Sweden is known to be a very healthy country, and Stockholm is no exception. You can find a gym nearby wherever e you are, but most of them require a membership or will charge you a large fee for a one time session. But don’t sweat it. Stockholm offers outdoor training facilities in a variety of places all over town FREE of charge.

In 38 different places in Stockholm you can lift logs, do sit-ups with or without resistance, do pull ups, chins, monkeybars, dips, squats and many other exercises. It’s only your imagination that limits you.

Below you’ll find a couple of them, accessible with the city’s metro and bus system. All of the outdoor gyms and directions to get there, you can find here.

Sätrabadet’s outdoor gym

Sätrabadet is located by Lake Mälaren in the district Sätra in southwest Stockholm. Close to the gym is also a running track, a ramp leading down to the water and a jetty if you feel like taking a swim after your workout.

Årsta Forrest outdoor gym

Overlooking the Årsta Bay, this is the gym with the nicest view. Surrounded by hiking trails, and with the pier at Liljeholmskajen nearby you can both workout, hike and have lunch in the same day. This gym is completely made out of wood.

Björkhagen’s outdoor gym

Stockholm’s very first outdoor gym can be found the lush area of Björkhagen. It’s located in the south of Stockholm, near the ski slopes of “Hammarbybacken” where you can hike to the top in the summer. You not only get a good workout but you also get a great view if the entire city. If hiking is not your cup of tea, the gym is also located close to the running trails in the Nacka nature reserve. The gym is lit up until 10 PM.

Kungsholmen beach path outdoor gym

In downtown Stockholm, on the island of Kungsholmen, there is a small outdoor gym where your own body weight acts as weights when you exercise. The gear can be used in many ways and according to your own conditions. The ground is covered in bark chips for your comfort.