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Timeless Italian menswear in top quality

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Among the cobblestones and historic buildings in Stockholm’s Old Town is the cozy menswear store Trångsund 8, named after its address. On 80 m2, you’ll find a wide and well-sorted range of clothes and accessories for men from Italian quality brands. Perfect if you want to be well-dressed, but at the same time, wear unique garments that stand out.

Timeless Italian elegance. This is how the owner Stefan Jonsson describes his shop with a combined showroom. And that sums it all up well. Since 2012, he has offered the style-conscious man stylish and sporty quality garments in mostly natural colors. The clothes come from Italian world-leading brands that you’ll not find anywhere else in Stockholm. Classic, but still modern. And something other than the kind of boring Scandinavian fashion we see everywhere.

At Trångsund 8, you can shop a complete wardrobe. Shirts, jackets, suits, jackets, sweaters, polo shirts, vests, and trousers (from jeans to the finest wool trousers). If you want to add some extra touch, there are also shoes and accessories. It’s all in the details, as you know. And you definitely get more than you pay for – you’ll rarely find men’s fashion of this caliber at such attractive prices.

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The brands include Four.ten Industry, Jerry Key, Scuola Nautica Italiana, Mastricamiciai, and Antagon. Italian elegance at its best. The garments are mainly made in the Naples area in southern Italy, known for its textile traditions, exclusive choice of materials, and craftsmanship. Here they produce clothes with passion – the opposite of mass production and fast fashion. And you can feel the difference. The feeling and the quality are in a class of their own. Soft and comfortable fabrics that are comfortable to wear.

A mixed bag of people comes to Trångsund 8, but the typical customer is a man between 35 and 70 years old who wants to look well-dressed in clothes that exude self-confidence and awareness. Men who want to stand out a little more and look continental. Chic in a relaxed way, if you will. The goal is that each customer should feel like the best version of themselves when they leave the store. Ready to conquer the world.

Besides the range, the exceptional service and friendly atmosphere are appreciated by customers. You don’t just come here to update the wardrobe but also to have a nice chat and get some inspiration. And a sign that the customers like it here is that most of them stay for at least half an hour. Sometimes up to four hours. The owner is receptive to your wishes, and should something be missing in the selection, there’s no problem to order.

The store regularly arranges sales of product samples where you can get these quality clothes at lower prices. Keep an eye on social media so you don’t miss that opportunity!

Welcome to Trångsund 8!

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Stylish Italian menswear at attractive prices

Everything you need for a complete wardrobe

Personal service beyond the ordinary



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