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MOOD Stockholm – a unique mix of shopping and experiences in Stockholm city

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Fashion from interesting brands, classy interior decoration for your home, a delicious dinner with your friends, or a lovely beauty treatment. In the modern and stylish mall MOOD Stockholm, located in the middle of the city, you’ll find everything you need. You’re offered a unique mix of world-class shopping and delightful experiences.

Under the same roof, there are more than 30 stores that offer fashion, interior design, and service, 11 restaurants, bars and cafés, 6 beauty salons, fitness facilities, and much more. Everything gathered in one place. And MOOD Stockholm isn’t like other shopping malls. The atmosphere, selection, and design are different. You get something more than just shopping – you get an inspiring experience. Among other things, there are several exciting works of art. The concept is called ‘Beyond Shopping.’

An important part of MOOD is the dining experience, and the house has several top restaurants. Here you can always have a culinary experience whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, or after work. In short, this is a place that lives from early morning to late evening – an obvious visit the next time you are in central Stockholm.

Welcome to MOOD Stockholm!

Top 3 reasons to visit

World-class shopping from Swedish and international brands

Top restaurants serving everything from healthy fast food to fine dining

A different kind of mall that lives from early morning to late evening

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MOOD Stockholm – a different kind of mall with a unique mix of shopping and experiences

Update your look with fashion from exciting brands, style the home with classy décor, have a delicious dinner with friends after work or enjoy a nice manicure. MOOD Stockholm brings you the good of life – and everything else you need. In the stylish mall, you’re offered a unique mix of world-class shopping and lovely experiences.

MOOD Stockholm, located in the middle of the city in Norrmalm, opened the doors in the spring of 2012 after an extensive renovation of the old worn out Salén house, built in the 70s.

The mall, which has three floors and five entrances (the main entrance is at the corner Regeringsgatan / Mäster Samuelsgatan), was transformed into a modern and unique shopping and meeting place after the renovation. One of Stockholm’s classic, but a bit forgot shopping areas, also gained new life with this makeover.

Not like other malls

A visit to MOOD Stockholm isn’t like being in a regular mall. It’s different. The atmosphere, the selection, the design – here you get something more than just shopping. ‘Beyond Shopping,’ as they call the concept. Coming here is an experience.

In other words, MOOD takes the word shopping experience to a new level – you can literally combine shopping with experiences. The inspiration comes from Notting Hill in London, Milan, and Paris.

Under the same roof, there are more than 30 shops that offer fashion, interior design and service, 11 restaurants, bars and cafes, 6 beauty salons, fitness facilities, and much more. Everything gathered in one place – a perfect concept to simplify your life and allow you to enjoy it more.

An urban meeting place for city people

It’s the active city people that’s the focus for MOOD. People who live, work, and shop in the city. Here’s everything you may need, both during working hours and in your leisure time.

Have a good lunch with your work colleagues, meet your friend for an after-work – who might turn into a cozy dinner – and browse the shops with your partner during the weekend. Or why not take the opportunity to let your body sweat with a workout before you go home for the day?

“We want to feel like a town in the town, with streets, squares, and parks. Like a natural meeting point where city people can stay and socialize from early morning to late evening,” says Caroline Sjöblom, Marketing Manager for MOOD Stockholm.

First class shopping from exciting brands

Are you looking for a stylish outfit for work or a party on Saturday? Need to update your home with a new piece of furniture or design item? Maybe it’s time for new shoes? Even a watch, a pair of glasses, or some other nice accessory? No matter what you’re looking for, MOOD Stockholm will satisfy your shopping desires.

In the inspiring and varied selection, there’s an exciting mix of fashion for both women and men, shoes, jewelry, accessories, interior decor, and much more. When it comes to stores, they have chosen not to offer the usual range of chains that you can find in every shopping mall. Instead, they’re offering a more unique and carefully selected range of interesting Swedish and international brands – many of which you can only find here.

Some examples of stores are Club Monaco, American Vintage, Rodebjer, Valerie, and Posh Living. The permanent stores are also accompanied by temporary pop-up stores that spice up the shopping.

Top-notch food and drink for all occasions

An essential part of MOOD is the food experience. For example, when the mall opened in 2012, they were the first shopping center that focused on high-class restaurant experiences. And since then, they have kept their high profile. Today, there are several top restaurants in the house where you can experience flavors from all over the world. From healthy fast food to fine dining. Eat on-site or order take away food.

“We have deliberately invested in excellent dining experiences by offering restaurant concepts with well-known restaurant owners. Among other things, we have turned the previously rather anonymous street Jakobsbergsgatan into a popular restaurant district that more and more people are discovering,” says Caroline Sjöblom.

Are you having lunch with a business acquaintance? Having a drink with work colleagues on a Friday night? Celebrating your best friend’s birthday with an extravagant dinner? Or having a cozy cup of coffee with the family? It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, or after work – MOOD’s ambitious food and drink offer always has something for you. In total, you’ll find 11 restaurants, bars, and cafes in the house. A few examples are Boqueria, EAT, Vigårda, Waipo, Icha Icha, Bröd & Salt, and Starbucks.

Great experiences in health and beauty

MOOD Stockholm and the surrounding area also offer pleasant experiences in health and beauty.

If you want to move and give your body a workout, there are many different types of exercising experiences to choose from – from traditional workout to more trendy concepts.

Among others, you’ll find Friskis & Svettis, which offers both a fully equipped gym and inspirational group classes. There is also BECORE, which offers niched group exercising in smaller classes, inspired by a USA concept. Here you’re not a member but book all workouts online – ‘one-time workout’ you could call it. And why not try the new generation of training methods at Bionic? This concept consists of a room, a unit, a personal trainer, and the innovative Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology that effectively trains the entire body in less time. And if none of these are for you, there’s much more to choose from.

“We offer exercise concepts for everyone, from popular movement to electric stimulation,” says Caroline Sjöblom.

Several players offer lovely treats for the whole body in the beauty area – hands, feet, face, and hair. Take a break from the shopping and enjoy a manicure – or why not get a new hairstyle at one of the house’s skilled hairdressers? Of course, you can also buy excellent products that bring out your best.

And there’s more…

As mentioned, experiences are the thing. And there’s even more. How about, for example, booking one of MOOD Stockholm’s two unique tree cabins the next time you’re having a conference? Or why not settle down in one of the neighborhood’s two gardens for a creative meeting or hang out with friends.

MOOD also offers other convenient services such as concierge for service and personal shoppers.

The art – a part of the experience

MOOD is, as said, not like other malls. So besides shopping and experiences, they have also invested a lot in the visual impression. The galleria is decorated with several exciting works of art, both inside and outside the premises.

One of the entrances is overseen by Cajsa von Zeipel’s spectacular sculpture, Pretty Vacant, which nonchalantly hangs against a pillar dressed in high-heeled plateau shoes, shorts, and a leather jacket. In other words, quite far from the sculptures that you are used to seeing in Stockholm.

“The atmosphere is very important, and the artwork is an obvious part of it. They help create a different kind of shopping experience for people,” says Caroline Sjöblom.

Inside and outside the mall are several other great works of art, all selected by the Andréhn-Schiptjenko gallery. If you go to the corner Norrlandsgatan / Mäster Samuelsgatan and look upwards, you can be fascinated by Liquid Sky by Peter Hagdahl – one of Europe’s largest interactive LED installations that adorns the ceiling.

If you check out the facade on Jakobsbergsgatan and then walk into the property, you’ll see Thought Form (Metal, Water) by Katarina Löfström. The artwork consists of copper pipes that meander like a plant and play with the water’s infrastructure.

MOOD District – Stockholm’s most inspiring area

MOOD Stockholm is the base for the MOOD District, which consists of a cluster of four properties around the streets Regeringsgatan, Mäster Samuelsgatan, Norrlandsgatan, and Jakobsbergsgatan.

For example, by linking the shopping mall with the other three properties, the shopping supply has been strengthened, and Jakobsbergsgatan has transformed into a pedestrian street with bars and restaurants. In short, an even better experience for the visitors of the area and the goal is to have a lively neighborhood 24/7.

The idea of MOOD District is to create synergies between offices and retail. In addition to shopping and restaurants, there are attractive and modern workplaces, the digital innovation house Epicenter, and the startup hub SUP46. The properties house companies of all sizes and phases – from new entrepreneurs to large international companies.

The MOOD District has created an inspiring environment with an international feeling, filled with both buzzing and peaceful meeting places. And they have clearly put a previously forgotten part of the city on the map.

Maximize your shopping experience in Stockholm

Next time you’re in central Stockholm, you should definitely visit MOOD – whether it’s shopping, a good dinner, or some other wonderful experience on your list. Welcome to a pleasant, modern, and vibrant mall – in the middle of the city.


Opening Hours

Monday 11 am – 6 pm
Tuesday 11 am – 6 pm
Wednesday 11 am – 6 pm
Thursday 11 am – 6 pm
Friday 11 am – 6 pm
Saturday 11 am – 4 pm
Sunday 12 pm – 4 pm

Opening hours for the stores. See the website for other opening hours.

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