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Gamla Stans Polkagriskokeri – satisfy your sweet tooth with Stockholm’s finest retro candy

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As you enter the door of Gamla Stans Polkagriskokeri in Old Town, a wave of jazz tunes hits you. The smell of caramel and melted sugar. The Polka family’s happy smiles. They offer samples and ask you to squeeze, feel, and smell. The walls are covered with shelves, boxes, bottles, and bags filled with candy. Here’s everything you can think of: Toffee, caramel, lollipops, candy canes, salmiak licorice, mints, and other sweets. A paradise for the sweets tooth in Stockholm!

Inside the kitchen of Gamla Stans Polkagriskokeri, you’ll find the bakers rolling candy canes, and if you stick your nose inside the shutter, you can chat and ask questions in the meantime. If you want to learn more, you can book a workshop. Then you have the opportunity to join the bakers and learn the whole process. An activity that is just as popular on bridal showers as on children’s parties. And, of course, you can bring a bag of candy canes home.

Welcome to Gamla Stans Polkagriskokeri!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Genuine craftsmanship

A cozy trip down the memory lane

Delicious candy

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Gamla Stans Polkagris­kokeri – satisfy your sweet tooth in Stockholm’s candy heaven

You don’t need to go to Gränna to get candy canes (‘polkagrisar’ in Swedish’). Come to Old Town and enjoy delicious sweets, listen to jazz, and try out caramels.

On Stora Nygatan in Old Town, you’ll find the Gamla stans Polkagriskokeri, and it’s just as charming as it sounds. The dream started in 2011 with two Gränna boys who felt that Stockholm needed ‘a little more Gränna’ (the town Gränna is Sweden’s traditional candy cane center). Therefore, they decided to take the candy cane paradise to the Swedish capital.

Old Town needed more craftsmanship, and candy cane making is a genuine Swedish craft deeply rooted in the Swedish soul.

“My grandmother knows it, your grandmother knows it,” says Anna Ernemar, the candy cane shop’s all-rounder.

You can buy all kinds of traditional sweets in the shop: caramels, toffee, fudge, and candies in happy colors and flavors.

“Every Swede who enters the doors usually says, ‘Oh, I remember that one,’” says Anna with caramel toffee in her mouth. They are developing new flavors at the moment, and of course, you have to taste.

The shop always wants to develop. Of course, candy canes are the basis, but also, they are experimenting with new caramels and toffees. When asked which candy is the most popular, Anna replies with certainty that it is the original. And as if that weren’t enough, they also make their own ‘Grandmother’s Toffee,’ which is sold in small, cute bags. Maybe the perfect go-to-dinner gift?

Gamla Stans Polkagriskokeri also offers knowledge and entertainment. You have the opportunity to look at the production process. The kitchen has large open windows, so you can talk to the baker and ask questions. In the kitchen, they are baking all day to keep shelves and jars filled with sweets.

In other words, this is much more than a candy store. You get to smell, taste, squeeze, and feel the whole process. As a customer, you’re taken care of and welcomed by happy staff and delicious tastings. The atmosphere breathes homely nostalgia with jazz streaming from the speakers, medallion wallpapers, well-sorted shelves, and old fashioned medicine boxes.

It all reminds you of a scene from one of Astrid Lindgren’s stories. Even the staff, the so-called ‘Polka Family,’ dressed in suitable clothes with aprons, shirts, and dungarees.

Don’t miss Polkagriskokeriet’s events and workshops where you’ll learn how to bake candy canes. In a group of 7–8 people, you’ll follow the baker and learn the baking process step by step. At the end of the day, you’ll bring home a bag of candy canes. This activity is just as popular at children’s parties as at bridal showers, 60-year-old-parties, and corporate events.

Are you up for some sweets? Welcome!



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