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Quality Caviar Stockholm – Exclusive caviar and roe for all tastes 

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For everyone that wants to experience the taste of seas – savory and sweet in a tasteful combination, crisp and at the same time smooth consistency against the palate. For those who value the origin of food and its careful handling. For anyone who wants to have fresh caviar and top-quality roe. For all of you, Quality Caviar Stockholm – the Nordic region’s first showroom and restaurant for caviar – is the obvious choice.

Since 2019, Quality Caviar Stockholm has gone from being a wholesaler for restaurants and grocery stores to standing on its own two feet with a showroom for tasting and selling these precious grains from the sea. Quality Caviar Stockholm is located on Sturegatan 20 in Östermalm and is a meeting place for those with a flamboyant taste for the sea. However, the founders of the company, Carol Chmaissani and chef David Gard, aim to make the luxurious product more popular through increased accessibility and knowledge.

But there is no doubt that caviar and whitefish roe are premium products, especially considering that the cheapest item in the range – the popular sturgeon roe – has a price per kilo of around SEK 25,000. After all, there is something for everyone. The sturgeon roe is not only the “cheapest” but also the one that is best suited for beginners to start their tasty journey with. From that starting point, you will find caviar and roe of ascending classifications.

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Regardless of the classification of the product, all caviar and roe are professionally and extremely carefully handled, usually immediately after the fish are caught. Then the whitefish roe is washed by hand, dried, and salted to complete perfection, while the caviar has a different production line. The careful handling goes hand in hand with Quality Caviar Stockholm’s conviction that only the best quality should reach the end customer.

Before diving into the delicacies of the sea, it may be useful to know the difference between roe and caviar. It is simply that the name of the product depends on what fish the eggs come from. If the origin is a sturgeon, then it’s caviar. Otherwise, it is a type of roe, for example, whitefish roe from Kalix.

To guide its customers and visitors, the company has divided its caviar into four standard categories. Classic has smaller grains and a delicate, simple flavor profile. Level two, Royal, is a caviar with a grain size of over 2.6 millimeters with more varied colors. Step three, Imperial, has a more mature taste intensity. Between 10% and 15% of a harvest goes to this category. Finally, we have Majestic caviar, produced from specially bred sturgeons. A category to which only 1% to 5% of a harvest can be classified. This finest of fine caviar has a complex and at the same time well balanced taste. The merchandise available in the shop on Sturegatan has a price range from 550 SEK to 4500 SEK for a 30-gram can. As said, there is something for everyone.

Quality Caviar Stockholm’s caviar comes from handpicked selected sturgeon farms from all over the world with the exception of Russia and Iran, two countries with which there are no collaborations. The company works mainly with four sturgeon varieties. Baerii caviar from Siberian sturgeons that originates from Lake Baikal, Huso Gold with 50% affinity with Beluga, Oscietra from sturgeon Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii, and Beluga from Huso Huso.

When it comes to roe, the range is at least as varied and exclusive. The whitefish roe from Kalix, the Gulf of Bothnia, Finnish lakes, our largest lake Vänern, and North America all have their own taste profiles. In addition, roe from Finland and the USA, herring roe from Iceland’s cool water, and self-smoked rainbow trout roe are also offered. Quality Caviar Stockholm works directly with the fishermen without intermediaries.

Caviar tasting
Quality Caviar Stockholm offers caviar tasting both for companies and individuals wanting to learn more and at the same time experience a guided tasting. Together with its partner Moët & Hennessy and some of the country’s foremost sommeliers, you can enjoy an outstandingly delicate experience with unique combination menus. Taste and drink combinations that give sensory impressions you will never forget. In addition, a gastronomic experience is offered from the kitchen where David Gard and chef Patrik Svensson prepare classic dishes where caviar and whitefish roe are in focus.

Welcome to Quality Caviar Stockholm!

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Experience the Nordic region's first caviar restaurant and showroom

Learn more about flavors, textures, the origin, and history of caviar

Improve your wine-pairing and caviar skills



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