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Do you want to take a hot air balloon ride in Stockholm? Hovering over the city gives you magical panoramic views in all directions. It’s no news that Sweden’s capital offers beautiful views, but seeing them from above during a balloon ride gives them an extra dimension. Well-known buildings such as the City Hall, the Royal Palace, and Kaknästornet. Rooftops and streets. Treetops, green areas, and water. Get ready for a real wow experience.
Last updated: January 12, 2024

A hot air balloon is the oldest way to fly, and the first human-crewed flight in a balloon took place as early as 1783. Since then, it has become a popular pleasure. Slowly gliding forward in the blue, far away from disturbing engine noises and unpleasant exhaust gives you a huge feeling of freedom. It’s calm and peaceful in a way that beats most things, and everything looks different from above.

Air ballooning is an activity for everyone (who’s not afraid of heights) and perfect to do with someone you like. Maybe to celebrate a birthday or some other important event. Or make a bachelor party, bachelorette party, or work event unforgettable. And if you want to surprise someone with a great adventure, it’s an appreciated gift.

Air ballooning Stockholm

Flying a hot air balloon – how does it work?

A hot air balloon ride begins with you arriving at the meeting place. There you get a review of the pilot, who explains how to unpack and set up the balloon, as well as thorough safety information. When the preparations are complete, it’s time for take-off, and then it only takes a few minutes before the hot air balloon is high in the air. It’s impossible to decide on an exact travel direction in advance – the winds control the pace and where the journey goes. The balloon tours often take place in the morning or evening, meaning you also get to see a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Don’t forget the camera!

The flight length varies, but it usually lasts about an hour. So, after about 50 minutes, the pilot begins searching for a suitable landing spot. Back on the ground, you can count on a real endorphin boost and, in most cases, a traditional champagne baptism ceremony. Sometimes also a cozy picnic.

Expect the whole activity to take around 4-5 hours in total, and a tip is to wear durable clothing. Also, keep in mind that a balloon flight is a weather-dependent activity; the balloon is sensitive to both wind and rainfall. If the weather is unsuitable, the flight may need to be canceled and rebooked at a later time. The price for flying a hot air balloon varies depending on how many of you are in the basket, what’s included, and the season. Generally, the cost is between SEK 2,200 and SEK 2,800 per person.

Hot air balloon Stockholm
Seeing the City Hall from above is an amazing experience

Flying hot air balloon in Stockholm – find the right balloon ride for you

Seeing Stockholm from above is fantastic. And to see it from a hot air balloon is magnificent. No matter where you fly – over Stockholm city, the archipelago islands, Lake Mälaren, or other parts of the town, the bird’s eye view from the balloon basket will offer stunning views and an unforgettable experience. So, if you want to fly a hot air balloon in Stockholm, we’ve put together a guide where you can easily find a company that can take you up in the air.






Ballongflyg i Stockholm

Ballongflyg i Stockholm
Take a hot air balloon ride with Ballongflyg i Stockholm and enjoy some breathtaking views of the city
Ballongflyg i Stockholm flies hot air balloons in Stockholm and the surrounding area and has flown thousands of passengers over the Swedish capital since the 1980s. The company is run by professional pilot and flying enthusiast Björn Bruce, who has extensive experience in ballooning. He also has a background in the aviation industry, including as a captain, and is a specialist in aviation safety.

Ballongflyg i Stockholm offers balloons in three different sizes – from a hot air balloon for two up to 19 people in the basket. You can either book an exclusive flight for a private group or a tour where you fly together with several other fellow travelers.

From the meeting point, the balloon flies over Stockholm, where you can see all the beauty our capital city offers from a high altitude. During the tour, you can admire everything from iconic buildings to beautiful nature, and Björn ensures that the balloon ride is a memory for life. After finding a good landing spot and returning to the ground, the whole group is treated to a glass of champagne – the obligatory champagne baptism that is an old tradition. You will also receive a diploma as a souvenir.


Dreamballoon offers air ballooning throughout Sweden, including Stockholm, and has more than 25 years of experience. A hot air balloon ride over Stockholm takes about an hour, and gliding forward in a hot air balloon while looking down at the beautiful city is something you’ll remember for a lifetime. You can float over treetops and rooftops in Stockholm’s inner city, Danderyd, Djursholm, Lidingö, Huddinge, Ekerö, Södertälje, Kungsängen, Solna, and everything in between. You pass the city center as well as villages and countryside, and many times you also get a glimpse of the archipelago’s islands. After the ride, coffee and a traditional post-flight balloon baptism await, plus a diploma.

The company has some of Sweden’s largest balloons; the most giant is 35 meters high and can lift more than 3 tons. So, if you’re a larger balloon-hungry group, there’s a good chance that you all will fit in the basket. For those who prefer a more personal and unique experience over group activities, there’s also a VIP flight. Then you fly alone with the pilot in a small balloon. To not only give you a fantastic experience but also a safe one, Dreamballoon makes sure that their equipment meets all applicable standards and that the balloon pilots (or aeronauts as it’s also called) are qualified and experienced. That means that you can relax and enjoy the ride 100 percent. You can buy tickets on the website, and they offer daily balloon flights from May to October.

Fly a hot air balloon in Stockholm
Photo: Lesly Juarez/Unsplash

Upplands Ballongflyg

For those who want to fly a hot air balloon in Stockholm, Upplands Ballongflyg is an excellent alternative. The company is run by the balloon flight enthusiasts and couple Camilla and Kjell, who took the best from all corners of the world and mixed it into their own unique balloon experience. The experienced balloon pilot “Ballongkjelle” (a.k.a. Kjell) takes you up in the air, and with 12,000 flown passengers and about 1,000 flight hours, he knows what he’s doing.

From 1 May to 30 September, Upplands Ballongflyg offers balloon rides over Stockholm (and Uppsala) for up to 16 passengers. The flights take place in the evening, and the group gathers about 3.5 hours before the sun goes down. The tour lasts about 60 minutes, and the whole experience takes about 4.5 hours. Normal flight altitude is between 100 and 300 meters, but sometimes they go all the way down to the treetops or take off to even higher altitudes. Book a ticket on the website. The price includes insurance, minibus transport, a picnic with sparkling wine after the ride (balloon baptism), and a diploma. Upplands Ballongflyg also offers an exclusive ticket for those who want to fly completely privately without other passengers.



Far & Flyg

Far & Flyg is Sweden’s oldest air ballooning company and offers balloon rides over Stockholm. Up in the basket, you can feel free like a bird – without worries and congestion on the streets and in shops, buses, and the subway. You get a fantastic experience – quiet, peaceful, romantic, uplifting, and safe. And if you want to market yourself with balloon advertising, you can turn to Far & Flyg, which has more than 30 years of experience in the field.

Grenna Ballong & Upplevelse

Grenna Balloon & Upplevelse is, as you probably suspect, not Stockholm-based, but they still offer hot air balloon tours in Stockholm and the surrounding areas. The company arranges most things in air ballooning. They sell and fly custom-shaped balloons, release parachutists, do advertising assignments, organize shows, and much more!

If you don’t want to fly in a group, you can also book a private flight where you get the balloon entirely to yourself. And if you’re a group of 12 people, you can book a full basket only for you. A perfect activity with family, friends, or colleagues.

Fly a hot air balloon in Stockholm and enjoy magic views

There you have our list of companies that offer hot air balloon rides in Stockholm. Getting up in the blue and slowly gliding forward is an unforgettable experience. In other words, the perfect gift for yourself or someone you like.

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