has four outdoor courts at Jungfrusunds Skärgårdsstad with a view of Lake Mälaren’s water and three indoor courts at Träkvista Idrottsplats. Ekerö Padel offers, among other things, contract court times, private lessons, group courses, series games, competitions, events, and junior camps.
Ekerövägen 65, Ekerö
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Have fun playing padel in Stockholm

There you have our guide to facilities for you who want to play padel in Stockholm. We hope you find a padel court that suits you on the list and that you and your teammates have a lot of fun. May the best team win. Game, set, match!

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